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  1. TRuNNioN

    Today’s offer

    Yes, but the stats of the items will be much lower.
  2. TRuNNioN

    Today’s offer

    I got the same offer and price as Royaleding2, $7.99. It's possible price is based on king level.
  3. Agree. Generalships are earned.
  4. As long as they don't bring the bugs that OR had with that revamped war system.
  5. I believe this means that there are no gem buys for fast forwarding upgrades.
  6. The conquest part of 4.0 is supposed to be war style, so possible Flare will end regular war seasons. Right now the only open time for conquest is the 4 days between ninja and war, meaning in a 2 week period there might only be 2 days without having to battle. This is potentially too much gameplay and could spell the end of casual players that make up the majority of mid level alliances. Boosts will still be desired when raiding for items, gold, exp. I don't think many high level players will like becoming mortal without their boosts. PS...If regular war seasons are kept, I would only ask Flare to reduce them to a four alliance tournament style, this gives alliances equal chance at placing instead of being trapped by one stronger alliance and losing.
  7. TRuNNioN

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Multiple players in my alliance reporting connection issues. 🤕
  8. Hey, you should know that the alliance cant be found because it's spelled different. You have it listed here as HOMERUN SMASHERS when the alliance name is HOME RUN SMASHERS. Note the space between home and run.
  9. Good news for RWS, we now have level 2 Vicious Bucky beast. Only 7 spots open. Please apply.
  10. Running with swords alliance has just been upgraded, we are now level 40. Performed some house cleaning, 8 spots open for active players. Apply now.
  11. TRuNNioN

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    You will have to forgive Cromka's rudeness. For if it doesn't benefit Cromka or VL, he deems it worthless. What he fails to remember is, that if and when there is no more RR2, our legacy in this game will result in a big fat nothing. No one will care who was top player or alliance. No one will remember me, you or anyone else, and I am perfectly fine with that. So enjoy having your bro in the game and getting to be a mentor. Remember ALL, this is a game and games are meant to be fun.
  12. TRuNNioN

    Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

    Sent friend invite.
  13. TRuNNioN

    Better troops.

    This would be an enormous benefit when recruiting. Right now we are flying blind inviting players that have no intention joining an alliance where they can't communicate.
  14. TRuNNioN

    4.0 is imminent

    'After what felt like months', who are they kidding, it has been months. We are ready for 4.0.
  15. Update. We have 4 open slots for players, please apply. RWS will be upgrading the alliance to level 40 after the war.😃