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  1. ShadowsGuardian

    New Button for Equipping Item

    There you go assuming stuff. Who tells you I don't want to equip that item on every slot? I faced several times the problem of only having "1 great item" for one part of the body and yes.... I wanted that item on every slot! God, how I hated every single time I had to equip that item on each and every different slot!!! This is specially good, because people like me who don't have many inventory slots, have to manage with low inventory items. PS: I would like this suggestion twice, if I could
  2. Alrighty then. To each one, their own playstyle. Have fun man
  3. Ok, it's a personal choice. Alright then. I think you're just missing the right alliance then. Probably an alliance less competitive and more friendly. I talk by myself when I'm staying for long periods of time in one alliance, because I like the people in it. Instead of chasing an alliance only by its boosts like some random jumpers do (which I hate)
  4. I just don't understand how leaving an alliance is better to improve your account? I can't fathom playing an online game alone, specially when many benefits are only rewarded if you play as a team? (ninjas, wars...)
  5. ShadowsGuardian

    Update 4.0 coming by July end

    I think that's the most certain thing which was said in this post.
  6. ShadowsGuardian

    Update 4.0 coming by July end

    Flare paying us to play, instead of the other way around... Man, when that happens the world is surely about to end
  7. Leave the game or the alliance?
  8. ShadowsGuardian

    Flag Skins for Beasts

    I bet some good designers could prove us wrong in no time. It would be cool if they would color it by animal parts, e.g: Ears in red, the rest in white... Or I don't know... I'm no expert myself after all
  9. ShadowsGuardian

    Flag Skins for Beasts

    Seems like Flare lost an opportunity to make big money. I find this really strange
  10. ShadowsGuardian

    I need some hope

    For 3 straight days? More like a month... Since that's the time we're gonna stay without video rewards.
  11. Unfortunately this isn't a one time glitch. It started happening a few weeks ago and many ppl already reported it, but I don't think Flare has taken a look into it. Probably has been listed a low priority defect, since it's just visual.
  12. Alliance Merge Request – The Whisperers The Whisperers is a friendly level 36 alliance, with 17 members who is currently looking for another alliance who would like to merge with us. IMPORTANT: We’re looking for another alliance who would like to merge with us, but! We’re open to negotiations about moving into a bigger (or even better) alliance. We’re from different countries, but we always speak in English in our chat. We even have our own Discord chat where we discuss war strategies, pro-league or even random stuff! So I didn’t lie about being friendly Main Objectives: Farm a Phoebe Beast (Work In Progress: 3/25) Participate in all events (Wars, Ninjas, e.t.c) Grow as a family and help each other Have fun as a team! Alliance Information: Player base: We're mostly level 80 or higher, having our best at level 114 Requirement: Most of the players should (preferably) be at least level 80 too; Gold donations: Range from 100k to 1.5M Requirement: None, just please be active and donate every day to help maintain the boosts; Our big 5: Pal Beasts: Archimedes, Howl: Level 2 Tammy, Growl, Bucky, Kaiser: Level 1 Elite Boosts: The following isn’t set in stone and we’re fully open to suggestions, but this is our usual set-up: Constant Boosts: Archer/ Pyro War Boosts: Range bomber, Barricade, Spikes (these vary upon the war, we may activate 1-3 or none) General Boosts: Knights, Wolves, Ogres or Cannons (these vary upon our current alliance gold balance/suggestions or if we have any War Boosts to match, e.g: Surprise Mummies, Juggernaut, Sniper Cannons, e.t.c) Pro-League: We try to participate as much as possible, having usually 5-10 players playing on it. This amounts to a rough average of 40% participation. Want to join us? Feel free to contact one of the following members: Leopold, Tzvyxwae, ShadowsGuardian (the most talkative ) . Come join our family!
  13. ShadowsGuardian


    Got this special offer 1 day ago: EDIT: "Got" = "Appeared", not "bought" lol
  14. ShadowsGuardian

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    We must learn not only to criticize but also to thank when the situation demands it. So, just wanted to thank you for both the better answer and the video on youtube. At least we finally got some better hints/preview of what is coming next. Thanks @GalaMorgane PS: Thanks to @Maestro too for posting the video here.
  15. ShadowsGuardian

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    Wow... calm down satan. Don't care? Give it a read but don't post anything. It's always to have some fresh players and he just wants to help him get in the loop.