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  1. JiggleFizziks

    Super bug (War)

  2. JiggleFizziks

    Chat improvement

    It's the same for mobile users. Unless some platforms allow it while others don't, which would be dum but not that improbable.
  3. JiggleFizziks

    Remove skull chest in CoF

    How about finding extra skulls as random drops during raids? It'd be just as (un)likely but less costly and blatantly annoying. Or just give players those skulls randomly for no reason out of the blue, will make as much sense as those probability ratios.
  4. JiggleFizziks

    Aby wszystkim żyło się lepiej.

    He's annoyed that when you join an alliance during war, you can't attack anyone for days while everyone else is free to attack you all they want, and suggests it should work both ways - no attacking and no being attackable. We've gone through this discussion many times before but can't recall to what result.
  5. JiggleFizziks

    Bladstorm / pro league

    Certain pro leagues (most?) have it like that, giving you obstacles that kill you without giving you any means to defeat/survive them. This is why PL's are often way more infuriating than they're worth.
  6. JiggleFizziks

    Why so less gems for defending good

    Yeah, like that will ever happen. If anything, they'll increase the amount of gems you need for everything by 50%, not give you 50% more free gems. The default answer to all "gimme gems!" requests is "talk to your wallet".
  7. Somewhat off-topic but I see y'all really want me to once again go into a rant/tirade about why Bela has that particular name and why it isn't female. Bela ≠ Bella. Come on, people, we've been through this already.
  8. Hmm, confusing towers to fire on their own units would sure be something different.
  9. JiggleFizziks

    Pro Festival

    Well this festival sure had an abnormally high item drop rate. I got, what, 8 items from chests? 10? I didn't get Janus though because the last chest royally screwed me (needed just 500 crystals but nope, here's 200 and two belts). It's neat when you get lucky draws but not when you end up coming short on prizes you're supposed to be able to win. Oh well, it was profitable enough.
  10. JiggleFizziks

    Royal Revolt 2 Spooky Halloween Event open now

    If only I could draw spooky... (with my somewhat moe style it'd be mildly spoopy at best)
  11. JiggleFizziks

    Vein of Gold XXVIII and the Howl Beast

    Yeah I gave it a shot a couple of months ago and concluded it'll be better for my sanity and the wellbeing of my surroundings if I just leave it be for the time being. I'm not even sure if it's about the howl or the ca. 30 gargoyles coming at you every five seconds... Well all dungeons are beatable eventually but I agree they don't progress very well. You're stuck on one dungeon for a year and then beat the three following dungeons on the first attempt with a minute to spare. Not a good difficulty progression (unless some dungeons are designed to be roadblocks to keep you from finishing dungeons to quickly, which would be stewpied).
  12. JiggleFizziks

    Option to switch off shadow

    I've come to realise that under some angles shadows help to see where off screen towers are. But yeah, it wouldn't hurt to tweak some visual settings here and there (half of my failed raids are because I literally can't see what is happening and where what is - a combination of dark/bad themes, flashing stuff and crowds of troops). I don't see too mamy more fps drops and lags during raids than before but there are severe slowdowns for no apparent reason, like in kingdom view or when you inspect your troop set in PL. The optimisation must be rather bad because I understand that I have slowdowns and stuff on my old budget phone, you shouldn't be having these issues on a much stronger device. At any rate, I support all suggestions for more options and configurability in the game.
  13. JiggleFizziks


    Yeah they might as well stop with this whole increased chance thing because it's not really different than usual. The green section on the chance spinner is indeed larger than standard but so what, if 7 times out of 10 you still have to forge twice to get the desired result - just like with normal chances. I get there's the whole rule of streak thing and all but come on. It'd be more noticeably beneficial if blacksmith charged you less pearls per forge during event, since you always do double attempts anyway.
  14. JiggleFizziks

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    I had Irmgard go into spazz mode at the gate and cast heal as it flipped in 1 second intervals for like 5 seconds until it broke out of the loop somehow. Endless heal glitch! Yes, please.
  15. I think I'd rather join festivals with "boost your <whatever>" events but this works too.