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  1. About war and trophies and other gibberish

    Who says in wasting bread retaliating? I can't retaliate, that is the point! Rewards should be based on the level of risk to the attack. Maximum rewards should come from attacking stronger players, not weaker ones. Flare have failed to manage this aspect of the game and allowed things to get out of hand.
  2. Wolves definitely seem to get a small health boost after howling, see it all the time. The blizzard spell does seem to have inconsistent range though.
  3. About war and trophies and other gibberish

    The trophy system is now just silly. You can attack a player 5 levels higher than you, lose and lose 50 trophies and you can get attacked by someone 10 levels higher than you and lose 8 trophies. Trophies are ridiculous. The same goes for the gold calculation. Again you can get attacked by someone 10 levels higher than you and they can get max gold because they have dropped trophies. If you try to hit back you will by lucky to get 16k gold even if they haver loads. The game is broken, it directly encourage higher level players to attack lower level players when the exact opposite should apply.
  4. Shortcomings in the War System

    I think people are missing a fundamental claw in the entire game. There is no current way to calculate a player's power/strength/ability. Levels means something, but not everything. Trophy levels are surfed by some, not by others. Players will also use items tactically depending on what they are attacking. It is impossible to put players in a meaningful rank order so what chance is there in ranking a group of players in an alliance. I'm not sure this flaw can be fixed easily,it's a common flaw in most games like this. While this flaw exists wars, match making and looting will never make sense.
  5. We need new button

    Before first Facebook and then tablet changed social gaming forever there were still online games with huge followings. They avoided the trap of players bring too powerful purely on the basis of having played the game longer. They also recognised that you could be experienced at a game yet still lack skill at the game. A new player could be a better player than one that had played years more. How did the game makers do this? Simple, the game reset after a certain number of weeks. This concept has been lost yet it would fix the issue that this an many social games face. You could argue that the pro league works in this way to an extent, but not enough.
  6. We need new button

    Need separate servers for the people that spend real money. The gap between the big spenders and the rest is already too big.
  7. Trophy System SUCKS

    This is why so many people spam attack lower levelled players. Very low risk of losing, 99% assured of getting 4-5 trophies. The system is completely messed up. Level 110s attack level 100s, level 100s attack level 90s and so on. This encourages bullying and cowardice and the devs do nothing. Your best gains should come from attacking players higher than you, you should get little too nothing for attacking lower level players. In fact if, outside of war (maybe) attacking a player 10 levels or more lower you should have no pals and less starting moral.
  8. Loot 💰 algorithm completely sucks!

    This thread just proves what nonsense this game has become. If you think about it, what really is the objective? Trophy level means nothIng because people trophie surf, player level means nothing because everyone if free to attack everyone. People that spend hundreds of pounds a year play against people who spend nothing. The fact that you can make more gold attacking someone 10+ levels lower than you than some one at the same level is illogical. The fact that people 10+ levels above you can gain trophies from raiding you when you are powerless to stop them is also illogical. This game encourages you to fight weaker players were this is little to no risk of failure.
  9. Fix the base defense algorithm

    The whole concept that destroying the gate, it any towers remaining count against you is stupid. The towers are supposed to defend the gate, if the gate falls the towers failed. The defender deserves no credit for this. If we delve into something a bit more real world, your soldier should would not stop and cheer if towers were still shooting/poring lava/poison on them, they would finish them off. Finally, often the towed are about to fall due to a spell and only stop because the game stops. Again this is silly. If you then add in the inconsistencies of the AI this entire process is a joke.
  10. Shortcomings in the War System

    So the skull level is pretty much pointless then. It should reflect the difficulty of the opponent.
  11. Shortcomings in the War System

    Main issues: The boosts cancel each other out, everyone gets the same boosts which are often a significant advantage for all. Net result is everyone can get 3 Stars in 6 attacks. Might as well not battle at all. In every war there are openness 5 levels lower than me to 10-15 levels higher than me who give maximum skulls. This is stupid. Higher players should give more skulls, lower players less skulls. We should be incentivised to attack higher players. Most wars are won by the team that gets the most players to attack. No point bothering to battle.
  12. Pro League Thoughts

    The Pro League is just terrible. Why would anyone want to pay to play with such a basic king, troops and spells? The rewards are nothing special. This was a mistake Flare.