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  1. I have some high skins in my inventory!.. I have some nice knives and guns!.. Many times I spinned boxes which drop after the game round but never it was something really wanted!.. Also I was buying cases with CSGO skins in some online stores selling boxes with CS:GO skins!.. However I was disappointed by models I've got but nevertheless I used to continue buy cases!!! It beggars belief that some people are getting models from cases on web-stores with CSGO cases to open. 1 day I think an ad of a newest web-site with skins to win from cases!.. Certainly, I decided to try it:) But in first I decided to explore the web-store, here it is by the way:) I've read out that Open CSGO has become the main sponsor of Gambit team who has won the Major in Krakow. Sure that is talking near commitment!.. Besides, new web-services are always open handed to win newest subscribers!.. However I was inspired to get nice models!!!, yesterday I registered on the web-site and refilled $100!!! I began with cheap cases. I have made the first spin and got XM1014 Blaze Orange field tested!!! The beginning was very promising... I purchase this box 5-6 times more and then got Nova Blaze Orange for about $ 12!.. Then I decided to get the bigger fish!.. I decided to purchase box for $25!!! I made 4 bad dropps and realy started to worry... But it was not the end... I have dropped THE GREAT M4A4 Howl factory new for about $550...OMG! I gonna to use this skin in the game and then to sell it. I have goth the TOP skin first time in my life... Maybe someone wishes to purchase it or change?
  2. Opencs:go has conducted a survey among its users and found out what 5 skins are the most loved by fans. Gamers were asked to name 5 TOP skins in their view... Was interviewed near 25. 000 users per follow-up form! The value of items was characterized in different ways! The Item with best Esthetics and Exterior, the Most Expensive Item, the Item with Rapidly Growing Popularity, the Item on Trend and the Best Skin in Collection are the 5 factor where fans could vote. The Skin in Trend The Item on Trend is M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler!.. This M9 is in great demand as respondents were answering. That M9 is the most wished skin and the most viewed on the pages of Opencs:go... Item with best Esthetics and Exterior Asimov M4A4 has won the title of the Item with best Esthetics and Exterior! This skin has a sci-fi style and attract fans attention! The Most Expensive Skin We think you have heard about unbelivebl skins with big prices... These skins did not enter our research in the category the Most Expensive Skin! The rank of the Most Expensive Item got the AWP Medusa! Pride of Collection M4A4 Hellfire got the title of the best item in collection. The newness of the Hydra operation makes this item very popular today... Skin with highest demand The winner of the category the Rapidly Increasing Popularity has become not even a gun, knife or gloves!.. The nomination has won a sticker! Certainly you have realized what an item is it! The sticker iBuyPower Katowice 2014 holo got the title of the Rapidly Growing Popularity item! That is nice that such service as Opencsgo provides such research!.. I will watch news to be aware in all changes of the CS GO items market!..
  3. I was waiting for this ESL One Cologne and even make some bets.SK Gaming kicked off each one! Recently I noticed that cases called after CS GO champs on OpenCSGO give good items... Each time I bought ESL, Major or Dreamhack cases I was satisfied by results. Each time when I was opening here cases to champs I got profit. And thus I always watching CS:GO events and cases to them on the web service... And that is why I start to open esl 1 cologne box when noticed it on site!.. Count skins and you will see that there are 50 items in the end in he box and 40 of them are profit. So, I have refilled my account at $70 and started to spin!.. And this box made my day.I spinned the case about ten times and got some nice items. Items I won were not expensive but not not expencive too – it was a small benefit! After few opening I caught Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth!.. I'll buy the case later 1 more again!I wanted to win more models but I had to go to college!..I hope it will be still here...
  4. Hi there... For spining of only one steam store box from the game you need to buy a key for about $ 1,8... Instead of opening one case in the steam web site for the same cash, you would buy 5 boxes or even more in an independence site!.. Experience shows that the opportunity of a top drop from Valve boxes is approaching zero! There are not many stores for box buying in the net which can be trusted.With such services as Open cs:go you can select one of many boxes to purchase... Formerly I was buying boxes only in the steam store web-service!.. I have bought many cs:go boxes in such web stores... I thought that independence sites for box buying are scams! But near a year recently I have changed my opinion! I used to buy hundreds of cases and most of them on Open CS:GO!.. AK-47 Fire Serpent, AUG Akihabara Accept, M9 Bayonet case hardened, Sport gloves superconductor are items I've got there!.. I would change models with a pleasure just send a message!.. I mentioned only few of my high skins!