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  1. Currently we cannot attack an alliance's Stronghold directly. I think a great idea is for us to be able to do just that. We wouldn't be able to destroy the Stronghold, but we would be able to kill all the troops that are inside the stronghold. It was a pretty big let-down when we came all that way and we couldn't even finish them off
  2. BobotheMighty

    Soldiers' Vision Radius is far too large!

    Hello, Conquest level 1 Watchtowers have a vision radius of 2 tiles. For some reason soldiers have a vision radius of 4 tiles. Soldiers need to have a vision radius of only 1 or 2 tiles. I can go into detail for reasons for this conclusion if necessary, but I think this was unintentional and easily fixable for next Conquest.
  3. Also, we need a button that brings up a list of all the players in the alliance that shows us their: 1). tile location 2). energy level and 3). Total energy used during Conquest. I think that would be very good and hopefully easy to implement!
  4. We currently cannot see how much energy our members have so we are constantly in the dark whether they can move/attack/etc and we have to ask them each all the time. Many times in war we have 20 players on a tile, and we are attacking one tile after another after another. Each time, individual orders have to be issued. It would be nice having a button that lets you command all troops in a tile to attack another tile.
  5. BobotheMighty

    Wisdom costs for Research

    Yes, we should be able to normally complete at least one path to the end by the end of Conquest. And then the alliances that want to do extra donating, etc, to get more wisdom can still do even more researches and do the other branches of research. There are like 40 research options and by the end of the war we will only have been able to do 5-6....even though we are a top alliance!
  6. BobotheMighty

    Wisdom costs for Research

    No, the problem is the cost of the research. It's overpriced by a factor of 4 at least.
  7. Not sure if you guys are fixing this for the next Conquest, but each research costs around 50k wisdom and that takes an alliance about 3 days to generate. So we research a total of 5 things by the time Conquest ends? Not sure what the point of that is. When considering Research wisdom costs you need to look at the wisdom generators on the map and the amount alliances can reasonably generate every day. I'm not sure who decided these wisdom costs, but even at a simple glance you can see it's very wrong.
  8. BobotheMighty

    Conquest Matchmaking Calculation

    Average score of 3 conquests seems okay to determine conquest tier, but beyond that, the actual match-ups within the conquest tier should be based on things other than average conquest points.
  9. BobotheMighty

    Hellfire Cup Reward Tiers

    Oh, I was 60th place and still got only 2 chest...
  10. BobotheMighty

    Hellfire Cup Reward Tiers

    They did not change the tiers.
  11. BobotheMighty

    Alliance donation Pop up

    Yeah I've been wanting this for awhile, I get notifications for everything on my PC except for donating time.
  12. BobotheMighty

    Hellfire Cup Reward Tiers

    The Pro Tier only exist because of the cheaters that existed. Flare seemed to remove most of them, so do we really need Pro Tiers anymore?
  13. BobotheMighty

    Hellfire Cup Reward Tiers

    1710 for top rewards in this Pro League? Can you guys please test out the Pro League before you release it to us so you can adjust the reward tiers to be fair.
  14. -Device of the affected player: Desktop PC -Operating system of the affected player: Windows 10 -Steps to reproduce the problem: Checkmark the winter skins on the pals. Then wait a day or so, and they will be unselected. -Frequency (How often does the bug occur?): I have noticed it occur 3 times since the update that gave us the winter skins -For how long has the bug been occurring?: Since the skin update.