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  1. Recruiting active mature players

    Running with swords is now level 38. Continuous boosts include level 7 Blazing Knight and level 5 Power Archer. Strong Barricade and Storm Cannon added for wars. We have defensive beasts available (see above). Only 3 spots open. Now is the time to join.
  2. My audition is next week.
  3. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    You are actually waiting for Flare to answer???? I would be able to grow a foot long beard before they answer.
  4. Recruiting active mature players

    Update to Running with swords: we will be upgrading our alliance to level 38 after the war, limited slots available. Come join a growing team!
  5. Just remember this is my crazy brain trying to wrap itself around the possibilities of what might be. Here is what came to mind. I have been playing Olympus Rising recreationally for about 2 months now, and knowing Flare likes to recycle ideas from other games, the Leave the Hood update will be a RR2 version of OR's Odyssey. What I have no clue about will be what Flare will do for the cost of the odyssey. OR is gold to start challenges and wisdom to start battles. Will RR2 do gold to start challenges and pearls to start battles, or come up with a completely new payment form that will require gems(and real money) to obtain. Both options are very plausible, especially since we all know Flare is trying to grab all the money it can. These conclusions are purely speculative, but very logical.
  6. Die&Win at the same time? - interesting fact

    That has happened to me at least twice.
  7. When new update? For real...

    Wars definitely need a complete overhaul. The chests won from skulls are junk unless you can get to uber, and even then most of it is crap you sell or melt down. The boosts won are a joke. The prewar boosts are 5x better. Had been stuck on CoGG19 for 2 months until Tribal Archer was active. I'm back in Running with swords because Rws can't even reach 50% participation. It's a grind and no one sees a benefit because there is NONE. Wars and competition are the lifeblood of this game and without that competition there is no game. I've been playing over 2.5 years and the game is wearing thin.
  8. Pal-a-din

    FG developers must be smoking some good stuff to give us a psychedelic reskinned Tammy. All in fun for April Fools. STILL waiting on improvements that matter.
  9. Just collected my last free pal chest of this event. Total pal count = 0
  10. Problem is that FG likes to take their sweet time. I also play Boom Beach recreationally (about 10 min per day), they made an announcement on Monday, March 26 about changes coming and was started 4 days later. My daughter plays Dragon mania legends, changes or events upcoming start less than a week later. It is now 3 weeks since this was discovered/announced and still NOTHING. It's no wonder people are pissed at FG. This is extremely horrible game management! Flare needs to fix this (and much else) or RR2 will be a dead game in less than a year.
  11. We must be very unlucky AwesomestKnightest and Domikick, I also have gotten 0 pals in 5 days. Event is clearly worthless.
  12. Recruiting active mature players

    Update to Running with swords Sustained boosts include - Blazing Knight, Power Archer and Strong Barricade. Storm cannon added for wars and ninja events. Only a few slots remain. Come join a friendly and supportive team!