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  1. this doesn't lead to crash after updating to 4.4.3. thanks devs. let's keep investigating. we have 2 days before war starts.
  2. no zombies can be there, only a poisoned gargoyle (bella's doing) is visible there. snake tower is pretty far away, how come?
  3. guys, you sure that this was related to zombies? I can recreate the problem without killing anything at all, but only running during a time warp. (what you see in the attached video happens every single time) crash.mp4
  4. it didn't fix the yetis bug. I still can reproduce it on a friendly base with no barricades or blockades. I use a time warp and run through the pathway. it happens every single time.
  5. medals gear is as as hard as war gear. I can do my own base with war gear but not the other two. & you can keep your combos to yourself while here's two combos I'd like to publicly share: tc+flute+heal+ogre+paladin+wolf+heal ring+ceres monk+tc+sr+sonic blast+heal ring+fritz(kaiser) that doesn't mean I like playing these combos. there's also firefrost's archers combo. none are good or efficient for that matter.
  6. raiding a gargoyle base is a headache no matter what combo you use.
  7. try my own: goodoldzha and if you find it too easy, please try Su Handsome. or Culinaris don't go rambo please. try to play troops with medals gear (which usually includes 2 farmer perks). then it can be considered a normal daily raid. Also please don't use war dragons, surprise mummies or frenzy blasters as they are not guaranteed to be accessible at any given time.
  8. I suggested something. Fact is there are some impossible to beat bases among the top bases while there shouldn't be any. beating some has a success ratio of less than 10-20%. for nearly anybody and any combo. It's just not a fair ratio. I can beat many gargoyle bases as well, with blade or without it. But truth is gargoyles are a headache and ruin the fun of playing. Nemesis can shift that headache from the gameplay to saving crystals from pro-league.
  9. who told you blade can take out gargoyles effectively? which bases are you attacking? don't you think that there might be a reason why people resorted to offensive ceres beast for dealing with gargoyles? blade has 4 seconds of inactivity while hoards of gargoyles are nearly non-stop. this is why I asked for a long-lasting version of bladestorm yet with a minimal range to prevent any overpowered offense effect.
  10. since there is NONE whatsoever effective solution against double boosted gargoyle nests in the game, I suggest we add a long lasting mid-range bladestorm to the pal form (but not necessarily to the beast) while beast form shouldn't be automatic anymore to add more playing options for the buyers. Gargoyle nests can't be dealt with now, Nemesis can help pro-players with that problem. Price might want to be normalized a little as well, down to 100k.
  11. Hi everybody, What are the required level of other buildings when upgrading HQ to level 10? and Please let me know the costs of Level 9 upgrades and onward.
  12. This is part of the coming scheme to sell everybody an all-powerful vampire ring.
  13. There always needs to be a new cap for hero level. Otherwise people will stop playing. In fact, I think flare has been doing a bad job not adding newer levels every few months. Leveling up is also no longer a problem to newcomers as long as every player has access to the entire set of best items in pro-shop. There are xp events as well, leveling up is pretty doable although it can even be made easier. Flare is not adding newer levels simply because they don't want to discourage those who've already spent tons of pearls on their sp gear. Had flare increased the level cap sooner, these people would have not forged their gear like that and instead spent on new replacements. Community could move forward and flare's revenue would have kept flowing. Indeed this has been the norm since the dawn of this game, it's just that flare wanted it otherwise. They want revenue out of scrolls as well and they're ruining the game for it.
  14. maxed forged bases won't be untouchable to level 140 kings if flare successfully re-balances offense. flare's recent changes to the game obviously intended to re-introduce scrolls as a viable part of the gameplay, which community had long seen as a means for less skilled players to stay up to expectations in war season. If flare wants everybody to be using scrolls, scrolls should not be considered a noob thing in the first place. To put it another way, there shouldn't be any significant distinction over playing with them or without them. and hackers are not much active anymore because they're losing interest, the same as the rest of the community. there are still many clever hackers in the community and there will always be many of them.
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