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  1. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Noob question, what is BM? Sometimes i have a hard time to with abreviations in english since our units, spells etc are named in dutch. Thnx
  2. Please Talk to Us About This Half Update

    Ehhhh, cuz they want to make it as smooth as possible? You dont slap something in and hope for the best.
  3. Multiple attacks by the same player

    What he said :-) Why on earth would you attack back if there is no benefit for you? Just go find juicy gold targets and upgrade whatever you usually do. And the lower in throphies he pushes you the easier it is to get them back ( by attacking other players that give alot) so no big deal there. If he wants your gold, dont go stuffing your vault expecting it ll be there later. Raid the gold you need upgrade and log off, dont go raiding to max your gold you need for a later day. If i would find someone who keeps max gold all the time i sure as heck goin to put them in favorites and raid for the gold i need for upgrades, who wouldnt .... attacking back just to attack is pointless.
  4. The new spell in update

    Lots were thinking lightning spell but seems its a spell to turn your pal into a beast version of it. They released the info on their fb page. Sounds pretty cool if its a bit the same as the defense beasts. Nidhogg beast with bmas pal, yes plz P
  5. Way too many blacksmith events lately!

    Only drawback to blacksmith event... they should let us know a week upfront that its coming (or finish all your cooldowns to 12h, the max time of the event). 90% of the time all my troops, towers, spells are still on cooldown till after the event ends :-(
  6. Update

    I dont mind extra levels at all even ally tower. Right now most players dont have or want max ally tower so adding levels wont make a difference. You still choose if you want to upgrade ally tower further or not
  7. cheater

    Cool ! We have ships and shields in our base? I have to look better at my base !
  8. Uber Granny Days also affects the blacksmith

    Only little usefull part is the 30% reduction on uberchests if you like the 10x chest bundle. And 50 % on item slots.
  9. Time for a granny make over?

    Updating or replacing granny with her pretty grandchild should be one of the next priorities for content updates. Granny clings on the old times. Maybe her grandchild can see beyond Legendary:-)
  10. "Stay tuned tomorrow on the forums" - Archimedes

    Yep cuz every single player is waiting to jump on those ridiculous high priced subscriptions.....
  11. Time for a granny make over?

    So basicly anything but granny eh P
  12. Granny seems in a real need to get a make over to be a little more interesting. She offers Orange items at gems a lev 119 cape for 440 gems... who buys that, im pretty sure no one does. And her items to buy with gold are usefull if your gold vault is full but the items she offers give way way lower pearl count in forge melt. A make over for granny is due flare. And to make uber granny day more interesting Let there be a chance that An uber pops up that you can buy with gold. People that want to buy uberchests on discount are happy and free players get a little chance to earn something aswell.
  13. New Chests

    Raiding a base for gold is alot better then selling a tower you can probably use in the future for a few gold. Since the only reason i can think of that you ask is for the gold. And like the person above said, they are not in the way and the storage space for towers is unlimited.
  14. Pro league. Ignore everyone but top 100?

    Dont only focus on monthly pro rewards to be distributed more evenly but also the weekly pro rewards as well. 1 chest till you reach top 100 is to low. They both need to be distributed more evenly. We all pay the same price to enter pro league, so we all should be rewarded fairly. Ofc the people that score higher should get higher rewards but thats not only for top 100 vs everyone else. Someone ranking at 478 should be more rewarded then someone ranking at 1109 for example. And right now thats not the case, there is only a tiny bit difference, a few more crystals in weekly and a couple of gems in monthly and pro chests stay the same till top 100, they are distributed the worst of all the rewards.