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  1. XCaliber

    Zombie Slaughter is not a challenge.

    That's one of things I really don't understand with this game.
  2. Being a bit color blind, the blue and purple look just about identical to me. It would be nice if there was another way to distinguish between rarity levels on the main list, in addition to color. Like the rarity initial within the small box or something like that.
  3. There should be 2 buttons next to replay at the end of each mission, Play Next Difficulty Level, and Play Next Mission. It would make going through each map much less tedious.
  4. Please add a label to which reward is being claimed, in messages, so you aren't accidentally claiming a metal fill when your metal is already at max. I would spend more money, on your crate/gold/metal combos, if things were properly labeled so I could access the crates without risking a waisted metal fill.