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  1. RoyaleDing2

    Bring back my DEFENSE?

    I think flare can nerf elite boost at high level, because in low level elite boost @ low level alliance, maxed snake and skull tower still had an effect even with maxed spells and troops. @FTB
  2. RoyaleDing2

    Conquest Mode

    I think conquest mode sound like web game Travian where we have to traveling to raid to another empty land that have resource and to another player resource land to take over their base except this time we have to do it as a group. As there will be a lot of event, some players will abandon something (they will choose to not participate). I think war alliance that have problem so far need change and if flare can't change it's system in this time, they can at least reduce time from 5 days to 3 days because imo it become really boring event. There's some complaint regarding too many existence of the alliances in this game-new alliance show up everyday and some of player who doesn't have an alliance. I think this new update will minimalize it. Of course that will happen IF this mode really interesting to the point become worth for players want to participate.
  3. RoyaleDing2

    Metod About how Won PL all time!!

    I personally don't care with those crown emblem but more to the rewards they offer (especially crystals and items) so when flare make change for their weekly leaderboards I'm rather relieved because those cheaters don't affect that much to me anymore on weekly PL. I think one thing that trigger cheaters on PL now is big gems rewards for monthly leaderboards. If flare can't detect those cheater (let's say rank 1 - 10) then they can reduce the prize for monthly rewards (especially those gems for rank 1 - 10) to somehow calm this rage(?) OR flare can make monthly rewards just like weekly rewards that based on tiers.
  4. RoyaleDing2

    Today’s offer

    This is what I got
  5. RoyaleDing2

    Goodbye RR2!

    I noticed you haven't maxed your AT. Still, if you have no interest in RR2 anymore then your choice to leave is good, there's a lot more important things you can do outside this game. Good luck! 😊
  6. I saw the one @MagischerKoenig posted above and just realize after look at the "Official watch list" link on his post. Dunno, even our precious previous CM account still here even though she never log in again after leave flare. @Alysea. Just curious what happen to @flaretara.
  7. Wait, I just realize @flaretara is no longer with us here, and her username become "guest flaretara"?? What happen to her? 😮
  8. RoyaleDing2

    Account link limit reached

    @Betelgeuse The limit is 1 time per year so you can linked again after 1 year. However, you can always try to ask flare support for their assistant. Perhaps they can help you to linked to your new gadget. You can contact them from this link: . Fill the form with details of your issue then click submit. After that you can wait their respond in your email. Good Luck!
  9. RoyaleDing2

    Come discuss about this math problem

    Is it possible doing it during Festival + Ninja event when medals we got increasing from normal one?
  10. RoyaleDing2

    How to Level up faster without using gems?

    With hard work and dedication. 😊 ps. please refrain using BIG font in the future, we can read it right with normal one.
  11. RoyaleDing2

    Our Community

    That's totally different case. 😊 You got wrong on this so... skip it. 😏 Heh, you're too innocent and pure here. See ya! 😊
  12. RoyaleDing2

    Our Community

    They have it before, but then suddenly disappear, we told them what's the thing that disappear, they should easily fix it by trace the source or the change they made before it because the one who disappear was only part of something, not all of it. It's simple as that. The one who do messy coding is the one who still learning how to coding a program or perhaps a one person made program. Flare is company who have dev team to build their games. They made plan, a loooong plan before executing it. That proved they can evolve their game with updates. The example about forget and ripping hair were only bad excuse that can't be applied to flare. We don't need to prove it. They the one who should do it because we already won by look at the logic matters.
  13. RoyaleDing2

    Our Community

    No, it's still alive: There are a lot of dev here in the community that knows how to build some apps. I'm sure you've already read their post regarding solution opinion that flare have to do about their job, etc etc. Simple bugs will remain as simple bugs unless there specific reason behind it that lead to impossible to be implemented by flare dev team (e.g my post regarding bug at workshop last level upgrade information that already confirmed by dev team can't be implemented due to structure code in the RR2). However, if you look back, there's a lot of simple bug that take forever to be fixed even until now! (e.g when one of Monk stat suddenly disappear from the game that take some months to be fixed). Agreed. However as you knew that there's no answer from flare when we ask them to give some information regarding this game to Opelle (the creator of RR2 wiki). Yes, not as far as insult but constructive criticism is needed to make things better. No they have no loss for giving detail information, instead they will gain more benefits by doing that (Wiki will alive again and will attract more new player). I can't understand what they're thinking about it.
  14. RoyaleDing2

    Our Community

    Let me introduce for you: @TheTruth Hope he comeback here in the forum asap to speak for us again, community because even after there's someone who got title CM, things aren't that as great as the previous CM but I must agree that it gets better than before we had nothing. I believe the urgent problem RR2 now is in Dev. team on how they handle those problem that happen in the game. How's that basic bug often happen, how's that simple bug takes too long to be fixed, etc, etc. Please flare, be professional... so that both us can be happy again about this game.
  15. RoyaleDing2

    loose account

    Your friend should file a ticket trough flare support from this page: Fill as much data proof as your friend can to make flare believe that's really his/her account, then click "Submit" Wait their respond in your friend email, they will contact your friend there. Good Luck!