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  1. With Fading Memories, it isn't a set-it/forget-it map for me. When I'm just in auto mode, I'm really only going for XP, and Scorched Earth seems to be the easiest map for that.
  2. XCaliber

    6/30 event weapon drop tally

    My first legendary. Wish it was a useful one.
  3. XCaliber

    Zombie Slaughter is not a challenge.

    That's one of things I really don't understand with this game.
  4. Being a bit color blind, the blue and purple look just about identical to me. It would be nice if there was another way to distinguish between rarity levels on the main list, in addition to color. Like the rarity initial within the small box or something like that.
  5. There should be 2 buttons next to replay at the end of each mission, Play Next Difficulty Level, and Play Next Mission. It would make going through each map much less tedious.
  6. Just tried that and got destroyed by ground defense and Titans. Scorched Earth has zero ground defense and if you don't kill any zombies, before the first hoard reaches the building, Titans never spawn. Interstate was on hard, with the same 4 scouts I used on SE, what should I be doing differently?
  7. I farm XP on North County - Scorched Earth. I literally just hit replay/deploy/replay/deploy for however long I'm watching Netflix. The loot isn't extraordinary but the turn around time is really quick, about 1:30 with zero input. Just 4 scouts with Wilsons.
  8. XCaliber

    New Slaughter Event

    So, that was ridiculously fast to finish. Ended up with about 5-6 rares and they were of course mostly rockets/missiles that I didn't need. I did get a rare Wilson shotgun that will come in handy since I use scouts and nothing else. They should have these events with rewards that build if you hit 200/300/400/500 percent. I find it really interesting that you have to wait for an event, for the number of zombies you kill to be relevant, in a zombie killing game. They should have a resource multiplier based on the number of zombies you can kill in each map, and total zombie kills should be on the recap at the end of each mission.
  9. Please add a label to which reward is being claimed, in messages, so you aren't accidentally claiming a metal fill when your metal is already at max. I would spend more money, on your crate/gold/metal combos, if things were properly labeled so I could access the crates without risking a waisted metal fill.
  10. XCaliber

    New Slaughter Event

    Definitely needs a lot of work on the rewards system, but also on their stupid system of claiming your rewards/purchases. I tend to find some value when they have their $4.99 special for 3high end crates, 500 gold, and metal fill up, but when going to claim them, they won't tell you what each thing is. It would be nice if each reward was labeled so I wouldn't accidentally hit the "fill metal" reward when the metal was already full.
  11. XCaliber

    I have THREE Legendary 30mm Cannons. Why.

    I personally find all the Cannons to be pretty useless. The blast radius on them sucks, and what AC130 has room for unlimited ammo for 5.56-25mm AutoCannons, but can only carry 12-20 rounds for the Cannon? There is so much balancing needed in this game.
  12. XCaliber

    Zombie Slaughter event REWARDS

    This was criminally disappointing!!!! I have never in my life submitted a review to the App Store, but this event frustrated me so much that I submitted my first review and it wasn't a glowing one.