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  1. Hey there, I am MrCouPer, i play this game two years, the date is if i am not mistake august 2016, i like this game because have greek things, and is strategy game, but the game need new contect now, about like with one real event in the game( online)
  2. We wait 3months for we will take 6k gems, is very big mistake from fg for no guve that...
  3. @CaptainMorgan delete the war leage and give the old war system when you found better system, that war leage system is fail, until two months every week we have bugs and no war and we boring a lot, if u give back the old will dont boring bcoz have fun, find new system!
  4. And we can win status with normak hits??
  5. Now we ca not reach 90% physical resistans ?
  6. All we got 2,250 except some 3,750 and i dont know why
  7. If you read my other comments from other topics u can understand what i mean , fg dont want to give back the old forg system and some want normal things no op things u want one game easy or have fun and every attack will have challenge? but i forgot u are papadiouf
  8. And u can get 1chest on two days and what happened? One titan item more and your pheme is very good we have same lvl pheme
  9. And now u complain for trophies? Trophies dont count, and 2k from 18k trophies is not big different, u can kickout all if u have good cd for realod skills
  10. I agree with 25% boost from forg the old forg system u should drink coffe on gate 1min
  11. Prometheus is one from old players but i dont agree now with no cups stats, we need balance game, all (in and me)like unbalance bcoz we can win all without problem from old forg, fg and devs has mistake after one year took back that ok but now i understood why defenses was very easy, when i was 115lvl i won all top players without problem!!!if anyone want to leave he can, but i suggest check the new forg when will come, for me the best idea is one normal boost for example 20-25% for balance stats!!!
  12. @CaptainMorgan some alliance took 20 torches they will keep that torches when u will reset the war leage?
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