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  1. Please add me! This is my channel link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrGbl9LaMcO3XD7-KUZgWjQ?view_as=subscriber
  2. With the level up, the king should look young. Because the king looks very child to see. That means the more level the king will increase, the more looks like a young man.
  3. Thank you flaregames for improving the Conquest Reward Chests!!!!
  4. Horkos' Curse (Horkos Glove Set) ---- Translocation chance Perk
  5. Dance Of Ogre: When Granny became a shaolin Master she was introduced to the art of armorsmithing. Since then she had traveled all over the world to perfect her skills. When she was roaming in a Dunguen, she saw a Ogre's Dance. Then she made this Video with her Black & White Camera!!! Have fun in this dance !!!!???
  6. Very good job. Will you compensate for this problem? Because, I did not got enough Pal Chests & Pal Foods for this problem.
  7. Facebook is not connecting!!!!! Version: 4.3.0 Device: Windows PC Whenever I go to Connect to Facebook, I get disconnected !! For which I have a lot of problems !!!!
  8. Do you have 1000% Luck Bonus??? To get enough rewards!!!!!!!!???
  9. Pro-Item and Pro-Pal name have been named according to Greek Goddess?
  10. My biggest achievement : In my guide to the first conquest event, our Alliance was ranked 1st with 272 points. We got so many rewards for the first time in the Conquest. Where we got a lot of good things. We all got 10 pals and on that day we upgraded the Beasts several times. We unlocked four of the conquest boosts. Then everyone thanked me. In my guide, our Alliance was ranked 1st in the first conquest event, this is my biggest achievement. Thanks for the full reading!!!
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