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  1. Cannot tell the difference visually between the level 3 and 4 towers, please make them look different. Probably an oversight.
  2. BobotheMighty

    Daily Quests

    Yeah, every other game has daily/weekly quest. No idea why none here.
  3. BobotheMighty

    Researches and costs

    They said they were going to lower wisdom costs, guess they forgot to do that.
  4. BobotheMighty


    Next week blacksmith please? Have over 60 pro items that need to be melted...
  5. BobotheMighty

    Remove skull chest in CoF

    To be perfectly honest, the war raids are hard enough already that people are using gems on scrolls, there is no need to have skulls in the chests anymore.
  6. BobotheMighty

    Conquest map

    I would like to vote on more than one of these options A lot of those options would be very welcome! More special tiles and more interactivity! And a smaller map than the one we had last time. We reached like 800 points?!?!?
  7. BobotheMighty


    Yes please, blacksmith please, been too long! Or even better, combine blacksmith with the event that reduces the conquest buildings prices!
  8. Hi, just like how there are 2 random rare boosts active during Alliance Wars, I thought it would make sense if there were 2 random rare boosts active during the Conquest event also. There are so many unique boosts out there that are only being seen during Alliance Wars. Many players will never get to see all of those unique and interesting boosts that are potentially available.
  9. Hi, if your hero is below level 10, enter my friend code into the green banner in your game. Only have a few spots left so hurry. Friend Code: ZMFILNNXU As a top 25 player I can help you with any questions and I can also send you highly forged MAXIMUM level Insta-Troops all the time. They will make raiding difficult bases/dungeons way easier and grow your kingdom faster than otherwise possible! If you need better boosts to help with tough dungeon levels I can give you max level offensive boosts until you beat it.
  10. Yeah, increasing cooldowns, and lowering wisdom costs would work.
  11. If you check the wisdom costs I think they actually went up! In the top tier the cost for researches is like 66,000 wisdom. I do not understand such insane numbers. Everything else seems okay costs except for this. It's like 3-5x too expensive, like it doesn't even make sense.
  12. gargoyle tower at 120 fiefdoms is pretty good prize IMO
  13. BobotheMighty

    Please Buff the Rewards for Quests

    Truly we could use some new quests as well, they never got updated with the new troops/spells/upgrades. Kind of lackluster.
  14. Oh, you definitely should be able to attack and destroy the the alliance stronghold of an enemy alliance. There's no reason after you have completely decimated them, or strategically arrived at their doorstep, that you should not be able to finish them off. Otherwise, the rest of the Conquest they have very little (or nothing) to lose, so they just behave like annoying ants randomly attacking, etc. No reason that should exist.
  15. This feature injects a strange and unnecessary series of tactics, etc into the war event. It's incredibly silly that alliances try to lose ON PURPOSE to acquire the extra skull % bonus for use later in the war event. There should be NO reason an alliance TRIES to lose a war tile. Every alliance should be striving to get stronger, not to stay low in fiefdoms and use silly tactics to beat alliances currently stronger than them. The dynamic this "loser skull bonus" feature creates is an entirely negative one and it's removal should be at least discussed considering the negative impact it has had over these last few months.