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  1. ShadowsGuardian

    Pro League changing spells bug!

    I guess the OP has just revealed the hackers secret
  2. ShadowsGuardian

    Conquest Mode = Crap Mode

    This, I couldn't agree more with you. The amount of clicks you have to do is really dumb. Since the number of troops is in the hundreds... Instead of existing a "+1" button, my suggestion would be to create at least a "+50", "+100" buttons. At the very least!
  3. ShadowsGuardian

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Or new things being broken?
  4. ShadowsGuardian


    This is such a joke..... Since 4.0 I always had the 6 hours cool down bug. Know what I tried today guys? Connected myself with a VPN to Los Angeles.... And know what? I was able to get 1 free chest, 4 tavern boosts and 4 farm boosts!!!! I had my loudest laugh in months.... Why? Because they claimed the issue was solved.... BUT THE PROBLEM AND SOLUTION IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS 3 MONTHS AGO!!! To sum up: This is still a GDPR issue and just as I suspected, only (or mostly) EU citizens are the affected ones... AGAIN!!!
  5. ShadowsGuardian

    balance changes

    I totally agree on the nerf of Bladestorm against Lightning Towers, it was just too OP against them. I'm not so sure if it's still good against barricades/blockades though. Yes, at least Firestorm gets to shine a bit more
  6. ShadowsGuardian

    balance changes

    The changes will be ALWAYS be aimed to help top players, not the "peasants" like me and you. The top players, are the ones spending the big bucks after all. It's sad, but it's the truth
  7. ShadowsGuardian

    balance changes

    Firestorm is a bit better against Lightning Towers/Firebolts. I guess that's their way to fight against to constant "pro-firebolts" on every base.... The boost is hardly noticeable anyway
  8. ShadowsGuardian

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    I understand if they would have nerfed 1, 2 things, but this? Too much nerfs. Adding 1 level to everything shoud be enough balance, I don't see the need to reduce almost every tower weakness against blunt damage. This may seem right for the maxed players with everything forged, where raiding was too easy. But for the players trying to climb the leaderboard? Forget it, it's a lot harder!! About the Ceres pal nerf: They went too overboard, this is clearly to promote the Nemesis pal, since no one cared about it. I can't imagine yet how hard it will be to farm gold.... Yesterday, I had to click 20-30 times to find an "acceptable minimum" gold target. What about favorites? In the past only by attacking guys 700-800 trophies above, could we get a decent amount of gold. I don't think the same favorites will keep being achievable... Bye bye gold gear, at least on normal raids. At least this are my 2 cents... Sincerely: From a "peasant", trying to climb the leaderboard
  9. ShadowsGuardian

    No effect on Pal Event

    Are you logged into Facebook, to fully use the 2x chests event?
  10. ShadowsGuardian

    balance changes

    I'm just waiting to try the new Conquest mode. If it isn't fun nor rewarding... That may be the last drop for me. This day has become a sad day..... The only good "update" right now, wasn't an update.... It was the ninjas rewards being given once more
  11. ShadowsGuardian

    Downgrade, Nice Facepunch

    Of course it isn't @Dena4! In fact, they made it even more OP for those who put towers near the gate! Why? I'll tell you: Basilisk: 1 more level (greater HP so it'll be harder to kill) SonicBlast and Hammerstrike? No longer giving so much damage to towers Basically: It will take longer to kill Snakes/Basilisks near the gate.
  12. ShadowsGuardian

    balance changes

    This is such a sad day in the history of Royal Revolt... Every change they did up until now was to grab as much money as they can. Pro-ceres? No longer Pro! Nice try on making me buy Nemesis, but know what Flare? Not gonna happen! Heck, they even disabled free pro-ticket donations to force people to buy them!!!
  13. This is totally stupid! We buy a pro-pal which is supposed to be better than normal ones (and he was!).... Only to see Ceres now get totally useless? We're just getting "better" news, one after another....
  14. ShadowsGuardian

    Windows ADs bug compensation

    It may be dependent on the region... But I had almost unlimited ADs before and now it's only 1 every 6 hours? It's clearly a bug on their implementation!
  15. ShadowsGuardian

    Windows ADs bug compensation

    This is where you're wrong. I'm still waiting for an answer from the developers, confirming if this is caused by region or whatever it may be. PaSte told us that they "implemented a feature to try to give us a better experience because some players didn't get rewards at the end of a video sometimes". The problem is that this clearly didn't help everyone, in fact it made the life of some of us much worse, because me and others had our ADs perfectly fine 3 months ago! Please don't exagerate.... We're just trying to figure the cause of this problem, while hoping for some feedback from the DEVs about what went wrong with this "feature". If you think so high of yourself, because.... I'd recommend you to leave this thread, since it doesn't concern you at all