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  1. 1)For titan leaque, teams are somewhat smilar so it is near impossible to get high skull win. So rebalance defender advantage. Put a penalty at the start (50k for 2 skull, 100k for 3 skull, 200k for 4 skull, 300k for 5 skull) and that is all... These penalties can be adooted for other leaques with different numbers... 2) It is a common thing to be ganged at TL. Especially for 3 team map. I have a suggestion like this: Fury regeneration bonus according to number of ongoing battles. Something like if a team having 2 battles, that team can have %20 fury regeneration speed bonus, if a team ganged from both sides and having 6 ongoing battles, that team can have %60 fury regeneration speed bonus. 3) For TL, top 3 rewarded with uniques. It can be adapted to other leaques. Also for TL rank 4-10 does not differ, at that ranks chest rewards can be given according to standings and adopted to other leaques also... Thx.
  2. #BringBackVasudeva #VasudevaIsUs
  3. Hello 2019 IGN: 😈 Hellslord 😈
  4. As one of an older player, i want to say that I dislike the newer players not having the beautifull war blessings like chaos gate and barricade war blessing. Maybe they wont see them for their OR gaming experienc. Independent to a leaque, all teams being rank 1 of the war weekend have to get those 2 outstanding blessings as the old system.. (active for end of next battle, one week reward gate, other week reward is barricade blessing) Some may say: They can go to stronger teams etc, for to get thoose. But some players play this game on loyalty and they are not alliance hoopers....
  5. If @CaptainMorgan and @Madlen in action, no need to worry...
  6. I installed OR on 17 november 2016 I play heavily since february 2017 I installed game because i searched playstore for tower defense game. OR was one of the results. I am a great fun of TD games btw. Most probably finished all others. So thats why FG must create a TD game with great towers and creatures of OR. I would be the first person who install it. And honestly i will not play this type game anymore in future. Because OR the high end 😍 Btw, I am Associate Professor of Pathology. I am a huge fan of watching movies. Not only Hollywood ones, and also Indian, Korean, Spain and Chineese movies. And also i love to travel the world. I live in Antalya (360 days sunny, sea season somewhat 8 months, great city having Greek, Roman, Bysantium, and Ottoman footprints)
  7. The logical answer of the question is "wanting help from one of my idle worker" . They worked a lot for years, at least one of them would have an oppurtunity to get some joy... But this answer is not enough funny to bring me the winner title of the contest. So, I would like to want help from my TREBUCHET, it can help me to send great snow to build where ever i want. Also we can play snow ball when job done... But defense stance forbidden of course... I dont want to give it more accuracy 🤣 @Madlen btw when i saw your picture thay you put at title: i joined the game and zoomed my base, to see " there is snowman exist at my base or not. Very good photoshop work, honestly 😜 IGN: 👿 Hellslord 👿 # 3 spots empt.... wow, still i can not stop myself recruting
  8. I was looking for a place to comment about ODYSEUS. He is a hero that i like to play always. Very good first spell, he has 2 good uniques. But has no shield. Resistances can be handled somehow. But his unique cape is potency. 2 slots left for cooldown. Why only Helen and Caddy have inbound CD bonus (%15 and %10)? And they also have unique cd items.. And both shielded. Poor ODYSEUS has no shield, his unique cape usage limited because needs CD like every hero.. His unique boots has usage but must sacrifice a resistance.. And he has inbound ice resistance.. (ice, a big deal?) SO @Madlen need your help.. BOOST ODYSEUS, GIVE HIM +%10 BONUS CD PLEASE ✌️
  9. For helen boots: When forged Old one : 81k + 82 k New one: 80k + 82k No difference for her...
  10. Wanting old forging back not the same thing as deniying its existance of those weird stats (they are more than my imaginations, honestly, and maybe more than yours idk) Anyway more people now clearly seing what we talking about for months... Aaa sorry i forget: Now, I have to believe myself that " with new forging i can forge better items than those ring or shield" Good night
  11. Now the topic is something like changing to " you had a chance also" 🤣
  12. At least know you accepting the existance of superforged/steroid boosted items on public. That is good news....
  13. You are good player and thx for your honesty. Those item's existance always denied. When an ordinary lvl 131 like me can hit 210k physical resistance only perseus mirror shield is refined with a 5 star gold item. In that case damage reflection drops half of stats. A shield can hit max 150k physical resistance for us and if lucky the second resistance can hit max 90-100k. I mean both stats will be %40 lower in comparision to yours. So we have to occupy another item slot with physical resistance. So our 2 slot gone. When we go to another resistance, one more slot is gone also so it goes like this.... Just know this: You are a very good player Honest also. You made these items with not cheating, thats wht we call them buggy items In every case you seem to forge better items than me... We wanted to forge something like that. Or at least near them Or better base stats Or buggy items must be somewhat normalised Or at the end those items must be removed, who is having that On conclusion: Unfortunatelly you can not forge an item like that anymore and we never had that chance. Some finds it fair, sorry i am not...
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