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  1. This is part of the coming scheme to sell everybody an all-powerful vampire ring.
  2. goodoldzha

    RR2 needs to meet its maker, not necessarily in death!

    There always needs to be a new cap for hero level. Otherwise people will stop playing. In fact, I think flare has been doing a bad job not adding newer levels every few months. Leveling up is also no longer a problem to newcomers as long as every player has access to the entire set of best items in pro-shop. There are xp events as well, leveling up is pretty doable although it can even be made easier. Flare is not adding newer levels simply because they don't want to discourage those who've already spent tons of pearls on their sp gear. Had flare increased the level cap sooner, these people would have not forged their gear like that and instead spent on new replacements. Community could move forward and flare's revenue would have kept flowing. Indeed this has been the norm since the dawn of this game, it's just that flare wanted it otherwise. They want revenue out of scrolls as well and they're ruining the game for it.
  3. goodoldzha

    RR2 needs to meet its maker, not necessarily in death!

    maxed forged bases won't be untouchable to level 140 kings if flare successfully re-balances offense. flare's recent changes to the game obviously intended to re-introduce scrolls as a viable part of the gameplay, which community had long seen as a means for less skilled players to stay up to expectations in war season. If flare wants everybody to be using scrolls, scrolls should not be considered a noob thing in the first place. To put it another way, there shouldn't be any significant distinction over playing with them or without them. and hackers are not much active anymore because they're losing interest, the same as the rest of the community. there are still many clever hackers in the community and there will always be many of them.
  4. Dear Flaregames, Royal Revolt 2 is nearing the end of its course. It needs fresh blood or soon it will be a obscure part of our memory... Act! Here's a few suggestions to begin with and maybe save the game and revitalize its community: Introduce a higher level cap for king and re-balance offense against defense Nerf all scrolls (particularly time-warp) and decrease their gem price to less than a third (like this everybody will be using them and using them won't be limited to noobs) Increase gem rewards for every rank in Diamond League (again, to enable people to use scrolls, even free players) Drastically decrease price for pro-league tickets Limit top tier rewards for pro-league to 4 chests and 3k crystals, (this will get rid of those hackers to a huge extent) You can also ignore my list and Introduce RR3 instead. Maybe you can provide current members of the community with monthly migration chests to prevent the same fate as with Olympus Rising. But it's not a wise decision in any way to let go of a loyal community like this.
  5. Well, I think adding 100-150% start morale boost to Janus can help people finish a raid in time. Obviously, building an army with Janus is not as easy as with the likes of Aska and Ceres. Actually, I have come to the conclusion that all raids with Janus take 5-10% longer compared to Ceres.
  6. goodoldzha

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    Mine was scoring over 150k in the last 5 hours and breaking Diamond League Record. I had to attack top10 guys in less than two mins each...and zero scrolls of course. Was really hand numbing but fun.
  7. maybe something missing from the current pro-shop? a few more item sets for helmet, cape, armor and ... or maybe it is pro-pal chests
  8. goodoldzha

    Silent Ceres Buff? Fine, but unacceptable in a strategic game!

    guys, this is not much of a buff. actually now that ceres copies wolves, gameplay can become unpredictable from time to time. personally, I preferred it to remain the previous value of 15. in my opinion, ceres never needed this extra morale point but merely an increase in the health points of units he copies would have been more of a reasonable fix. the low hp of copied units is what made ceres weak in the first place, not morale points.
  9. those videos are not up-to-date anymore as he stated. let's wait for him to post new ones and then we will be able discuss the current difficulty of defenses based on his videos. he shouldn't have posted them in the first place. no it''s not the same. people can't be predicting any more unexpected nerfings on flare's side. it turns happy people into unhappy people while posting videos will convince them they can develop skills in a way that flare expects them to. in a sense, flare has to learn to be a reliable partner to his community and stop expecting people to mitigate any shockwave they throw at them!
  10. AFAIK they accused him of the opposite. and either you're a good raider yourself or you can't climb the leaderboard not learning how to deal with a joke beast such as phoebe! you don't need tutorials on how to kill phoebe if you're a high level king in top500. I guess you mistakenly took those accusers for high level kings.
  11. instead of nerfing phoebe, FTB should have posted tutorials for those low level kings! all it takes to deal with a phoebe is 3 max level spells. many low kings have more than 3 max spells & units in their arsenal. give me a lvl 100 king with a few max spells and I will show you how this is not a high-king low-king problem.
  12. we complain because they asked for it; two days in advance! and we complain because all they can come up with is a new hideous way to monetize! always, and we have to live with it. Shouldn't they be returning pal treats to those who leveled-up their ceres to 10 now? aren't we already giving and supporting them enough? PS: those who complained are some of the veterans in the community! their opinion matters you know?
  13. because it's only flare who can does things but not players?!
  14. you can try attacking us, find out for yourself. which beast we're using. even a howl lvl 5 is preferred over a lvl 2 phoebe, when used properly. try using knights, all low level kings and alliances have access to it! pretty cheap to boost, 3m/day!
  15. phoebe was a weak beast already! of course some people sucked in choosing their combo and relied on monks' damage against beasts. shouldn't you be buffing monks damage against beasts (not just phoebe) instead?! I know you won't listen, at least give us an option to turn off our defense beasts.