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  1. You can search how to get full permission access to certain folder in windows from Google: But if you're already giving up then that's the end. Just enjoy the game with current control gameplay facility with mouse+keyboard like most of us, RR2 Windows 10 users. 😊
  2. You can found it in this path: "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps"
  3. Newbie in game

    @Reckless You can visit this page for more details information: Join an alliance that have elite boost (at least knight) and choose troops that have elite boost activated in that alliance for your attack troops. Don't waste your gems for something other than buy 3rd troop slot, buy 3rd spell slot, 3rd workers upgrade Alliance Tower, and buy Blacksmith forge slots. And do that when there's discount event (just like right now). If you want to participate in Pro League asap then you can focus on your Throne Room first (level 10) Focus upgrade your 3 main troops and 3 main spell first. Don't forget to build your defense to prevent raiders. Welcome to the Community and Good Luck! 😊
  4. Merc boost

    @Tommy1709 That's applied to Ninja, Zombie, and Yeti for attack purpose only (not defense).
  5. Why i still collect exp after lvl 130?

    @GalaMorgane @flaretara @Nikko @FTB @Archimedes @PaSte
  6. Changing Clans

    For war there's 60 hours cooldown time. For Ninja, you can immediately participating as soon you arrive in new alliance. However, point that you producing from previous alliance (if you already participated Ninja before moved) will remain there (it won't adding up to your new alliance). For Pro-League, you can continue participating when you move to new alliance. All your score will follow your current place.
  7. @grendizer That's the screenshoot when you attacking someone. You can find it when you go to your castle view. EDIT: I just noticed that screenshoot is from beginning of the game, as Mag said below, you can access options button when you completed all the tutorial. The tutorial ended after you naming your king/hero. Screenshoot:
  8. No, you don't have to press any keyboard. The icon is on the left side screen: Never tried it before, perhaps you can try it and give a feedback on "Is it works" here? so Desktop user can follow your step if they want play this game with controllers if that's really works.
  9. @grendizer You can go to options menu by clicking this button: However, unfortunately you can't play this game with any controller. You can only use mouse and keyboard atm (beside touch screen function). On keyboard you can press button number 1, 2, and 3 for troops; button number 5, 6, and 7 for spells; button E for insta-troops; button Q for scream; button number 9 and 0 for scrolls.
  10. Small Suggestion on Sounds and Music

    No when we play FPS game because sound is very important. For the other games, sound is like a seasoning. There's people who enjoy it better with sound and there's people who prefer to play without sound. It's a matter of preferences. For myself, I muted the sound for this game because sound make this game become lagging in my phone (cheap old gadget 😅). @Awesomestknightest using sound and think that's important because he make a video for his RR2 playgame that he upload it on video streaming site.
  11. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    The details? COMING SOON... 😐
  12. Small Suggestion on Sounds and Music

    I think you can editing it before post it on YouTube with audio and video editing apps out there. Record your talking voice separate and combine + edit with your RR2 playgame video on audio and video editing apps that familiar to you.
  13. I bought it and did not receive it. Need help!!!

    @NokiaLumia You can ask flare CS for more information regarding your transaction from this link: Give the detail as much as you can (including your invoice transaction) Good luck. 😊
  14. Farm Gear Perk

    Yes, my statement including those festival items. You can ask others if still in doubt with it.
  15. Farm Gear Perk

    You can find pro item that have farm perk from Apollon Pauldrons. You can re-forging helmet and cape from any pro item to find farm perk too. There's no original farm perk from helmet or cape yet so we should search it our self by forging it. It cost only pearls if we forging it from legendary items but cost both pearls and gems if we search it in uber or pro items (by re-forging it). ps. There's no farm perk from glove, weapon, and armor atm. Only six kind items that have probability to have it: helmet, cape, pauldrons, ring, belt, and boots.