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  1. What they said. Whenever I log in I have to delete 20 "war won/lost/initiated" messages from alliance inbox and then spend two minutes clicking through war results all over the map. I get the point of those messages but for war details just make one summary screen when I can see war results for all wars at once. Cleaner, faster and less annoying.
  2. JiggleFizziks

    About the new manager!!

    My favorite game ever might be Fallout 2. I love the franchise in general but haven't played any newer entries due to, well, money issues (hey Cromka, if you want to have fun spending money pointlessly then buy me a high power gaming pc . Kidding). Other than that I'm a retro fan and enjoy a variety of old and obscure titles going way back to 8-bit micros. Like the Fire Pro Wrestling series, Daibakusho Jinsei Gekijo, old Final Fantasy Games I never manage to finish (6 rulz), Persona 4, Gran Turismo... I could go on and on. Oh, and Metal Slug. That is Da Game(st).
  3. I never look at the meters on the scream button. Ever. Because I'm too busy looking at where I'm going and what's killing me to look way away (also I never remember it's even there lol). I've said it a 37 times before but make the health bar more visible (like always on top of whatever clusters on top of the king), not move it to weird places.
  4. JiggleFizziks

    Why do you test your stuff at the players?

    You can always try another game, one you won't complain so much about.
  5. JiggleFizziks

    ninja portal question

    Yes, retires count. You can only do as many island raids as you have free moves left (with there being two extra tries now it's best to retry failed islands when you unlock max tries, if possible). If you could retry islands as many times you want it'd be pretty pointless as everyone would win.
  6. JiggleFizziks

    POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

    That would be a way if the announcement system wasn't insufficient as well. You can send a series of announcements (because you won't fit a larger one in the alloted space) but you will only see them in alliance mail which requires a large screen/high resolution because the text is so small it's barely readable, and the large text of the alliance info page only displays the last message. If there was some sort of message wall or bulletin you could post whatever comprehensive info you want for everyone to see.
  7. You don't know the level of anything else you fight against either so why provide beast levels. If you're gonna have specific information then about everything, not just one thing. Also, knowing what beast it is would be way more useful than knowing what level it is, because they are horribly unbalanced. The only thing you look out for when raiding is is it a Phoebe or not. And stunning beasts would make them utterly and completely useless. They're already easier now that you can use artillery on them. If anything, I'd have them immune to howl effects, because it makes healing beasts nearly immortal.
  8. JiggleFizziks

    4th spell slot

    The pal may be a 4th spell in a way, but it's one you don't have complete control over. You need to be able to use a spell in the exact circumstances you want, not how the pal randomly decides to use it and without needing to fight the pal to be where you want it to be when you want when it does. So with pals it's more like 3.5 spell slots rather than 4.
  9. JiggleFizziks

    About the new manager!!

    Is it my imagination or are suggestion and question threads being locked somewhat early? Well it's good ideas are being noted (supposedly) and it can avoid sidetracking but it can hurt longer discussions or expanding threads (like new suggestions being added to an existing list thread). Just an early observation...
  10. JiggleFizziks

    About the new manager!!

    What are your favorite nes games, @Madlen? Or favorite games in general (besides RR2 heh heh )?
  11. JiggleFizziks

    POLL: What is your reaction on the Conquest mode so far

    Since we are talking about first impressions, mine is: I hate it! The premise is interesting and it could be made into something fun. However... - the main gripe is time management. Unlike flare, I do stuff during my 24 hours. I sleep, I work, I do something in between, you know, activities known as "having a life". But the game expects me to stay online non-stop. Because cooldowns, and because fights take like, what, 5 minutes? Unless I attack, I can't do anything, no defense hits, nothing. And no way I can react and regroop if I can't be in the game (because I do one of the things mentioned above) so I'm a sitting duck that moves twice a day. - obviously, you need a ton of gems to upgrade stronghold buildings because of course you do. You can't transfer things that aren't full (which takes 2+ days) unless you use gems. Yep, totally a mode for everybody, especially the small alliances full of non-paying players, yep. - it's not a good sign when presented with guidelines and rules for a game your reaction is "NOOOOO!!!! I don't wanna go to school, Mommy!!". And that was my reaction when I was trying to comprehend what's what in this new mode. And I'm a person that'll read a Warhammer 40k or whatever rulebook just for fun and not to actually play it. So yeah, it may turn out to be a fun mode by time of RR2 v.4.6 but we're talking of current impressions, and those aren't favorable. Time will tell if things will change (and if anyone will be left by then).
  12. JiggleFizziks

    About the new manager!!

    Welcome to The Jungle. We got fun and games. Going by that old saying - "what doesn't kill me will make me stronger" - if you survive you should expect super saiyan levels of strength. This is a nasty forum that doesn't take prisoners (don't let the polite first impressions fool you, heh heh ).
  13. Yes and no (tho I get what you're saying). You said yourself that a modern cheap phone will already be capable enough for the game compared to an old one, so it's not all that strainful on the budget if you plan it right (trust me, I'm cheap beyond reason). No one says it has to be a flagship (flagships suck anyway).
  14. I was looking to grab a xiaomi when it drops in price but from what y'all tell me the game doesn't seem to get along with the brand. Yeesh, you upgrade hardware and the game ends up sucking even more that before... As for game weight, properly written pc games have thing called the graphics options menu that lets you turn all sorts of crap on/off depending on your hardware/preference. RR2 is really unelaborate but you could always get a few more fps by turning something off (right now the game turns effects off automatically under heavy load, which is annoying because you can't tell if the tower you're standing under is killing you except you can't see the shower or is it stunned and you're safe). I'm probably just looking for excuses here but I wouldn't be surprised if I did better in pro leagues if I could keep summoning units non stop, instead of needing to stop summoning to have any framerate. There's always the rich man option - keep your favorite phone for what works and get another one for what doesn't.
  15. I was going to point this out. Flare introduced a feature that requires elaborate communication in a game that has extremely barebones communication (well there's chat and friend messages but neither will work for organising dozens of people at the same time to do different things). I'm willing to bet the majority of players (who are now complaining all over the place) would throw confetti and cookies at flare if they had upgraded the comm systems (global chat, larger chat buffers, longer messages) instead of making this mode that will take months to actually figure out.