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  1. The problem of the global chat and disconnected alliance has been partially solved ... Using operating systems like Android, IOS and Windows 10 It works correctly ... While if you use the Windows Mobile 10 version it remains disconnected ... Unfortunately I found this error .. .
  2. Figured we would miss ... Age does not matter, the important thing is to have fun ... Good continuation and destroy all the opponents! :)
  3. Exactly the fourth Rig enters when one of the three primary Rig is knocked down ... But it is not automatic, you have to do it in manual ... Battle screen, left side the squares of the three primary and unselectable Rig of the reserve. .. When one of the primaries falls, it is the reserve one ... Select it and point the point indicated on the map by a white circle ... You will see that the Rig enters the battlefield ...
  4. If this is the case for you, keep on coming to this forum and continue to write the same things ... Even you have some time to waste Warriornator ...
  5. Hello, my advice is never to level up before you have fully upgraded all your rigs, both from the level and power ups. Always give first priority to them compared to your base ... You can wait, also because if you have the strong Rig you win and you can combine resources ... If not, you're noticing ... Another detail having the base not updated and therefore weaker as a result never leave the resources, use them to buy components of the Rig in the Hangar ... So if you just need to resell it and get Plasma and Credits ... Of course you only recover one 1/5 of the value expended, but so you can have the necessary sources at the right time ... Always better to let them and to accompany the first attack the opponent takes you away ... Then you see if you want to start from another account or continue with this, however reading your Level (5) you are still in time to recover the situation ... I hope these tips can help you Happy Game !!! :)
  6. Excellent response Blood !! We will never lose hope in the developers ...
  7. Same problem I can not connect! We say it's only temporary! DOS community we cross our fingers ...
  8. We ask all of us ... Already written in another post the reason for this .. We hope that the programmers will read and solve the problem as soon as possible ...
  9. Now it is almost a week that the chat is disconnected, kindly could you bring them back to work? They are an important part of the game, they allow us to keep the alliance alive and maintain relationships with the other players on the globe ... Thank you so much !!
  10. You do very well, programmers must see that our inception in the game is still active ... I fully agree with what you're saying! If they were to work at a DOS 2 it would be amazing, but we can only hope unfortunately ...
  11. Great Bloodviper25, never give up !! Until the end!!
  12. We have not lost hope in you for an update of the game ... Do not disappoint us ... There are still many players playing this wonderful game ... Thank you very much!!
  13. Please WE WANT, WE NEED UPDATE FOR DOWN OF STEEL ... Italian Players ... There are many players around the world who love this game ... We trust you do not disappoint us .... !! Do not abandon the game ... Thank you !
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