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  1. Hey flaregames. A while ago I created this thread I created this because I needed a blacksmith event to get a new blacksmith slot. A few days later a blacksmith event was announced. Also, the thread got 30+ replies. Well, I have 7000 gems saved up, and I need another blacksmith event now so I can buy my final slot. Kthxbai.
  2. In time, you will know what its like to crash. To want so desperately for it to work, yet to crash, all the same. Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives. And now you've crashed, or should I say, I have.
  3. I couldn't get them to turn on Aska collecter-event, BUT they agreed to give players a one-time offer for Ask, 250 gems, and 10k pal treats
  4. They scheduled one for tomorrow Thanks flare games
  5. yo flare i need a blacksmith event kthxbai
  6. Flaregames glitched everything and lowered my score Than they glitched it up even more and increased by more too much (1883) Now I am 12th in the world with 6500+ However, they have told me that this is only a visual error and WILL NOT have any effect on our rewards
  7. Is the Phoebe pal any good? Is it a better healer than Tammy? I have heard there is only a finite amount of healing for your units to share, as opposed to healing all of them like Tammy does. Is this true? Are the other pro pals any good? Should I bother investing in any of them? Which ones?
  8. So my IGN is WajDucksAlt (short for WajabaDucksingtonAltaka) The Game I play is Royal Revolt 2 1. Skeleton 2. Southampton conceded by Stoke City the longest goal. Begovic scored from 91.9 meters. 3. a. Number of players 20/16, b. The location ice/grass (gravel, turf), c. The Ball Puck/Ball 4. Knight 5. Fencing, freestyle swimming (200m), equestrian show jumping (15 jumps) and a final combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running (3200m). This last event is now referred to as the laser-run 6. Malaysia 11 medals, no gold. 7. Mumbai 41 times . (New South Wales was 46 times, but not always with 4 players) 8. Steffi Graf, 13 9. Mumbai and London 10. Maximum was at World Championship 2002, South Korea + Japan (both had 10 venues, so 20 in total)
  9. What in god's name is wrong with you 200k free gems for everyone would break the game
  10. So I have a problem with the game Just about every raid looks like this https://imgur.com/a/bISi5 The game even realizes that he is much stronger than I am by giving me extra gold if I beat him (a higher level player would get less gold) *This happens when I raid anyone below roughly 2600 trophies (obviously too strong for me to ever defeat) including people around my level
  11. Id say give more gems to the top 250 or so Nerf the top 10 Ban people who use multiple accounts to cheat pro league
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