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  1. RoyaleDing2

    Stronghold building max level

    Our alliance (level 31) still stuck at level 4 headquarters due having big difference between full alliance gold storage and alliance headquarters level 5 cost.
  2. RoyaleDing2

    Where is FTB?

    You are right. @FTB seems no longer with keenflare team anymore. Such a sad ending.
  3. RoyaleDing2


    Sure, feel free to ask me anytime. I'll be there for you... ?
  4. RoyaleDing2


    @PickerYou should calm down first. After that, you can try to read the link Arrebimba post because the information on that page still valid and true. If you still can't understand how it works after read it through the page, feel free to ask us here. I'm sure there's many players that willing to help you to understand the game better. ? Good luck!
  5. RoyaleDing2

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Better use "level 1 vs level 80" in the future.
  6. RoyaleDing2

    Skill trees

    We did 7. We can do 9 but the research sources (books) were collected/available on the last day which we think it's better to not continue the research. ps. I still use gems on that situation, dunno about the other members.
  7. RoyaleDing2

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking? ps. We are level 31 alliance and one of our opponent is level 41. One is similar to us (a little higher level than us). The other one is high too? Or not? I forgot, but this one has alliance headquarters level 5 too (with those level 41 alliance). The difference is not that high as you stated (level 12 vs level 80) which is insane (did it really happen before? ?) but as you know strength lies in differences, not in similarities...
  8. We (level 4) still have to fight with alliance level 5 in our maps. Even without research, when attacking/defending, we will have a disadvantage in our hand. We have disadvantage too when trying to win over territory by building more towers. You can re-fix(?) about matchmaking for better experience for players. Thanks.
  9. RoyaleDing2

    solved The Order of Pro Ticket Usage

    Update: It seems it fine this time. The ticket works like what you said, Madlen. Now I have 3 tickets with 3 donatable tickets after participating in current pro league. Am I dreaming on the last pro league? eii.... no way. lol. Please keep this topic open in case I found another unusual situation I'll update it (of course I hope that unusual situation will never happen). Thank you.
  10. RoyaleDing2

    solved The Order of Pro Ticket Usage

    I knew that. I only add the detail of my case. What I mean about the order of usage that you said always free ticket then paid ticket. Did you check it with monthly free ticket or with free ticket that come from pro chest because mine was from pro chest not from monthly free ticket. Or is it same between from pro chest and monthly?
  11. RoyaleDing2

    in review No COF Skull - Conquest War

    No, you still get CoF skull with normal amount even with single hero raider. I did 1 vs 5 this time (and lost caused by new rule about bonus battle. lol). Perhaps, that's one of war bug that inconsistent appear? Because I got all CoF skull when did single raid.
  12. RoyaleDing2

    Conquest (vs Tower Guard)

    Yes, just like Aumbri said, that's because tower guards left alliance. The affected alliance can assign new tower guards tough.
  13. RoyaleDing2

    Conquest complaint

    Don't like? Don't play ?✌
  14. RoyaleDing2

    solved The Order of Pro Ticket Usage

    Dunno if this is matter: in my case the free ticket come from pro chest not from monthly free ticket. I'll check it on the next pro league as now I have 4 pro tickets with 3 donatable tickets and provide a screenshot here or video (private) if the actual situation doesn't like what it should do. Thanks for the response. ?
  15. RoyaleDing2

    community manager answered Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    +1000 Wise decision. ?