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  1. It would be great if Conquest raids were like War raiding where you get to see how many medals a base is worth and that you will get that amount of medals added to your league. During Conquest I usually end up with about 0 medals in my league because all my time is going to Conquest, but not getting rewarded for raiding there. The bulk attacking would be where you can issue an order for all members that are standing on the same tile all at once.
  2. It would be nice when a player leaves an alliance that when they come back (either the same day, or a year from now ) their gold and pal donation statistics could remain instead of resetting to zero.
  3. Last day of the pro league, really only two chests for 94th place?
  4. The Pro League cheaters aren't doing obviously cheating scores anymore, but they are still there. Maybe checking the top 10 scores in Pro League for cheating every week could help slowly eliminate the ones that are still doing it?
  5. Yes, that is definitely the most important thing that could be added to the Conquest event besides more types of tiles and more resource tiles.
  6. Madlen, the heal tower boost isn't active for our alliance Dominion. We scored 46,000+ points in the Pro League to attain level 4 boost status. Please activate the level 4 Pro Heal Tower boost manually. I attached a screenshot showing what happened when the old level 3 boost expired and the new level 4 boost tried to activate. It looks like the boost bugged out since the expiration of the old heal tower boost was at the same time as the activation of the new heal tower boost.
  7. If you are going to remove medals from the dungeon, first you need to balance the medals received from players. From 0-2000 trophies all players only give 32 medals. The medals bases are worth need to be more incremental. Also, the max of 1336 medals or whatever from bases could be increased to a max of 2000 medals?
  8. The wisdom costs are still scary (top conquest tier). Would be nice to be able to finish one branch of research by the end of Conquest with normal donations. 2nd branch could be funded by extra donations..
  9. Okay cool, other than that (and the wonky timers on troop refilling on towers) the Conquest has been polished pretty nicely. Almost forgot about the insanely high wisdom costs for research on top tier conquest.
  10. No update to this from community manager or devs? This is the biggest problem (BY FAR!) with Conquest right now and it's going completely unnoticed (from all appearances). Stopped with the thread hoping for update before this Conquest, but was not so lucky, so am reopening the thread.
  11. Hi, I think Conquest fights should be tied into the medals system. We get medals for wars, so I see little reason why they aren't in Conquest. Also it would help players determine base strength (since # of medals roughly equals base difficulty) when they go to attack a player in Conquest without having to go outside and look in the leaderboard for their medal total.
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