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  1. Account link limitation reach - Windows to iOS

    We gotta become more expensive then a skilled helpdesk then somehow. But how... How to eat into flare's profits (or at least income, no idea if they're even profiting)...
  2. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    I guess. Why can't there be a login/password authentification like every-damn-where else? Why should facebook have access to even more of my stuff? Just because it doesn't take effort? (yes, I don't like facebook, in case that wasn't clear by now. )
  3. Lost Account: OVRSLO

    I still say you shouldn't need facebook or other third party gizmos for your account backup and syncing but I guess I'm weird like that. Then again, everything else in this game requires third party substitutes so why should this be any different.
  4. Disparity in announcement and reality.

    "Let's just put random stats in the game because who cares, it's not like anybody reads this stuff anyway." And thus the dev team agreed to have the game display random numericals to make it seem like there's actual statistics, modifiers and formulas in the game while in reality there are none. As the community spent countless workhours on reverse engineering game formulas for various wikis, the makers of the game chose a more productive way to spend their time (and company funds) - beer. < Completely unrelated story time. Ahem... (;^ω^) >
  5. Biggest Scam Ever?

    They do that for everybody else too, that's hardly special treatment.
  6. Can't connect to game after ninja started

    Too bad you can't do that on a phone, @Dena4. Since we're on the subject of disconnects, the other day the game kicked me out due to lost connection and when I tried to launch it again it kept crashing right away, before even reaching the loading screen. It worked fine after a few minutes but the game sure is spazzy when it loses touch with itself. Bottomline, my suggestion is: when having connection problems - wait. It should fix itself soon enough.
  7. Minor Animation Bug - beast shadows

    Yeah Flare is lazy as hell with their pal/beast designs. It's really lame when the only difference in models for Howl, Growl & Ceres or Tammy, Phoebe & Irmgard is the color palette. All while numerous users have given them countless DIFFERENT pal design ideas.
  8. New Spell: Sandstorm

    No way that'd get coded correctly. Cool idea though, they could make use of line-of-sight mechanics for gate tower handling and other things.
  9. Disparity in announcement and reality.

    Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing? Or do they have random in their copypasta?
  10. Biggest Scam Ever?

    Let's have oPelle replace Granny. (or be some other shopkeep)
  11. New Spell: Sandstorm

    It could do normal damage but it could have the pushback/kickback effect (blow things away, including bombs maybe). Or multiple damage types - sand itself is nasty (blunt?) but friction builds up static so have a bit of electricity too? Yes that'd be a tad OP probably.
  12. Biggest Scam Ever?

    Good thing my game/connection/device takes it's time to load these pop ups so I know immediately something's coming. Sad to head about everyone's accidents though, these shouldn't happen and they SUCK (use confirmations instead of click-jacking, flare).
  13. Item pearl meltdown bugged

    I was talking about two instances of the same item, just like your example (same item, same level, different stats, better stats worth less), not different items. Unless two pairs of imperial slippers count as different items.
  14. Biggest Scam Ever?

    You're looking at this all wrong. It's 75% off! 75%, m8!! That's a quarter of the normal price, you can't get a better deal than that! (lol) Additionally, the term gold-digger might be more fitting than you'd think at first. (cue Kanye West song)
  15. No Birthday Festival?

    Or they're on vacation doing absolutely nothing and letting the community come up with possible explanations for flare's inactivity, imagining there's something big in store to explain the silence, while there actually isn't.
  16. Item pearl meltdown bugged

    It's the same with gold value which seems "random to an extent". It makes absolutely no sense and should be long fixed.
  17. About jester boxes

    In the sense that the tactic is to have the king run off ahead to spring traps away from his army, a shorter delay on activation is actually counterproductive. A longer delay would be more useful for troop damage (unless the army is way behind the king but if the king can run off so far safely, does he even need an army).
  18. About jester boxes

    Am I to assume it's by design that jester boxes are triggered by the king and only by the king? Why is it so? It doesn't seem like a terribly good idea. Well it prevents players sending one troop to trigger it (that one troop would've been long killed by everything else by the time it'd reach the trap though) but it doesn't prevent the king from running ahead of the army "disarming" all traps and preventing any considerable damage to anything, so... I dunno...
  19. 7 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    Unless I'm missing something, the map only tells you there are gate towers, not what kind they are. And a gargoyle gate tower requires a completely different approach than a snake gate tower.
  20. Player gets kicked from game after over 1 year of inactivity

    Yeah, totally a different game now. Nothing of the sort.
  21. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    Congrats, m8.
  22. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    @Archimedes You done good for a bit, giving exact event start/end times but I see y'all miss my nagging too much. Announce. The. Damn. Event. Times! (and I know you can)
  23. Werewolf Sound Effect ​​​​​​​

    I'm more concerned with the random laugh when Kaiser sonic booms things (especially skeletons). I suppose I oughta summon a wolf sometime, to verify this. Fact is, I've kinda tuned out troops summon sounds (they're all "yeah"s anyway ).
  24. Told to take a Break?

    Can I raid in another app too?
  25. Everybody hates forged snake towers by the gate, but they are at least technically passable. Basilisk towers are not, for the simple fact that they're indestructible for half the time, making them even harder to destroy before gate falls (which is like instantenous when you bring cannons or Kaiser). Therefore them being by the gate is bull** (more bull** than your usual gate towers that is). I'm sure there are ways to destroy multiple basilisks before your troops blast away the gate but it's like putting 20 golf balls in your mouth - doable but pointless (definetly not worth that missing 1%). I'm gonna ignore them.