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  1. Armory at Max Capacity

    People: I am new to this game and have some questions. I've been working through the game, but often run into situations that I am unable to resolve. I am certainly not a neophyte to gaming, but a few answers would be very helpful. For example, I currently get the message: Armory At Max Capacity. Thus I cannot get any new crates until I make some room. So, I follow the "armory" radio button. I have one that is open, but the message is . . . You do not have any more inventory space in your Workshop. Try boosting or fusing some weapons to free up space. I have boosted weapons, but now I cannot seem to boost them at this juncture. Oh, I see I need to scrap to accumulate the "bolt" icons in the far upper right corner. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Okay . . . I have some good responses and will start with scrapping a bucket load of weapons. Would you help me review the icons on the top, please? Red angle iron . . . weapons upgrade Blue blocks . . . structure upgrade Gold Bars . . . ? don't know, but I have 1900. Again, any help is appreciated! Great response from everyone and all answers are appreciated. Now I see that the color of the weapons changes with rank of that weapon.