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  1. Trophies frustration

    I had to stop my progression. I am keeping my trophies at 13k. I receive no attacks. When i hit 13.3k. I receive many attacks and lost trophies fast. I become one of island occupiers for 2 months. I think i will never go for trophies anymore...If devs will not want to change this system, at least they can think about rewarding gems for per win, maybe 3. At least mid lvl active players reach high lvl passive players with deserved gems earned by map travelling.
  2. Double gem pack

    CaptainMorgan i suggest an alliance chest, cost is 0.99$. When an alliance member purchase it, all alliance members get 50 gems. A player can buy only one for per event (for a limited time). That would be super cool for alliance members grow together.
  3. Max ascension lvl

    I never saw a lvl 132...
  4. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    Guys my resources management tactic: Occupy all best gold giving islands (the ones giving 400-600k gold) Put rest at wisdom islands (1 hero is enough for ambrossia) When all resources maxed buy max treasure chests, when you open them you get 6-7 gems per chest, that means 100 gems can be farmed per day. When you start an huge construction or else and if you spend huge wisdom now buying chests are not effective. This time make forging. Commercial chests are enough for ambrossia. If you travel map that is super, you can get many gold too... This my play style, try to find best for your gameplay...
  5. That is a really hard quest. As panicmind said most defence has no sirens. Better check defences having sirens and fight with them. Odyseus missions can help, there are sirens there at higher skulls.

    Best is item get stats increase automaticaly when forging time ends but can be still seen in the menu for further forging or whatever... This can be better for less active players.
  7. Cadmus Tips

    I like Cadmus. He is one of my war hero. For me a good Cadmus must have these: His first spell must be at least casting a cyclops. Because a summoned cyclops immediately cast shield. A tiny troop must be in his slot. Like spearman. They are good decoys for nyx as well as apollo towers. Bia a must. Because he summons troops and must be under protection of bia. Third spell democles, good for parallel road archers and nyx's. He must have high cooldown because his power comes from his spell. *I have some double resistance rings but i dont use on my cadmus, because spearman decoy/cyclops shield/bia/his shield gives enough protection. My cadmus does good on autoplay. But if he spends many times, i let him run some and cast his first spell ahead from back troops, gives me the path control and time.. Btw, Spearman is underestimated. they seem die fast. But cyclops/bia /blessing again gives good protection to them.And blessed spearman has bonus poison damage, poison damage good for killing phoenix's and give good harm to statue perseus most perseus has physical and fire resistances....
  8. Who has a beast prometheus?

    I really want to watch your Prometheus at 10 skulls odyseus missions. I have to learn to play with him. I stuck even at 7 skulls odyseus. Keep his attack/defence balance so hard... Can you share a video?
  9. War Break Not Required

    I like the off war session. Near one year, i did war every weekend like most of you. Got all chests, never missed a fury. But, in time it gets very boring for me. At top 40, there is no a really challange, results are mostly constant (ally alliances, ladder alliances, 2vs1 etc). If you get many torches, next week you loose those, one step ahead, one step back. Now off war session (personally) give a breath to the alliance war commanders like me. Maybe most of you will decline but i think the off war session is good about collecting resources (more heroes on islands) , buying chests, collecting gems, opening cursed chests with gems, allowing more forge, more map travelling (strong heroes are not at war) ...I wrote my current opinion, probably 6 months ago i would think like you... Many ideas has been discussed to make wars more interesting. Hope next version makes it more fun, less stressfull, better matchups and better rewards..
  10. Sharing Gems to Other Players

    In fact i mentioned before not exactly sharing gems, i suggested before something like an alliance chest. It is an event. price something like 2-3 dollar and when someone buy it (only 1 per event) everyplayer in team gets something like 50 gems. Idea not original, it came to my mind from another game i played at past... So it has an example, can be done safely..
  11. help me lost all my boost

    OR version 44.2.2 ,i will be complaining about war and trophies system πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
  12. help me lost all my boost

    Long live AliM. You are the most interesting guy of this forumβœŒοΈπŸ™‹
  13. FG ✌️ New projects?

    I do not know those games much but it can be: A simple tower defence game: creatures comes with waves, our hero defends Or more complicated: something like magic rush heroes. TD part necessary for getting achievements to make heroesstronger. Strong heroes necessary for competing other alliances...
  14. help me lost all my boost

    I think in year 2038 there will be no hand phones and tablets so OR too. πŸ˜‚