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  1. JiggleFizziks

    Restricting the beast viewing before the attack.

    The beast preview button made sense when there was a variety of beasts used and there was a chance you'd be unprepared when it turns out to be a phoebe. Those days are gone and the majority of alliances have phoebes now. Not that it makes much difference for me, because I never preview beasts anyway (like so many others, heheh). And if it isn't a phoebe then it's probably killed by my archers long before it reaches me. So there's little surprise. Might be for the better, I don't like surprises.
  2. JiggleFizziks

    Video Ads always No Offer

    It's been like that for a good while for me too. They come and go every few months without any input or intervention on my part so it's something outside of my device.
  3. JiggleFizziks

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    Holy moly! Are we getting granny beast now? #KaijuuMode Also, I think it was LacunaC who wanted shadows to be disableable, not me. But I'm always down with fiddling with settings and stuff.
  4. JiggleFizziks

    community manager answered Conquest duration is too short

    I suppose you're trying to say that if conquest is shorter, it should go faster - shorter cooldowns, smaller map, cheaper stuff etc. I can get behind this logic.
  5. JiggleFizziks

    I thought this was a festival

    I did drop trophies but I'm in my usual "dropped" rank (2800-2900), same as for any other festival, I may have even had less trophies at times. But I never had such low gold bases before in any of the previous festivals no matter where I was ranked. I figured festivals just yield an additional 200-300k gold per raid, regardless of all other factors but from what Arrebimba says it may not be the case, which is disturbing. It would mean deep down festivels aren't really much different than regular raids goldmath-wise, which defeats the whole purpose of festivals.
  6. JiggleFizziks

    The festival is too hard again!

    It isn't difficult at all. It's just that every now and then you'll draw an impossible map - a side effect of trophy dumping by strong players, whom those maps are copied from. Dropping a tier or two yourself doesn't prevent those, you can find "those guys" everywhere, though it helps the overall difficulty. This is what I don't like about festivals, the difficulty is all over the place.
  7. I've mentioned in another topic that I got 1 voucher in a festival chest (and it still isn't explained how it got there). Today I drew this: Really, flare? 80k on a festival map? Really? What's next, 20k? What's the point to the festival then? You done failed this time, flare.
  8. JiggleFizziks

    Festival reward - really???

    You think that's bad? I got a voucher in a festival chest. Not any of the items I can get from festival, no, a flipping VOUCHER. One, at that. ONE VOUCHER!! Thanks a bloody lot, flare.
  9. JiggleFizziks

    New Pals. Change Ally name. Search by nationally

    By that logic xp gear and war bonus xp shouldn't be in the in the game because maxed players have no use for it. It's nice to give maxed players new things to do but I've seen enough examples (in other games) of how that increases the gap between maxed and non-maxed players, or is even at the latter's expense. Throw a bone for the weaker players too sometime.
  10. JiggleFizziks

    in review Super bug (War)

  11. JiggleFizziks

    community manager answered Chat improvement

    It's the same for mobile users. Unless some platforms allow it while others don't, which would be dum but not that improbable.
  12. JiggleFizziks

    Remove skull chest in CoF

    How about finding extra skulls as random drops during raids? It'd be just as (un)likely but less costly and blatantly annoying. Or just give players those skulls randomly for no reason out of the blue, will make as much sense as those probability ratios.
  13. JiggleFizziks

    Attacking in Wars

    He's annoyed that when you join an alliance during war, you can't attack anyone for days while everyone else is free to attack you all they want, and suggests it should work both ways - no attacking and no being attackable. We've gone through this discussion many times before but can't recall to what result.
  14. JiggleFizziks

    Bladstorm / pro league

    Certain pro leagues (most?) have it like that, giving you obstacles that kill you without giving you any means to defeat/survive them. This is why PL's are often way more infuriating than they're worth.
  15. JiggleFizziks

    community manager answered Why so less gems for defending good

    Yeah, like that will ever happen. If anything, they'll increase the amount of gems you need for everything by 50%, not give you 50% more free gems. The default answer to all "gimme gems!" requests is "talk to your wallet".