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  1. ShadowsGuardian

    insta troops informations

    You'd actually be surprised at the amount of times a developer thinks a feature is useful and the client just doesn't give a damn about it. So, they ask for feedback. I prefer it this way, then the death silence we had a few months ago here on the forums. No feedback, no communication, nothing. Just silent fixes with rare announcements. Btw, don't forget Madlen doesn't know each and every suggestion we made in the past. She's new here after all. Just my 2 cents, but now I understand someone could also understand it that way. It's just different points of view, I'm cool with it. (...) Moving back to the topic: If you don't create a new menu to show the donated insta troops stats, I think we should at least have a confirmed official label in-game saying the following: "Donated troops have the level from the donator's troops, but will use the raider current forges" If our theory is right that is
  2. ShadowsGuardian

    insta troops informations

    No, it's not obvious at all. If someone asks if something is "useful", it's because they probably didn't even give a thought about it. Maybe because they were focused on more important features, thus never gave it a thought? They do have a roadmap of features to look at you know? Sometimes the community just looks at stuff they never thought about. It can be just that simple, please don't complicate
  3. ShadowsGuardian

    insta troops informations

    Madlen did ask for our feedback, to understand how we feel about this feature.... She didn't say they think it's useless.... Sometimes I don't get why you have to bring these negative speaches over and over again. We're still debating the usefulness of this after all....
  4. ShadowsGuardian

    Different boost colors

    Thanks, but no thanks. Raiding with lots of units/boosts can already be an eye mess sometimes.... I don't want my screen to become a christmas tree even more.
  5. ShadowsGuardian

    insta troops informations

    At some point in time, someone told me that what counts is: The level of the unit of the donator The forges of the raider (our own, the receiver) After knowing that, I think it's easy to understand. I do aggree that having an info button, to show the units stats with this mix of level and forges.... Would be good though, to understand the impacts of someone donating you a maxed unit or not
  6. ShadowsGuardian

    RR2 Tutorials, tips & tricks by TURK KARDEŞLER

    Wow, really cool video man! Thanks for the preview, I was really curious about how Nemesis was after the patch. Keep them coming, great job!
  7. Why should the Royal Festival be related to RR2's anniversary? It's not related at all. RR2's anniversary is only (usually) related to the community week/month. Oh and btw, you should really read this annoucement again dude:
  8. ShadowsGuardian

    in review Server Disconnects

    I see, thanks for the help, I'll give it a try later. I asked because I thought it was some ingame folder, but I guess not
  9. ShadowsGuardian

    in review Server Disconnects

    Ok, that makes sense. Do you know where I can find it on WIndows10 PC? (it's where I mostly play at)
  10. ShadowsGuardian

    in review Server Disconnects

    Hey there Madlen, Ok, thanks a lot for the answer. Gotta keep waiting then. Regarding crash logs: How or where can I see one, can you tell me that please? Because whenever I have problems like disconnections, or even when the game closes on itself... No sort of popup window whatsoever with error logs appear on PC. It that hidden on some sort of file somewhere? Thanks once more.
  11. ShadowsGuardian

    in review Server Disconnects

    When can we hope for a fix on this issue? I got an answer from support to give you some time to analyze this issue. That's fine by me, but it has passed more than one week and I think this should have critical/urgent priority. Specially, since Conquest is coming up and this bug happens on the battle loadout so... If this doesn't get fixed, many won't be able to fight properly. Hope to hear good news on this soon, cheers .
  12. Because many ppl were forced to be online all the time thanks to that. While others were locked while they were sleeping. At least now, the defenders will be able to take nap
  13. ShadowsGuardian

    King's health & the use of Guradian

    Please don't buff guardians any further. Thanks to the donkey, some enemy defenses just feel like a walk in the park. Invencibility is too OP and should not be taken lightly
  14. ShadowsGuardian

    Half a year with you guys :D

    Wow, that looks really tasty! Those are what we call "Bolas de Berlim" in Portuguese, or how you say there: "Berliner" (according to google lol). Ok now seriously: It's never too late to be grateful for the work you've been doing so far and I'll say it again. Thank you! Awesome job on managing the forums everyday! Oh and thanks for putting up with my non-stop questions about the wikia I know it's kinda annoying sometimes, but... Well, I'll keep nitpicking anyway Keep it up guuuurl!
  15. Seems like a lion armor? Just like the Omega pro set?