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  1. For a game to be fun, it must be able to be played at our convenience. Wars were at our convenience, we had 23.5 hours to get our raids in. Ninja was somewhat at our convenience, and despite the gem sucking cooldowns, could be accomplished within the 3 day period. Since the inclusion of Conquest, Flare has forced us to play on their schedule, creating confusion, frustration and ultimate disappointment. It is for this reason I have left the game. To Flare, this game was once revolutionary, exciting and fun. It is this no longer. To the people still playing, I wish you all good raiding. Goodbye RR2.
  2. Update. Thomas and I are sticking around for a while longer. A recent change in leader was not the right fit. I wish him the best. The team has chosen to rotate alliance responsibilities to give us a rest. Thanks to everyone. And hopefully flare can fix that danged conquest so that it is actually playable for the majority of players that have lives.
  3. Encountered a bug in a conquest battle. I operate on pc Win10. Hero item presets would not work in attack screen (nothing was even highlighted, not A B C or D), and clicking on them did nothing. Exited conquest, entered throne room to see what preset I was on, was on B, my war gear. Went back to conquest and the battle I was in and presets still would not work. Attack screen did not show skull boost I should have had.
  4. This conquest event is THE WORST. Where in any other game can 2 players beat 7? We are about to lose a stone deposit because my guys are 20+ levels lower and cant get skulls from attacking.
  5. King T and King Stan, we are all in the same boat. Stuck in the middle with a core group and players coming and going. It is definitely a players market (more alliance open slots than players to fill them) that makes it tough to keep recruits. Don't lose heart and keep a good attitude, players that understand they have found a home will stay and contribute much. Team input and goals are important for keeping your alliance focused on each other and the benefit of all when reached. When the Running with swords team goal was to reach level 40 ( then lvl 37), the focus was incredible and we reached 40 after just 3 months.
  6. But you do, or will, have the alliance gold to keep upgrading. We will be stuck at level 4 for months. More power to the top.
  7. HOLY CRAP was I ever wrong. Flare, what happened to 'It will take months for alliances to fully upgrade"?
  8. I'm 46 and my head is so crammed full of useless sh*t that notes are necessary. You will understand when you get old as well. ?
  9. NP, just trying to be helpful, I have 2 pages of notes to help me stay organized for the update.
  10. It says very clearly there are alliance builders for the watchtowers. As for the Quarry, Alchemist Lab and Training Camp, I do not know if those workers will be alliance or player workers.
  11. You do have a point, Flare did say end of July, which would be Monday the 30th, could go live after ninja ends. Also possible dev aren't releasing last sneak peek until this war is over and launch 4.0 Thursday. Either way, we will only have a short time to see the dev diary before we update. This is a nail biter for many.
  12. Just a bug. No alliance, no beast.
  13. Conquest mode of new update looks to be more strategy and I believe regular war seasons will continue, though HOPEFULLY a different system.
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