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  1. RoyaleDing2

    Only have 2 Spells in Pro League Cleric Cup

    Ended with disappointment . . .
  2. RoyaleDing2

    Only have 2 Spells in Pro League Cleric Cup

    Sad to hear there's many players have this problem. With the problem which sacrifice those expensive Pro - Ticket, I hope they give us compensation regarding this matter. For those who participate in Pro League every week, this problem will affect his/her monthly score so I don't think only getting ticket back is the answer.
  3. RoyaleDing2

    Only have 2 Spells in Pro League Cleric Cup

    Current;y I'm on the X challenge. 1h remaining until the pro league ended and my result isn't that good too (because missing that spells). 11 minutes, 3 levels to go. Can you fix it before the pro league ended? Can I have a expectation here or just continue the PL to at least make my precious pro ticket not too useless by do nothing?
  4. RoyaleDing2

    Only have 2 Spells in Pro League Cleric Cup

    Perhaps you're right, I shouldn't change the order of the spells. 1h 47m remaining and the bug still there. No answer from support nor from here. 😒
  5. RoyaleDing2

    Only have 2 Spells in Pro League Cleric Cup

    @Gianmarco You and I have the same problem. How can something like this happen?? 😑 By look at the screenshot it seems you lost your bladestrom and you can't use firestroms on the 3rd slot spells (number 7). I hope they fix it asap, 11h 47m more until pro league ended. I already contact support but has yet to get an answer from them (my request number: 127562). Edit for the 1st post: the spells that pop up replacing Heal are Hammerstrike and *Toxic Cloud 😅
  6. I tried to change the order of the spells for pro league then some other spells pop ups like Hammerstrike and Toxic Poison (the heal is disappear). In confusion I just try to attack but then the game disconnected. After I open the game again, I only got 2 spells in this pro league: Firestrom and Bladestrom. In display there's I got Firestrom, Bladestrom, and Firestrom but when I try to play pro league, the other Firestrom is just a display(?) because in reality I can only use 2 slot spells in this pro league. @Madlen Can you fix this bug asap? The time of pro league near end.
  7. RoyaleDing2

    I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

    @SinisterEggplant A. You have to buy gems package with real money. After the purchase, all of your alliance members will get a chests (dunno about yourself will get chest or not as I am a free player). B. No, skulls aren't converted to gems. You collect skulls to get war rewards (the more skulls you have the more rewards you will get). You can look at the rewards section to know chests reward you and your alliance member got. It will reset each season, so for the next war season your skulls begin from 0. C. Direct is no but there's a way. You can transfer your real money to them and they can use it to bought gems and using those gems to buy chest for them self. 😇
  8. RoyaleDing2

    I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

    @SinisterEggplant Glad to hear you already solve your problem 😊. You can battle 6 times per tile (fiefdoms) in this war but those variety for each war season, sometimes you get 4 times, etc just look at the number chance you got ( "0/6" means you got 6 battle chances). The screenshot you post indicate you have 3 war in those round (based on total fiefdoms that pointed by arrow (green/red)) so you will get total 6 x 3 = 18 battle chances. You will get skulls even when you only destroy one tower/obstacle but as you know you will get much more skulls when you beat them 100% (the total skulls you can get from a player is variety, for more detail visit this link: ). You can attack max 3 times per player per fiefdoms. Remember to fight at least 3 different players per fiefdoms whatever the chance you got. It's better to maximize the chance for better number of skulls you get (e.g You have 6 battle chances: choose 3 different players attack them 1 time each, then you choose 1 from those 3 players attack him again 2 times, then you choose 1 from the remaining 2 players then attack him 1 time). Here the example screenshot my war battle:
  9. RoyaleDing2

    I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

    @SinisterEggplant You already follow right step when I look at all your screenshot. However, by look at your step 3 it seems you haven't do any attack that given to you (still showing "0/6"). Some of your members already spend all their attack chance by look at your step 4 (showing "6/6"). You have to press/click Attack button when you face step 6. By the way, do you have internet connection problem when attacking them?
  10. RoyaleDing2

    I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

    Perhaps you attack them from the outside war (normal attack). You should attack them from war system, that way you will get your skulls. Can you post your screenshot before battle here? Here's the my screenshot before battle for war: If you look at my screenshot, I'll get 665 skulls when I beat him 100%. If the screenshot right before you began the battle wasn't like that then you haven't follow the instruction from the video that I post.
  11. RoyaleDing2

    I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

    @SinisterEggplant You can read the details about alliance war from this link
  12. RoyaleDing2

    war season improvement

    I like Ninja event 😁. War alliance event indeed need improvement to the point will uplifting players to play it with excitement. There's no words for conquest event for now as it really need a lot of revision. I'm thinking to take a break for future conquest event if there's no significant change that made me at least want to try it.
  13. RoyaleDing2

    [update - solved]Missing conquest rewards

    So in the end the rewards still bad, but not as bad as the previous rewards. If there's no improvement for the next conquest, I think I'll take a break from it while do the other things like pro league.
  14. RoyaleDing2

    Poll should allow you to pick more than one option

    Yes, madlen should make a voting with 2 or 3 option available for us not just 1 although I know she did that to make fast priority change for conquest by dev. Or she can make priority voting like 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I think it's better to stop conquest for time being before they solve all those problems to make we satisfied with the new event that they make. After the final conquest made, they can switch with war alliance for the event take place but not with Ninja. Ninja should take place regularly and often because that's the only event that give us happy feeling when we play it (alongside festival of course). Here's the voting priority from my pov: Time ➡ Matchmaking ➡ Cost ➡ Chat ➡ Pace ➡ The rest options. ps. I have complain about rewards in the past but can't comment for that now because the conquest still running. Let's see the result after that.
  15. RoyaleDing2

    Unreasonable Conquest needed(?) price.

    How the price things in the event being calculated? So if we are not having high level headquarters alliance we won't be able to play to the fullest? It's really make some alliance down. An alliance build their headquarters based on their alliance capability which determined by alliance levels (members). They need alliance gold to build those and most of them will stop at the certain limit due to that. Please make things reasonable here. I'm talking about the price of tower and research. Here the example research from level 4 headquarters: How can we research this? any clue than to upgrade alliance strongholds?