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  1. Hellslord

    Unable to launch the game

    I have android works fine but in my team some can not launch game..
  2. Hellslord


    Here are 2 apples:) additional unique cloack potency hits %75...
  3. Hellslord

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    I liked the all changes. Thx guys and ladies. Leagues are great now many teams can play for high ranks of their leaques. Superiority wars are great. Dash wars also. Allow teams to play 1vs 1. Opposite thinking players would like 2 fronts (i hate) Mark/unmark islands great. Thx DEVS for listening us and making the changes with improving. Offense defense item swap great too for Perseus. HOPE EARNED BLESSINGS ARE FREE BECAUSE THERE WILL BE A GREAT CHALLANGE TO GET THOSE... Looking forward to play wars and we are waiting our opponent. LETS GET FUN TOGETHER. VIVA TGOD๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
  4. Hellslord

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Yes infamous it was me. I am still thinking some people does not go for trophies anymore but need resources for forging or for upgrades. They have an option a lower difficulty. Lower difficulty means less trophies/maybe zero but it can give gold and xp maybe %50 of current. I guess for my team, half of them start to play game again and travel map. Serious number of players lost passion to the game. It can boost them and give them a chance to complete game with maxing all heroes.
  5. Hellslord

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    I disagree loyalty maxed in 4-5 weeks. There is a serious amount of players who does not leave their alliance for 2 years and more and loyal to their alliance even they do not have blessings, ganged at wars, weaker blessings etc... The purpose is to be reward those people not with donations also with alliance buffs...
  6. Hellslord

    Apple of discord

    Yes validus. I found 2 apple last week And i gave to all heroes except Perseus
  7. Hellslord

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    If loyalty gives certain amount of power it works. Otherwise does not....
  8. Hello Neptune. I did no mention that i can not beat her. I can beat her everytime. I want to take attention that if a mid lvl can be such overpowered with alliance buffs, think about the passive powers of lvl 130's of 50 membered alliances (same lvl with me). Power differance huge. Already they have all blessings plus blessings more powerfull. Double boost right? I believe game can offer more balance. Believe me i do not want something personal, it is about general gaming. About an hidden idea that creating more balanced alliances and decreasing the passive boosts between players. Alliance buffs maybe ok for alliance wars but at map at least power gap must be some decreased. Every player wants to progress, wants to win, need gold for forging.... game must offer that. We must not think only ourselves, i am low but i can win everyone etc... There are much more people strugling and not map travelling because disappointed that they are not playing well and the result is quitting game... I wanted to take attention to this...
  9. I respect m.... (lvl 117 palyer) She is doing great job. She solved every tiny part of the game. Holding asc lvl at 117 very wise. Troops/towers maxed, heroes keeping stats not affecting from asc lvl ups. But i seriouslly wonder that a mid lvl player's barricades and troops are more powered than my barricades (even blessed ones) and my creatures. She must have enhancements and i have too (i have over 10k fame). That powers mostly come from alliance blessings that are overpowered. I believe there is an inbalance here. That passive power up coming from alliance must be lower to give all fun. Being a member of top alliance giving significant powers. Ok. Money talks but personally i purchased and spend many gems to keep alliance alive, but my money is silent. (Honestly i do not like the idea of that kind of money talks. I wrote it because it was said bu others before). So i guess there must be some balance here. The main issue is to keep players loyal to their alliance (latest loyalty donation thing aiming this right) and personal powers somewhat must be related to asc lvls, forged items, correct items, gameplay.... Stop players seeking to be member of top alliances for seeking passive over powers. Top players If you have questions plz join a lower alliance and compare powers and you will see. And next update will be about loyalty and will be related with donations. DEVS PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: LOYALTY MUST GIVE ALSO BUILDING/TROOPS POWER UPS, WHEN A PLAYER STAY IN ALLIANCE POWERS MUST INCREASE WEEK BY WEEK....
  10. Hellslord

    Disappointing Cursed Uniques

    Is it possible to make the cursed chests not giving duplicates, trio-cates.......?
  11. Hellslord

    Many trophies lost in less than a day

    I always ignored at wars. Mostly i received zero attacks and no gems for me... I have not a top defence also....
  12. Hellslord

    Many trophies lost in less than a day

    Active players can be protected, at least damage decreased with this method Captain: Every 10 map wins gives, additional 50 points (decreasing from noone)
  13. Hellslord

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    It would be awesome if masteries could be collected and any 5 of them could be equiped for each hero.
  14. Hellslord

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Make sense. In my case if a member makes 60 attacks, that is fine for me. But, why not a formula based on both attack count and war points?