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  1. denacaldwell

    Terrible Matchmaking in Conquest

    It is no fun when you are the strongest team or the weakest on the board. They do need to fix matching. We also should not have to make deals with other teams just to stay on the board. And no I am not an Inferno Ninja
  2. I bought the $99.99 US box which gave me uber box. Then I bought the $49.99 box a little later and got no alliance box for that purchase. I used Windows 10 laptop and went thru Microsoft to make purchases. In game name is Dena Ann. Alliance is Gods of Destiny
  3. denacaldwell

    One more update on the ad issue

    I am a windows user and I have the issue now of no offers for adds. I lost them right after the update. I too have tried the Vunglesdk and that did not help me either. Need fix please.
  4. denacaldwell

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Gods Of Destiny is having a serious problem. Our gold is disappearing and things are being upgraded we did not authorize. The Alliance Headquarters keeps going up and we have lost more than 100 million gold. Can you please help us?
  5. denacaldwell

    ninjas are gone

    We seem to have lost our ninjas Please to fix.
  6. denacaldwell

    connection lost again.

    Please help I keep getting connection lost constantly. I get thrown out every minute. I am not the only one on my team having this issue. IGN: Dena Ann with Inferno Ninjas the other player is Pope Fuzzy.
  7. denacaldwell

    connection lost again.

    I am experiencing connection lost every minute or so. I am also getting a lot of time between the time I post a message on chat or private message to friend. My IGN: Dena Ann one of my other players with Inferno Ninja's is having same problem. Can you help us fix this please.
  8. denacaldwell

    Videos doesn't give reward

    I am having same problem and old fix is not working either. IGN: Dena Ann
  9. denacaldwell

    connection lost again.

    The problem has seemed to resolve its self. Thank you so much.
  10. denacaldwell

    connection lost again.

    @GalaMorgane @flare My IGN: Dena Ann I am having a lot of connection lost issues today. It is also giving me problems opening boxes or picking up food. I keep getting spinning circle. I can not stay connected for more than 5 min. Can you help me with this. Thanks so much in advance.
  11. denacaldwell

    Wrong Pro Boost

    Inferno Ninjas have their unholy paladins now thanks so much for the quick response. It is much appreciated.
  12. denacaldwell

    Wrong Pro Boost

    This Pro League it was supposed to be unholy paladins and we were given the heal tower boost instead. We played for this boost to help in war. Please fix this it would help out a lot. Alliance is Inferno Ninjas and IGN: Dena Ann