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  1. Now don't get me wrong, I'm happy there's FINALLY a festival and a bunch of other things, but... Why must it all happen at once? So you get a festival - lots of gold. But there's also the granny chest thing, for alliances with paying members - even more gold or an obscene amount of potential pearls, if only there was a blacksmith event to suplement the granny event (and obviously there isn't one). Festival together with war makes you do a huge number of raids each day. I'm not even gonna start on how the event came right when I have all workers/research busy. So yeah, it's nice but it also kinda sucks. Typical. (in case you didn't notice, this was a rant. Because I like ranting and you can never please me. )
  2. JiggleFizziks

    Some general discussions

    I have my pals to protect me, I'm not afraid.
  3. JiggleFizziks

    Festivals 😒

  4. JiggleFizziks

    Some general discussions

    Flaregames = North Korea All makes perfect sense now! *sound of mind exploding* Also, warning for off-topic topic.
  5. As my old team fell apart mostly I am now looking for an active mid-tier alliance with pleasant athmosphere and cool people. IGN: Silver Nekomancer Level: 99 Donations: 250k Activity: wars & events - 100%, pro - not so much lately Scrolling: no Language: Polish, English, German
  6. JiggleFizziks


    Speaking of polish version, fix the dang font! Why are polish characters (ż, ą, ę etc) from a different font set than the rest of the letters? It looks stupid.
  7. JiggleFizziks

    Update, but nothing Changed?

    Actually it seemed for me the download was smaller than usual. But a critical obligatory update that doesn't really fix anything critical? Weird...
  8. JiggleFizziks

    Festivals 😒

    It says "see light of day" very soon. Doesn't say we will be getting them. Like a royal baby, may have been born already but will be shown to the pleb-I mean public much later.
  9. JiggleFizziks

    Is it too much to ask, flare? (apparently it is)

    That would still be faster than pressing down 30 times on a filtered list to get from max 4k to 3600, as you don't have to load players data. How about making it so you'd just hold the button? Or just let players input the numbers via keyboard instead of tapping/clicking +/-?
  10. JiggleFizziks

    Better war rewards? A joke.

    Yeah, like this Cromka guy, always complaining about things. (see what I did there?)
  11. JiggleFizziks

    Is it too much to ask, flare? (apparently it is)

    Bump to remind flare that I'm not letting this go.
  12. JiggleFizziks

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    There should be compensation by principle. Game infrastructure fell apart, especially during a critical time (war), so here's a little something to make up for all the troubles. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it doesn't have to be related to whatever part of the game you personally were affected (war, pl, cw), but as consolation and as a sign they acknowledge their responsibility as the provider of the service flare should do SOMETHING. Gems and boosts, as Cromka suggested, is fine. Chest, as Dena suggested, is also fine. An actually effective customer support that WORKS WEEKENDS, as suggested by probably everybody would be most appreciated, although that should be a matter of everyday practice and not something special. So as long as they show they actually care about their customers (though more often than not it seems they don't), I'm fine. I love this! Gamecrasher Boost! Hahaha!
  13. JiggleFizziks

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    Flare is already falling bankrupt as it is, that would prompt the "Finish Him/Her!" caption with Flare wobbling, ready to be put out of it's misery.
  14. JiggleFizziks

    Has one of the servers problems, connection failure

    Here's your additional info: - device/version - all of them, just look through this topic. - what were you doing - I don't know about others but I was sitting comfortably, playing the game. Or trying to. If it disconnects RIGHT AFTER IT SAYS "CONNECTED" then "doing" anything has no part in the issue as the device would be just sitting there while you wait for the game to run (gotta measure sometime how long that takes).
  15. JiggleFizziks

    Collect-All button is broken

    I was being sarcastic, not helpful. Do tell how it turned out though, wonder if you'll get any reply considering how random support is.