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  1. Has anyone else noticed this bug??.... Quite frequently on North County Lvl 4 I've noticed that a Titan will spawn but with the graphic of a Shambler. It will have the same health as a Titan and upon killing this mutant beast the graphic will change to a Titan for its little death animation. Haven't noticed it on any other levels but has happened at least 6-7 times on this level.... Only noticed as a result of grinding for Zombie Slaughter event!
  2. Auto cannon damage

    This mention of 60/70 on the cannon doesn't refer to the amount of rounds, but actually refers to the barrel length as is standard for artillery weapons. In this case, the first weapon "40mm/60-RND Cannon" will be a 40mm round with a barrel length (caliber) which is 60x the round diameter. So for this one that's a 2400mm barrel length or 8ft. Same method for the "40mm/70-RND Cannon" gives us a 40mm round still but this time the caliber is 70x so that gives us a 2800mm barrel or just over 9ft. These specs are fairly tightly based on the original Bofors 40mm gun which was fitted to the original AC-130H gunship. :-)
  3. 2500+ here too on North County 4 Hard.... Rank 19 Green MG 5.56 Green SNPR-20 Purple MG 7.62 I start them bottom right corner and immediately hold them until 1:45 then release and they evac with just a few seconds to spare. I casually mow down everything at the tree focal point :-)