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  1. The email address and password I used to create my game account?
  2. Spamming connect has cost me 2 FB accounts due to unusual activity and they want a mobile number to reactivate the accounts. I have no need for a mobile and won't be getting one so FB can track me. What's up with being able to connect to FB? I use it if I have to reinstall RR2 to save my account. Don't recall what I email and PW I used to create my RR2 acct. Know several people that lost theirs also and Flare has never helped anyone recover theirs that I've heard of.
  3. UberBiff

    Summer festival details

    Eye want phat lewtz!
  4. UberBiff

    4.0 Conquest - Feedback and Suggestion List

    Conquest = the absence of fun. It's a lengthy tedious time sink with poor rewards.
  5. This is becoming very annoying.
  6. UberBiff

    Can't connect to Facebook

    Update: Spammed connect to facebook so many times that facebook now wants my mobile number to allow me to login to my facebook acct. I don't have a mobile and even if I did I wouldn't give it to them. They have proven too many times that they can't be trusted with personal info.
  7. Got a notification that a new PAL chest was available. Loaded the game and clicked throne room, no PAL chest. Checked on when next one would be available It said 15 hrs and xx minutes. Normally it's every 8 hrs when connected to Facebook. Checked Facebook connection, not connected. Tried connecting, did not connect. Spammed connect button, disconnect from the game. Been trying off and on for 2 - 3 hrs now. Still can't connect.
  8. Same from Mid-West US.
  9. UberBiff

    Update 4.0 coming by July end

    I don't believe a new version should be launched. The current version doesn't run smoothly and apparently runs unsupervised for 12+ hrs at a time while malfunctioning without Flare noticing.
  10. UberBiff

    Event disappeared or early ended?

    Welcome to the party pal.
  11. UberBiff

    Event disappeared or early ended?

    That upgrade I went and started because Flare didn't bother to check the status of their game for well over 12 hours. Well now the time that was expired on it (the green bar) is gone. I don't even know if it is still counting down. But hey, take another 16 hours to see if things are working.
  12. UberBiff

    Event disappeared or early ended?

    WTH man, after saving gold for a couple days and having the event canceled before the one unit that would clear cooldown in time to be upgraded. I went ahead and upgraded it once it did. And now the event is back! That is asinine. No response to why it was pulled, no reason given as to why it's back. Just boned out of another event. Who's running this stuff? I want the clock on this upgrade set to what the event would have set it at with the video bonus, and the difference in cost reimbursed.
  13. UberBiff

    Update 4.0 coming by July end

    New troop. The Dancing Bear in TuTu it eats Vikings.
  14. UberBiff

    How i can rid of this? Please help me

    What device are you playing on? Are you both playing on the same device? I'm on Win 10 PC. I've had to uninstall / reinstall RR2 a couple times. When I first connect to RR2 afterwards I can login with my FB acct and it restores my game to where it was before I uninstalled. Not sure if that would give you your most recent save, because it could be saving to either acct or neither. But the longer you wait the longer and more out of date your restore might be... But at least then you would be connected with only 1 FB acct.