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  1. Gala please provide more dev feedback

    Yeah, I wish I got paid for a job that I don't do.
  2. Janus needs a make over

    Ogre arblaster monk sounds very interesting! Once my alliance wins arblaster boost i will give it a go, also still looking for blood pumps . Thanks for response.
  3. Janus needs a make over

    What spells/troops do you usually use with Pal Flute?
  4. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Just hold on to the chests and pearls instead of opening and using them right away.
  5. Wednesday and the question arises again

    So any event this Wednesday? Was hoping for blacksmith since it has been more than a month since the last one and the last one only lasted one day or something. @GalaMorgane
  6. How many XP-gain in war battle?

    I'm getting 1.6 million xp from each war battle with xp gear on LOL
  7. I hate Stone Ninjas in offense!

    This @FTB
  8. Unwanted insta troop spawn (Windows 10)

    This happens for me also. The insta troops just keep spawning off of cooldown.
  9. Defense ninjas visable but immune

    The defense ninjas can usually be killed by blizzard or firestorm before they are able to start their attacks, but often some of them are invincible from the time they spawn, til the time they become invisible and attack your troops. Pretty sure this is not intended as the reason they wait a little while before attacking is to let you cast a well timed instant spell, or to have your firestorm going right before they spawn. Example: I will have my firestorm going before the 5 ninjas even spawn, and maybe 2-4 will die from it, but for some reason the other 1-3 ninjas are just completely immune and go into attack mode. This happens maybe 50-75% of the time.
  10. Actually now even the first ad only gives a reward (instead of an unclickable white screen) like 10% of the time...
  11. Still waiting for the promised new Community Manager

    With the amount of money they generate from RR2, their full attention should be on this game, not focused on other things assuming they will continue to rake in money from their cash cow.
  12. Yes, this is happening to me as well on my iphone 4s. Usually the first ad works and then after that when the ad finishes I just get a white screen that doesn't allow me to click or do anything but to exit the game. Additionally, it doesn't count that I watched the advertisement when I get the white screen at the end. @FTB Also the new "interactive ads" seems to have this problem even if you just restarted your game or not.
  13. what I hate about PL...!!!

    I've bought 40 pro league chests and got 2 pro items from them, no tickets either.