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  1. 7 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    I'm from low level alliance (level 31) and my offense still weak compared to those top alliance players. In my state, it's same between war and daily days but I don't know the situation in the top alliance, so I'll stop commenting on that. Let's wait another top player who knows the situation to response to your observation. ps. I think @cr1 is the right person to responding it as he's one of several top players out there.
  2. Troop Power

    It's normal. Elite boost Cannon damage reduced but their attack rate is increased, so that makes it's total damage bigger than normal cannon. ps. Elite boost bonus % only calculate original value. Forged value simply added to it's total.
  3. 7 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    I don't feel that. Is it because you use war gear that makes your hero slow? Or is it because there's Frenzy frost Blaster on this war that make your troops slow? Or is it because most of alliance activating additional elite boost for war that make it harder than usual days?
  4. Gala please provide more dev feedback

    I already ask her in another topic and she answered that she know her job. My reply to her after that got deleted twice and I noticed Dena4 reply got deleted too, so be careful when criticizing her 😅. However, perhaps my explanation was not good enough (because of my lack English), so I hope she understand what we really need here by reading your topic and take an action after that. 😊
  5. Ninja Tiers

    Thank you for the information, but I think I'll stay in my current alliance at the moment. 😊
  6. Perhaps from legendary items? With that he won't need to remove perk and re-forge it, just forge 3 times and waiting for luck to get SP. I use this method too when I still need my gems for AT & BS slots.
  7. Actually, I'm waiting for discount pro tickets because there are discount for pal chest but I guess it'll not realized as some players say that pro ticket is already cheap. 😅
  8. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    Then you'll look ignorant by community forum because we don't know whether you just see it or with action by reporting it to flare dev. The example is simple, if a man like a woman that he knows for 4 years but never told her. it's not her fault is she think him as friend and then have boyfriend in the end. It's that man fault for not tell her about his feeling all this time. So tell us what your action that you really did and if possible give us an update in periodic time. Take an action with priority of importance is the best for you as CM. You can see previous CM activity with reference if you want. Hope it help. 😊
  9. Thousands of Pearls gone?

    There's a lot unanswered bug topic in this forum. Could you give your interest there? instead replying in this topic that you can see clearly just a misunderstanding by OP with his pearls and already explained by community forum. Take an action with priority of importance please...
  10. Boost your Waves event

    It's already there from long time ago.
  11. Ninja Tiers

    I think we will if flare create system for 2 alliance to merger with as someone suggested before: accumulated pal and gold from both alliance into one new alliance (merger).
  12. Ninja Tiers

    It's difficult to gain new members. If we upgrade our alliance then it'll make us can't get alliance rewards at Ninja event, because as you know the more your alliance level has, the more point you need to unlock those alliance rewards. ps. even with level 31, we have 10 empty seat at the moment. 😅
  13. Finally, I got SP from pro ring after 11th re-forging! 😊 I hope to get good pro cape in the future so I can look for SP again. ps. I think pro items that give an SP perk have more value than uber items but not with troops perk. Uber item original troops perk give more value than re-forged pro items.