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  1. I am some old to see the beginning of game phil. When i was lvl 80, top guys was lvl 115.gammal was the king of them. At that time if a new server created, i would start from 2nd server from beginning. Phil you guys are 3rd generation. You play for 1 year. And i am sure you can be the king of 3rd server. Not in terms of trophies, you can make a very good team. Like i would make a good/best team of 2nd server... This game's personal part not giving fun to majority. %80-90 of players not seeking trophies.same thing, same path, same attacking heroes, same gk, same blessings, same powers, same logic of equiped items etc... This game lost many population. The people who i started with quited, seriously all of them quited Only few freaks survived... The main support of the game is ALLY. And comunication between alliance members sticks players... Ask your self! are getting joy when map travelling? For that we need more players (not will add, we must not loose the players) For that we need players getting more fun Honestly i get upset when a team collapsed... And i get upset when player quit.. Maybe it is not a problem at top, they have wide labour pool but below them things are not like that... It is not easy to fill the space of a player who quited game... TO PRECIOUSSS: What is your aim????? You want more players quit game. You want top 3 maybe top 5 whatever plays with eachother always... PLS STOP RUINING GAME BY MISDIRECTING DEVS...
  2. 2nd scientist cost 1000 gems 3rd scientist cost 2000 gems. Same logic with workers... *Costs are making sense *Majority happy *FG happy
  3. Gems can be spend to lvl up faster??? It is ridicolusly expensive to improve with gems... Many game has vip options and they are not expensive... But in OR lvl up with gems??????
  4. Game has 5 workers. It can have 2 scientist.
  5. I was thinking that values somewhat increased. But interestingly for weak heroes like prometheus, jason and odyseus 🤔
  6. Hellslord

    More balanced war system

    Nice comment. A team composed with all highest lvls/ correct defences /top players somewhat ruining the game with this leaque format. Every team tolarete to lost against a clearly strong team. That is natural. But the main issue is; the players of the rest teams can not find a suitable match up. Active but lower lvl players forced to quit game. It is sad... Wish there is another concept, for example war against AI or something else (team work) ... And we would have a change to play with our loyal friends ...
  7. That is a nice solution to end the discuss at forum, vasudeva... Hope devs consider it.
  8. Very nice comment. Yes another issue that can make us happy to get better base stat items from chests and reduced cost of improving items and better stats when item forged and refined... Thx for the share...
  9. Those are very good players. They do not need them. They do not need to stick on those toys....
  10. They are not player's fault... But there is a fault existing and must be fixed. Another fault is insisting on and wanting to use it for future. Those players used its benefits but it is enough. Must be fixed...
  11. I am doing it also. Erasing the messages without reading that quoting me by usual suspect. We have to convince @Madlen that we are trying to make game smooth for the majority. Lower lvls need boost to catch preciousssss.Increased Wisdom gain,increased base stats of items, lower stat decrease when lvl up, reduced cost of improvements etc... Path hardness increase will allow many to quit because they will think themselves not enough strong for new updates. It is sad to loose players who plays more than 2 years this game because of this... There are many players left game when we started to play together 2 years ago. Why? because game not offering equal conditions to players. We are writing all our thoughts but this does not mean only 6-7 people has issues with the game... We also speak in our social media groups all players think the game is designing for some preciousssss. Game has still cap trophy. Green items not giving good base stat items that you mention. Titan items starting base stats low. Refining decrease some increase other?? Stand up in position not much progress. Costs are insane. People play this game for fun. %99 of players not game gurus. Refining tryings mostly end for disaster for majority. They mostly ruin their usefull items. Only 3-4 hero has the ability to complete path. Others *****. New update does not give hope to play people with their fav hero... They deserve better. Because of misdirecting of our devs by usual suspect, things are getting worse. Get all and make defence to superforged items ans say "increase hardness' not a logical request... 12 skull odysea??? Many other issues waiting to be solved.... For God sake...
  12. @Madlen we will need huge wisdom . Currently refining, odysea missions and mastery issue draining our wisdom massively. For upgrades we will need incredible amount of wisdom soon. Wisdom is a resource can not be farmed with map travelling like gold. So the only good resource is the islands occupied by heroes. So wisdom gaining must be also doubled. We need it very much.
  13. Hellslord


    This suggestions would be extremly helpfull for all players.
  14. @Madlen you said everything will get lvl up. The heroes will get more lvls?
  15. @Madlen any info about my fav hero, Cadmus? I wonder his first spell will cast 12 bar troop or not ?