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  1. BBF

    Help with North County, The Dive

    @TurboTIB that's some good shooting ?
  2. BBF

    Fusing weapons

    Go to the Armory, select a weapon you like and keep boosting it until you reach level 20 then you'll see an option to fuse it.
  3. Probably not worth it anyway.
  4. BBF

    what do you play on??

    iPad Pro.
  5. BBF

    Bolts! Arrgh....

    Scrapping low level buildings seem to work quite well for gathering more.
  6. BBF

    Fusing weapons

    Finally figured it out. ?
  7. Glad to know there's more to come soon. ?
  8. BBF

    Fusing weapons

    I can't get BOOST to change to FUSE. Can somebody post a few screen shots please ?