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  1. ShadowsGuardian

    Nemesis in Pro League!

    That's exactly why many people say Nemesis is useless, Awesomest. Because we already had one pro-league in the past to test the pal and nobody was convinced while playing him... Let's hope this PL changes our opinion, given that Flare buffed the pal sometime ago.
  2. ShadowsGuardian

    How do you guys feel the game is going now?

    The next Conquest WILL have a duration of 5 days, as announced here:
  3. ShadowsGuardian

    Thinking out loud...

    Don't worry, I was about to say the exact thing I try to read everytime, but I never understand what Aslan says (no offense intended).
  4. ShadowsGuardian

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    The legend that has been passed from generation to generation ... Of the ninja Werewolf! Please contact the local authorities if you see him
  5. ShadowsGuardian

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My greatest achievement was arriving at a dying alliance and breathing life into it. I created our Discord server and people started talking, players got to met each other, which they didn't despite being there for months... I became a general and my voice was heard,we started coordinating wars, conquest and even giving tips every week for the pro-league and other stuffs. But the best of all? Coordinating a few casual players... and unlocking Phoebe! All this, on a casual level 37 alliance. It may not be nothing to many people, but it was a hell of a ride. This was my biggest satisfaction
  6. ShadowsGuardian

    The inconsistencies with skull perking

    This ^. Thank you for pointing out what I bet everyone is hating about these items. It's like they didn't make some usability tests with the perk, since it's totally useless. I don't say it's mandatory to give us the chance to forge gloves/weapons with skull perk... although it would be nice. At the very least though... Please create 3-4 more versions of a skull perk Horkos glove (or even Aion weapon) but with other perks besides translocation. At least we can buy an useful glove straight away... Instead of being forced to change the translocation useless perk, into an ice damage perk, or other damage boost "meh" perks...
  7. Why did you quote me twice? lol I already saw your answer and yes, I'm happy enough that the issues are already fixed. It matters not if they saw the bug or not, maybe it was the battlecry bug that was causing the healaura bug... Who knows It doesn't really matter. What matters is that all is good again and we can raid normally again. Please give my thanks to the dev team Madlen! Good work!
  8. ShadowsGuardian

    Useless Visual Bugs

    Sorry Madlen, I got a bit too enthusiasmed there xD Could you please ask Sasch nonetheless if that's true or not? I got really curious
  9. ShadowsGuardian

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    Ah, yes you're totally right. I just thought I was at 150+, since it showed 196 on our final score. My bad @RoyaleDing2
  10. ShadowsGuardian

    Are you sure about this description?

    I feel like I'm having a dejá vu.... Haven't you also created a post like this a few months ago @JiggleFizziks?
  11. ShadowsGuardian

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    300 MB? Strange... I swear I saw 3,58 MB just now, at least on the google store.
  12. ShadowsGuardian

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    Yes, me. Got around 4k vouchers and 3k pearls. The rest was items and pals. It wasn't bad, since I can now buy the 750 gems for 3750 vouchers
  13. ShadowsGuardian

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    Wow, congratulations Arrebimba! The amount of crystals is astonishing! 😮
  14. Last time the pals festival had no banner either, but it started normally at around 6PM (GMT+0). It should be alright.
  15. ShadowsGuardian

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    What was that image supposed to be? o.O