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  1. OH yeah, well I got 4 Tammy, 10 Arch, 1 Irm, 2 Aki, 1 Aska, 8 Howl, 2 Growl, 7 Bucky, 4 Kaiser, 1 Bela, 1 Fritz and a partridge and a pear tree.
  2. GFYRR2


    Yeah, don't waste on gold but if you are hell bent on just doing it just click the open gold chest in bottom left side of your screen and scroll to the left and waste away.
  3. GFYRR2

    About the new manager!!

    Let us know your IGN so that we all can welcome you properly.
  4. GFYRR2

    Advanced Search!

    Thought it might have. Just pointing out the obvious things to make game better. Would like to know why it has not been changed, seems simple enough.
  5. Change advanced search from 500 to 100 trophy levels.
  6. Think that is bad, in COF I would get first chest prize majority of time. Now hitting failures 1st chest more than ever before. This is with luck gear also.
  7. Simple, ad rev is down anyways from smaller pool of players and it is their way to start the roll back of free stuff in game to try and force a higher rev source from free players. This is true of festivals which was apparent that they wanted to create a revenue source since free players already knew to drop trophies to blast through series. That is when they came out with buying gear packs instead. Would expect to see more of this in future and a major limitation on free players in general. Would not be shocked that the entire game becomes subscription based. On a side note the old post of why Flare does nothing with all those multiple accounts is due to revenue streaming part of business.
  8. GFYRR2

    Balancing (Phoebe)

    Can only beat low level and others is a race to the gate if I can get by without being killed. Would not suggest pushing, that usually ends in disaster for me.
  9. Par for the course they are used to causing problems and solve those by creating more problems so that they forget the old ones. Job security maybe?
  10. GFYRR2

    The current meta favouring the middle alliances

    This would seem logical but in game it is not due to Flare toying with shit all the time.
  11. GFYRR2

    The current meta favouring the middle alliances

    Excellent, when can we get that data from Flare of all offense and defense in game each time they change. Im not talking about fake % numbers either. Real data on each aspect.
  12. GFYRR2

    balance changes

    Good point.
  13. GFYRR2

    balance changes

    Ur a free player?
  14. GFYRR2

    The current meta favouring the middle alliances

    You will see both sides of this coin from players because of the different stages for them in game. That being said the key to this games success can only be obtained by a true balance of offense and defense in which the raid is based on skill and effort by the player. In my opinion if that was to happen then there would be growth in game for players and Flare. Without it you get constant back and forth which alienates all players.
  15. GFYRR2

    Promised updates for defense etc.

    So you can spend money to upgrade something else of course.