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  1. BobotheMighty

    Barracade and Blockade Removal from Game

    @GFYRR2 what is your IGN, or what is your trophy level?
  2. BobotheMighty

    Speed Cup

    If you watch FTB's 3rd part of this cup for level 10 you will see he has no mortars spawn in defense. Not really the best to watch his videos anymore since they don't even match our Pro League. He wouldn't have passed that level if the same troops were present for him as for us. Not to mention unlimited retries.
  3. BobotheMighty

    Heavily reduced trophies for 96%-99% raids

    Ah, that sounds great! That surely is a good way to make castle gates less useful for strong bases!
  4. Let's say an opponent is worth 6 trophies. You attack and ignore the 4x castle gate towers (because who cares about those things), and instead of getting 5 trophies for 96% completion you get 2-3 trophies instead (33%-50% trophy completion value???). I'm not sure what world that makes sense in; you defeated 96% of their base, shouldn't you receive 96% of the maximum trophies (rounded down to 5 in this case)? We shouldn't be required to use Sonic Blast or Hammerstrike just to remove those towers. And don't even need to mention fire dragon that burns down castle gate before the towers no matter what. This castle gate tower strategy has become trite. @Archimedes @PaSte @FTB
  5. BobotheMighty

    Barracade and Blockade Removal from Game

    Is this troll post? Play the game more before complaining about balance issues.
  6. BobotheMighty

    Is it too much to ask, flare? (apparently it is)

    It would be good to minimize trophy range for most players, but once you get higher in trophies, we need a larger trophy range to avoid matching the same players over and over.
  7. BobotheMighty

    +6800 trophys in Game

    Someone in my alliance is always online, not sure how they do it. Maybe plays on PC and has a macro or something to prevent idleness?
  8. With multi accounts and other cheating, that's not really the result.
  9. The shield spell doesn't give your hero a shield if you cast the shield spell during the dragon animation. It seems to work on your army, but not totally sure if it shields your whole army, or if it just shields some of your troops within the spell range. @PaSte @FTB @GalaMorgane
  10. BobotheMighty

    VOUCHER / FRIENDCODE - Official topic

    Hi, if your hero is level 10 or below, enter my friend code in the green banner in your game. As a top 500 player I can help you with any problems and I can also send you MAXIMUM level Insta-Troops all the time. They will make raiding difficult bases way easier and grow your kingdom faster than otherwise possible! Friend Code: MPEQBVSUR
  11. BobotheMighty

    Multi accounter leading (leaked,Evidence)

    Yeah Multi account pretty sad, send out a warning that all multi account will be banned and let them delete their other accounts before banning.
  12. BobotheMighty

    +6800 trophys in Game

    Nice, yeah some people are always online too, no idea how they are doing that.
  13. BobotheMighty

    +6800 trophys in Game

    So if they don't fail any attacks, they can never lose trophies? Since no one is within 700 trophies of them, right?
  14. BobotheMighty

    Wednesday and the question arises again

    Ignoring their cash cow and giving more time to their aborted game, makes sense.
  15. BobotheMighty

    Pyro to dragon annoying

    If this isn't included in the 4.0 update, many will quit I think.