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  1. ShadowsGuardian

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Why would anyone spend 750k gems on something bound to get nerfed from heaven..... to hell? It's gonna happen sooner or later, trust me. If people are buying that many chests, then you already fell into their trap. GG WP ladies and gents.
  2. ShadowsGuardian

    community manager answered Alliance party.

    I take back what I said about the event. I saw that you reduced my current worker cooldown from 18 days... to an awesome 1day only! So I gotta be fair and say: Thank you very much Flare, that was a really awesome move!
  3. ShadowsGuardian

    Donkey bug?

    Everyone has the initial Donkey, but to upgrade it you need to find another one in one of those "guardian chests".
  4. ShadowsGuardian

    community manager answered Alliance party.

    Besides not being an AT event... Got jinxed in the worse possible way: Finished a dungeon and used the worker... Only for this banner to appear 5 mins after. Thanks Flare, really appreciate it
  5. ShadowsGuardian

    Skull Bonus On Uber Items!

    Items you can have skull perk (SP) on: Weapon, Gloves: perk only obtainable by default (buying/chests), not via forging. Cape, Belt, Ring: perk only obtainable by forging (perk on the right). So the answer is no @PrinceDastan, you have to reforge the item to find the skull perk on those items.
  6. ShadowsGuardian

    community manager answered Alliance party.

    Please.... You surely don't think 7 gems a day fo each "enchanted gem chest" (green).... Is gonna be the leverage to let you upgrade your AT? Win a gold league for 75 gems and you got yourself 10 of those foolish chests. PS: Please give us an Alliance Tower event! Christmas is coming so I bet some players without gems may even buy them just to upgrade it. (Just a tip for Flare )
  7. ShadowsGuardian

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    First thing that comes to mind is... Santa claus is coming.... to town!
  8. ShadowsGuardian

    Should gate towers be removed?

    Many thanks miss!
  9. ShadowsGuardian

    Should gate towers be removed?

    Can you please change my vote into "Yes", Madlen? Pleaaaaaaseeeeee
  10. ShadowsGuardian

    Should gate towers be removed?

    I'm really sorry. There should at least be an undo button or something lol
  11. ShadowsGuardian

    Should gate towers be removed?

    Damn it, I voted no because I read the question as "Should gate towers stay in the game?". (God bless Mondays... ) I wanted to answer: "Yes, please remove them at once, they only add frustration to the game!" In my opinion, these towers only add frustration to the game instead of adding fun! Not getting 100% because of one miserable tower is the worse, examples: On war: Most ppl get forced by their alliance to put towers at the gate, just to save some miserable skulls... All while weakening the initial path (which I hate!) Festivals: Getting 2 crowns instead of 3 almost all the time, makes one have to raid much more... Combine this with war raids + pro-league and guess what? No time on weekends to do everything. Not to mention again: The boredom of having to fight N more times... Oh, and for the people who say that: "If you're a good raider you can destroy those gate towers"... 1) That's really beautiful for the ppl who already have 2-3 items with perk for Hammerstrike/Sonic Blast, etc... (Which many of us don't!) 2) Being forced to use those towers near the gate... or using items just because of 2 towers.... IS THE WORST "STRATEGY" EVER!
  12. Just like @Dena4 has already mentioned, make the pal run faster. This is specially noticed upon his pal beast transformation, where the hero needs to be constantly pushing him.... Unlike other pal beasts where their speed is significantly better to wreak havoc on the enemy's defense. Also, it may be just me... but having a random damage bomb attack seems totally absurd. Make it either only 1 or 2 useful damage types, like fire and blunt... Or just give a new constant kind of ability. So... Just remove poison from it already, it's just a wasted attack .
  13. ShadowsGuardian

    Answers Dev Q&A November

    Totally agree on this one. This only explains the price increases right after 4.1 was released. I was expecting the reasoning behind the newer item sets like Horkos gloves and Aion weapons absurd prices.... Not to mention Nemesis, which doesn't even fit the word "absurd"....
  14. Low to mid level player? Usually on those levels, the best is a damage pal. I used for months Kaiser on that range (<100). Fritz is an awesome choice too.
  15. ShadowsGuardian

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Did you put Eldrak on the washing machine? Poor fellow is fading away PS: After seeing that "#collect" tag on the video, I have to say: Please... NO MORE collectable resources... Thank you!