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  1. Transfer game Progress

    THank you very much I Was looking for that long time THanks again
  2. Transfer game Progress

    HI any chance to transfer game progress from a iOS device to an Android device? iOS saves game progresa in iCloud Andfoids to google cloud! I suspect that changing device means losing progress, therefore end of game
  3. Is this where we're at?

    yesterday I had a hard laugh at the offered Athene Boost Oh the irony and the slap in the face what a offensive thing to do FG The half way ain't enough LBH if they want to keep their credibility why purchase boosts just to know that next upgrade they will steal what we paid for?

    Flare Games (FG) could have done so much more with this game. Instead they use the same base engine found also in other of their games and make another "Odyssey" stage. Well the Odyssey is a adventure and not another overpriced one person war, where the angry mob runs around and destroys gates! Right!? Right!? NO, big fail.... I mean how many Mount Olympus are there whose gates are to be destroyed, OMG the absurdity. This is not the first time FG has tempered with the stats and stuff in the game and they won't stop there, obviously they need/want money. Therefore, after this war, when I use up already bought gems, I am deleting the game entirely, and I think all should do that. Not just one month! Are you insane? They won't change, its their business model, if the old sheep goes, there will be new sheep to milk.... there are enough insane people on this world to spend some money LOL It is not that big loss too, considering the boring and repetitive game play with virtually no story behind it.