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  1. the game : Royal Revolt 2 IGN : Michel Anjello My answers : A1- the Crusades A2- Geoffrey of Monmouth A3- Rhea A4- Cetus A5- Theseus A6- Styx ( the largest river , it circles the Underworld seven times , the River of Hatred ) , Lethe ( the river of oblivion ) , Acheron ( called a lake , the River of Woe or the River of Pain ) , Phlegethon ( the River of Fire , leads to Tartarus ) , Cocytus ( the River of Wailing , the river of cries and lamentation ) A7- hydra A8- Windmills first appeared in Persia in the 9th century AD, and the first one in europe was in 1180 in Flanders A9 - The abacus ( also called a counting frame ) A10. Charles V was selected as the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1519 by seven prince-electors: 1. Albert of Brandenburg, elector of Mainz 2. Richard von Greiffenklau zu Vollrads, elector of Trier 3. Hermann of Wied, elector of Cologne 4. Louis II of Hungary, king of Bohemia 5. Louis V, elector of Palatine 6. Frederick III, elector of Saxony 7. Joachim I Nestor, elector of Brandenburg Chales V was then crowned by Pope Clement VII in 1530.
  2. i am playing on windows 10 , and all sleeping lion alliance members are experiencing this issue so please give us a reason and solution ign : michel anjello
  3. since i start playing royal revolt 2 i remark the playing style and mode is the same ( king vs base of a player ) in every version so my question is what do you think if you release a versus mode ( means king vs king )or two kings from the same alliance fighting each others in a base defense i know that it needs really hard work but i just gave you my idea in hope you will realise it in a day 😊 😜
  4. bom bom bom ! bombs in every where because sultan is coming muahahahahaha 😈 , Merry chrismas for everyone πŸŽ… IGN : Michel Anjello .
  5. maybe we start the attack but i think your behavior is strange and like kids i mean you choosed to attack a weak ally because you know that we can't win on you you are top ally with strong players and lof of boosts so i will say you are happy now with your 1st place but you won't stay like that forever because you don't deserve the rank of top ally you are bad ally and i will never forget you and we will revenge in a day πŸ˜‰
  6. utopia you are very lucky just compare your position with us at least you are scoring ☹😭
  7. my biggest achievements is that i found really really good friends and i am so proud for them ?
  8. can someone tell me in which lvl of the alliance the level 7 of elite cannon boost unlocked ? and what is all the benefites of lvl 72 of the alliance ? and thanks ?
  9. hello Flare Games , i am a player of royal revolt 2 my IGN '' Michel Anjello '' , i have a problem is that i didn't have the update 4.0 yet on my windows pc store is that's mean the update available only for android and IOS ? please give me an answer soon game : royal revolt 2 IGN : Michel Anjello Many thanks ☺️
  10. 1. Russia (800,000), USA (80,000), and Brazil (66,000). 2. Sir Geoffrey Charles Hurst in FIFA world cup 1966 for England against West Germany Ademir Menezes in FIFA world cup 1950 for Brazil against Sweden. 3. 1938 FIFA world cup held in France. 4. Egypt - Uruguay 5. Pakistan's Sialkot city. 6. Oceania Football Confederation. 7. England and Netherlands 8. West Germany and Brazil 9. FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil conceded 14 goals 10. Egypt (7 goals) game : royal revolt 2 ..... my IGN : Michel Anjello
  11. hi flare games i am a player in the game royal revolt 2 my ign is : Michel Anjello and this is my answers i wish you give me the gems ???? : 1) skeleton 2) southampton conceded the longest goal in a distance while vasco da gama conceded the longest goal in time 3)Here are 3 of the main differences between ice hockey and field hockey. β€’ Number of players: Ice hockey can have a total of 20 players (6 players are on the ice at a time, of these, 5 play on the ice, while 1 is a goaltender). Field hockey can have a total of 16 players . β€’ The ball: Ice hockey uses a 3 inch rubber disc while field hockey is played with a hard ball. β€’ Hockey stick: Ice hockey is played with long sticks L-shaped and made of wood, composites or graphite with a blade at the bottom that lies flat on the ice. Field hockey sticks are J-shaped and made of composite wood, glass fiber 4) The opposing king. 5) The modern pentathlon comprises the following five different events: β€’ fencing β€’ freestyle swimming β€’ equestrian show jumping β€’ and a final combined event, now referred to as the laser-run, of pistol shooting and cross country running 6) Malaysia is the nation with the highest amount of medals at any Olympics without a gold medal 7) The New South Wales Blues (currently named NSW Blues) team of Australia. They have been the most successful team with 46 titles in Sheffield Shield and four other participants of Sheffield Shield are as follows: a. Tasmanian Tigers b. Victorian Bushrangers c. Queensland Bulls d. Southern Redbacks 8) Steffi Graf is the tennis player with the highest number of consecutive Grand Slam finals 9) London and Mumbai 10) Spain 1982 is the FIFA World Cup with the maximum number of venues for matches. 17 stadiums in 14 cities hosted the tournament.
  12. hello flare games , i am a player in game royal revolt 2 my ign : Michel Anjello and i have a probleme i was among the top 100 in pro league leaderboard this time in Racer Cup but i didn't get my rewards ( i got nothing no pro chests and no crystals ) so please tell me the reason my IGN : Michel Anjello
  13. Necromancer : a lady wizzard which have two special power : first : she has the ability for creat an army of skeleton have a lot of dammage and less of health can attack the troops and towers and obstacles second : she has a super lightning power when is charged by attacking troops and towers and can kill troops and it is really deadly finally the necromencer is stong unit when she boosted Pyro Ninja: a little army of ninja which have a fire power it can defeat troops and towers with fire ball and have a special power an apocalipse and it is really stong unit In game : Royal Revolt 2 IGN : Michel Anjello
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