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  1. "This league will happen every day". I'm sorry bud, but I think I've read it right.
  2. Nope, these chests don't give anything besides currency. At least I always only won currency since the 1st Royal Festival event. Perhaps it may be different if you buy the chests with gems though?
  3. 10 Uber chests for playing a 1-day Duration event.... Wow... Easy there Cowboy Your idea is already pretty much like the Leagues (Bronze, Silver, Diamond and Platinum). I see no reason to add this because: It looks a lot like the Leagues The rewards are too exagerated Having a 1-day duration event may seem good to play whenever we want... but it would have the opposite effect: It would force us to be in-game much more than we already do. PS: I think that what we should have as a "short duration" single-player like event.... Is what's been suggested several times: Daily quests with proper rewards
  4. Well... Everything has a reason my friend... There's no links to that page, because it isn't finished yet I didn't want to share that page yet, since it's still too draft and some of the data is too "raw". For example, the table about the Alliance buildings has to be divided into a page for each building. That's not readable as it is. When it's good enough, I'll put up some links on the homepage. Thanks for the concern though
  5. Wow, this is really awesome info @ARREBIMBA! Thanks for sharing! Mind if I add it to the Wikia? pleaaaase
  6. Actually, this visual bug had already been reported before: The number is a type of "special number" used in programming. It's the maximum possible representation for an Integer (a number).
  7. I don't think this should keep being an excuse to have more battles. Maybe you didn't realize it, but we're not getting as much gold as before. I remember getting always +800k gold on some festivals a few months ago, but now most of the fights give +400k instead ( it's less 50%!). Perhaps festivals may be indeed a good option for practice... but that goes against my point. What I meant was that I'd have to fight more to get the 15 crowns. If I do that, it will take me much longer. I'd rather test some friend/alliance mate bases than doing that. Thanks for the tip though.
  8. Ok thanks for the suggestion, looks like a cool event. Good work! You did a good job
  9. Another suggestion: Can you please stop picking bases that have gate towers? It's annoying as hell, not being able to get that 3rd crown, thus taking longer to get the daily chest. That strategy should be abolished, or at least make it 50/50... because it seems the algorithm only picks those -.-'
  10. The Nemesis only had Skeletons because it had an "automatic" Beast mode. The thing is... The beast mode had some issues, because It would stuck your troops and your hero movement. Thus, you'd have to push it all the time but even so... You'd lose time pushing it around, while your units would not be used to the fullest. Also: Now you have the pal form 100% of the time! So Nemesis keeps firing it's special bombs, which is a lot better. If you'd still want to use the Nemesis Beast, just take the Palflute spell with you.
  11. No, I was only playing on my smartphone at the moment. I always only play on one device at a time. Thanks for the help.
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