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  1. My Rewards IN Pro League

    hello flare games , i am a player in game royal revolt 2 my ign : Michel Anjello and i have a probleme i was among the top 100 in pro league leaderboard this time in Racer Cup but i didn't get my rewards ( i got nothing no pro chests and no crystals ) so please tell me the reason my IGN : Michel Anjello
  2. Special Wikia Forum Contest

    Necromancer : a lady wizzard which have two special power : first : she has the ability for creat an army of skeleton have a lot of dammage and less of health can attack the troops and towers and obstacles second : she has a super lightning power when is charged by attacking troops and towers and can kill troops and it is really deadly finally the necromencer is stong unit when she boosted Pyro Ninja: a little army of ninja which have a fire power it can defeat troops and towers with fire ball and have a special power an apocalipse and it is really stong unit In game : Royal Revolt 2 IGN : Michel Anjello