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  1. MrFantastic

    Can't see my team after a while.

    This is also happening to me as well. Since the update, this is not the only bug. You can no longer see the cards or see how many glory points you have obtained. Furthermore, has any players actually made it far enough to even see the new pet? I'm not impressed with survival mode. At this rate, I'll never unlock this new pet....
  2. Hello! Just like on Nonstop Knight, it is getting quite old of people joining the challenges or boss hunts and then not participating. These players are taking up space. They need to be kicked out if they are going to keep there score at 0. These individuals are rewarded for doing nothing. It's getting old.
  3. MrFantastic


    Yes, it does take an incredibly long time to reach the next milestone.....sometimes weeks. The pace is very slow. Plus, there have been no new challenges for sometime. They just keep recycling the same challenges. Just saying that anything a little new might be ok. Starting to get a little bored. Lol
  4. MrFantastic

    Most Powerful Move Combo

    Hello, again everyone! This is Mr. Fantastic again! I've been hoping that someone would eventually start making Nonstop Chuck Norris videos to help those starting and other useful combos. However, very few videos exist. I've already spent hundreds of dollars and everyday on the game. I might as well start helping others. Therefore, I'm going to take up the responsibility and begin making YouTube videos to aid others. Now that is stated, how was everyone's challenge last week? I made 35,600 points. It was my best score yet. Mr. Fantastic
  5. MrFantastic

    Most Powerful Move Combo

    Greetings, Fellow Chuck Norris Fans Thank you Flare Games and fellow Gamers! I've finally got past level 400. I wanted to offer a really good tip. Once doge has gotten 4 stars then you can become nearly invincible by combining doge with Untouchable Push-up, Shadow Thunder, and Haste Shadow! Trust me. It doesn't take too long to unlock the pets to a decent level as long as you keep completing the missions. I hope this helps. Oh, by the way, I've subscribed to "daBonez" on YouTube. He offers great Nonstop Chuck Norris advice. No, I'm not advertising for him. I'm just stating that his videos are extremely helpful!!! Thanks, Flare Games, Fellow Gamers, and daBonez! Mr. Fantastic P. S. If you have a better combo, then please share with us! Let's make this a great conversation!!!