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  1. Decrease

    Yes, i think u know what have 4.0 version, decrease times and costs -3 % is very good
  2. Decrease

    Hello devs and everyone, my suggestion for version 4.1 is decrease the times and costs !
  3. Wrong name game

    Why Ωlympus rising , and no Olympus rising?
  4. War Improvements

    I agree nice suggestions!!!!
  5. New version fail

    Fail maintance again @CaptainMorgan
  6. Version 3.9.0

    I agree with dumpster congrants
  7. New version fail

    If u like help here, help no problem 😛
  8. New version fail

    Your def is hard 😂
  9. New version fail

    If u want do smart go at your home
  10. New version fail

  11. New version fail

    If u press gem button in curse titan chest u lost your connection
  12. Disconnection when opening titan chest

    Congrants captain morgan
  13. Trophy System
  14. Trophy System
  15. Trophy System

    The last lol