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  1. You have nothing to say that interests me in the slightest. You are free to accept getting shafted. I am free to disagree with you. I made a posting. No one forced you to respond. End of story.
  2. You chose to continue playing despite your unhappiness with the payoffs. I chose otherwise. It called freewill pal. You don't like the exercise of my freewill, go punch yourself in the face.
  3. Ever heard of freedom of expression? Your response is asinine. I have as much right to play the game as you. You may be ok with getting shafted, but I am not. So kiss off.
  4. As someone new to this game, I was struck by the strangeness of the payoffs I was seeing in the game. It just did not make sense. Then I decided to press ahead and complete an event to the diamond level, while keeping track of my observations. At the end, I received the same bullshit junk that I had received throughout the game. That seemed very odd to say the least. I requested the source code in order to analyze the skew and the award parameters. These punks told me to just take their word for it. They spun some nonsensical yarn about the available loot pool and player rank. Well who determines the loot pool? What is the correlation between rank and the types of weapons you get? Who decided the parameters? What are the parameters? I have read the complaints that players have been writing on this forum. All the response is the usual bullshit about we are doing this and that. Meanwhile people are getting fleeced. People have mentioned how they are rank 30 and getting worse weapons than people who just started. Right there that puts a lie to one of the arguments put forth by the developers. These guys don't know what the heck they are doing and they won't admit it. As a first step I have filed complaint with Apple. The next step in this dispute will be dictated by the seriousness with which Apple deals with the complaint. You all know something is not right. Just perform a little Bayesian Analysis on your observations and see if it meets expectation. It will not. And if that is the case, the only explanation left is that they are cheating and lying their ass off.
  5. Thank you very much. You have been very helpful. I will keep your advice, but I do not intend to waste my time on this game any longer until these greedy bunch makes radical changes. What is the point in boosting the Warehouse if it does not hold additional crates? Why the hell does one have to wait 3 freaking hours to open crates? I can understand 1 hour, but 3?!?! You gotta be kidding me. These greedy folks better listen to the calls of people on this board who are asking real questions. I have already chosen to dump this game for the sole reason that they are too damn greedy with their insatiable nickel and dime-ing. Enough! I see you are in Switzerland. I visited Turgau with my good friend who lives in Stockholm. He is from Turgau. Also went to Zurich and Bern. Nice place Switzerland. Thank you. Henry Spencer St. Paul Minnesota
  6. So I diligently played to the Diamond crate. I endured your idiotic and moronic requirement that one either wait 3 hours to access the reward crates or pay instantly. Okey dokey. I got to the end and all I got was one miserly Epic MG 7.62 Auto Cannon and one Rare Sniper 20 rifle and a bunch of uncommon and common crap. I am willing to support your efforts if you play fair. You have not. Look me up under Henry Spencer or hsmcspencer and you would see that I actually spent real money on both this game and the previous Zombie GS. That you continue to give the middle finger to people who have been playing your game and supporting you is just plain dumb and stupid. I am done with this. Get back to me when you get your act together. Or not. Your move.
  7. Hello all; I would really appreciate if someone could please look at my weapons cache and recommend the best options to achieve maximum damage effect. I suspect there is a direct correlation between power and damage. Please let me know which to fuse or which to take to whatever levels. Not really a gamer. Just playing while recovering from broken shoulder. Kangaroos kick for real y'all. Also how does one respond to comments? Can't seem to find a way to do so. Thanks. Henry
  8. Hello; I started playing this game on Saturday the 17th. I am at player rank 17 and headquarters level 5. I am not getting any more crates because the game says the blue loot is at maximum, although the metal is only at 9779/43000. I cannot upgrade my headquarters until I reach player rank 20. There is nothing else for me to spend the blue money on as everything else on my screen requires HQ level 6, 7 or 8. I would like to ask the developers if this was an oversight. I cannot get anymore crates until I upgrade my headquarters. But I cannot do that until I am at player rank 20. And I am not getting any crates although my armory is empty. Isn't this rather backwards? Furthermore, as many have pointed out, what is up with all the ridiculous amount of common weapons and almost zero rare, epic and legendary in the crates? I have not seen one legendary since I started playing. And I have always paid to rush open the crates because I thought one had to do so. You can only push people so far before they tell you to get stuffed. Please stop with this attitude of stuffing elite and premium crates with junk. This is absurd. ### I have not been able to find a way to respond to comments. Is it that original posters cannot respond to comments? Thank you for responding guys. I am now getting crates again. I found it rather odd that I played missions for two hours without getting one single crate in that duration. One more thing, what is the best weapon to kill the zombies that throws stuff at you? I tried the 2 hellfire pods but ran out before the mission was over. I had to carry the sniper rifle as it's the only thing that kills the titans in 2 shots. Thanks.
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