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  1. skummpik69

    War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

    war tile block is a very bad feature, will lead to abuse from the strong teams, frustration for smaller teams, more unfair match making complains, more teams will try peace to be able to get the rewards. this conquest is useless for us: unfair match making: we rank 165, lvl67 West opponent a russian team, rank 41, lvl 80 South opponent Mayas team, rank 52, lvl73 If we cant pinn these teams we cant fight against them, we will make peace with both, we will try to get the rewards and have a very boring conquest... we like to fight, we like the wars, and we liked the conquest very much but....
  2. skummpik69

    Un-assign troops in stronghold

    We dont face this issue but its not a bad suggestion,, until then your team should try to mannage better the troops, FIRST asign troops only to those you are 100% sure will leave the base inform the other members on sticky notes that they have to request troops before they leave the base, if few members will leave base with no troops they can allways get troops from towers..
  3. skummpik69

    Conquest Suggestion

    Its not a very good suggestion my friend, when you are ranked 160 what else you can do against a ranked 16 alliance? Sometimes is the only way not to get crushed by a much stronger and higher lvl team, also if a team have 3 ongoing wars and lose 1, the players that lose that war wont be able to help the team on the other 2 wars because of "5+h waiting time you suggest" Definitely not a good suggestion!
  4. there should be a map locator function besides players IGNs
  5. skummpik69

    Free Chest bug

    same here!
  6. skummpik69


    cannons are the best (better if boosted) + scream button
  7. skummpik69

    Nnijas Stolen Now?

    i have 3 members with this problem IGN: 24 karat mailulm3u rocsenika alliance name: gam3ofthron3s fix this please, thank you!
  8. skummpik69

    chests Uber Chest

    remove the uber?! are you joking?? All uber are very useful if you know how to use them.. uber help us to emprove our gear with better items ( sometimes) if you dont get good items you can allways melt or sell the items sometimes you get gems or pearls inside them i love the uber from war and ninja events and i find them very helpful also the friend uber are good, i got around 10k vouchers with them so?! why remove them?!
  9. skummpik69

    Closed for now.

    don't you dare to close the topic before you visit us! whenever you want it you can come and visit us! We are quite new and small for you but we have a nice history( except for 2 war seasons) your help and advices will be very appreciated! alliance name - gam3ofthron3s