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  1. AzureKnight

    Unusual Snake tower encountered.

    Not sure what you mean - you never got in the Snake Tower's range to hit it with your Hero's weapon, nor did any of your spells so much as touch it. Of course you couldn't hit (and didn't) it under such circumstances... If anything, it's the units that didn't hit the tower, but as we see with the Pro Archer afterwards, he does eventually hit the tower, but that's nothing out of the ordinary - incoming enemy units take priority to be attacked, not towers. The Snake Tower did spawn Zombies and was damaging your Ninjas, as seen at 0:44 mark and onwards. No idea what seems to be the problem here.
  2. Every new screen that has to load up loads up with a 2-3s delay, which isn't exactly happening with participating in the ongoing War. I've said this before, so might as well repeat it - there's TOO MANY transition screens in your game and you should aim to reduce their number and/or unify more information on less screens, so that going forward, this won't remain such an issue.
  3. AzureKnight

    feedback wanted Ice Ice Bab...uhm Viking

    @Madlen From what I can tell, the issue with Vikings is three-fold at the moment: They suck in their basic form in both Offense and Defense, which is further extrapolated when not Forged. Forging them costs A LOT. They suck without the Conquest Boost. As a result, they are almost never seen in Defense Wave layouts, because un-boosted they just offer too little compared to the Werewolf's Howl. When they are boosted, however, they're potentially a better unit, and that is when you start seeing players use them in ther Defenses, which is after each Conquest. Obtaining the buff, though, isn't that easy, as it requires your Alliance to score as 1st in a Conquest. That said, I can see how you thought they should be weak to Ice at first, as I presume your initial design idea was for Vikings to somewhat replace the Werewolf unit. Thematically, however, I agree that they shouldn't be weak to Ice (let that be Werewolves weakness). Since they have a Shield equipped, they also shouldn't be weak to Piercing damage either. There's enough units weak to Firestorm as it is already. They also appear to currently have no Resistance or Weakness at all (at least going by their Stats Description screen in the Troop Academy), so what could we give them? Given you've boosted and then nerfed Bladestorm a while ago, Normal damage could be their weakness. Or perhaps give them Poison Weakness, so that Toxic Could would see a bit more play (no reason to use right now it unless you're boasting a mix of high-cost Units). Alternatively, we could think of introducing new Weakness types fo the game, for example Scream Weakness, where if the Hero uses their Scream ability, they'd take x1.5 more damage from Hero's Attacks during said Scream period. However, I believe that isn't the core issue with the unit, and giving (or changing) their Weakness won't make them any better or more used, because the main issue is that they remain too weak of a Unit without any Conquest/War/Alliance/Pro boosts. Giving them a Shield ability by default could change that, as then picking them in your Defense would be an actual strategic decision. I know I would surely drop off a few Wolves in my Defense in exchange for a couple Vikings, if it meant my Units would get Shielded as a result. And then the Conquest boost, instead of giving them a Shield ability they normally do not have, would only serve to boost it instead, as it'd already exist on Viking's Vanilla form. Units in Defense are usually used for 3 things: Their Durability. Their Attack. Their Ability. And the problem with Viking's Forging Options is that they have one completely useless one, which is the Attack Rate Bonus. Anyone who has played against a Conquest-Boosted Viking can tell that they CAN be a deadly unit when they unleash their Knockback Ability, and that is where the units potential lies, not in increasing their Attack Speed, because this simply IS NOT an Offensive unit by any stretch, not in its current form, anyway. That said, I think you should replace their Attack Rate Bonus with a Knockback Cooldown decrease bonus. That would surely make them a far more enticing unit to use. it's been a weird unit ever since it was introduced into the game. Sometimes I feel like you guys forgot that each new unit you introduce not only has to be interesting and good on its own, but also has to find a new niche to fill, as it will always compete with existing units, in this case Viking competes with Werewolf, and sadly has nothing to offer without the Alliance & Conquest boosts compared to our beloved Woofer. That's the direction I'd go with changing Vikings, anyway.
  4. I'm not sure how you're seeing 2000+ Medals for raiding players, the highest I've seen was around 1k, but most of them hover at around 300-600 or so. Then again, I'm not lvl 130.
  5. As mentioned in another topic, I'd like to see these changes done to Sultan: Initial Cooldown reduced to either 30s or 25s, because the current one (34s) is too punishing, you really feel like you can't summong him as often as the both Donkey and Trusty. If he is to have the longest cooldown, that's fine, but make it more bearable. Speed should be improved to 4.5; that way he is still the slowest of the three "starter" Guardians, but not extremely sluggishly so. He's big, he's basically Kaiser's cousin, and being slow feels thematic to his Blunt-oriented utility, but it really could be a tad faster. Lacks an "Aura" effect compared to the other 2 "starter" Guardians, and I feel like what he brings to the table (Blunt damage Ability, overall sluggishness and extremely long cooldown) does NOT make up for the lack of an Aura and being crippled and way less attractive than both the Donkey and Trusty. That's all I wanted to complain about. Oh, and as a reminder, please unify all Guardians' "Speed" values to be in the same realm as the Unit/Hero Speed values, because Sultan's Movement Speed of "4" is the exact same as Werewolf's "4" (in terms of numbers), but he obviously moves like 3 times slower, which is unnecessarily confusing to the playerbase as a whole. UNIFY YOUR METRICS, there's zero reason for making Guardian's "Speed" stat be different than everything else in the game for the sake of just being different.
  6. Trusty feels like the best of the basic three. My only gripe with it is that its Ability looks nearly exactly like Bilzzard, which can be confusing sometimes. I've mentioned this before, but I'd like to see a visual upgrade to Trusty's Blizzard Ability, to make it more distinct from the actual Blizzard Spell. Its damage also is the highest of any Ice-related Spells possible to deal in the game, making Blizzard kind of further obsolete. And the huge range of 8, which seems like an Overkill, actually reaches further than your camera is able to see. Trusty + Blizzard guarantee you will kill any Skull Tower, which is kind of nice. Trusty feels best-balanced of all 3 'starters', I feel like. It shares one issue with all of them - what the heck is Trusty's "Aura", what's the Aura's range and what does it do exactly? All this information is missing from Trusty's Stat window, which you should improve.
  7. @Madlen I've got a question about the new Festival Tokens - will we be able to "keep" them at the end of a Festival Event and have their surplus turned into Gems, like with previous Festival Events and Festival-specific Currency, or are you completely removing that option, limiting the ways to obtain free Gems (no matter how small, it would lead to decrease of Gem sources)?
  8. Not to mention the Medals shown to you on the 'Raiding Screen' are not properly displayed if you're wearing Medal boosting gear or just Pro Items; their values aren't updated in real time to reflect your %Medal increase, which I've pointed out before, and it'd be nice to have that fixed with this update as well. Once you hit the lvl 115-120 range, it's not difficult to find opponents who give you 400-900 Medals on average, but the sheer amount of Boosted Towers and the overall defense difficulty of those bases makes farming Medals that way not an attractive option, as often you will die and have to use Gems to revive to even complete the raid. This ties into what I've touched on before - the Matchmaking currently is, and has been for a long while, imbalanced at the end-game level. Flare really should improve Matchmaking so that players in the level range of 110-115 are matched only with players of the same level range; the same goes for 115-120, 120-125 and 125-130 level ranges, not only due to massive differences in player Defense effectiveness (which varies hugely depending on how many Pearls one has invested into Forging all their defense), but also because of how extremely long and tedious leveling up becomes as soon as you reach the lvl 100-110 mark.
  9. The only thing I came here to say is that I very much appreciate putting Ninjas on a double occurence during a single Event cycle. I've tried to break down the Pearl situation before, bringing notice to how, as a result, the game has changed so that we were gaining less Pearls than before, so seeing you bringing the Ninja Event back in line to how it was before (more or less?), is truly one of the best decisions made recently. And the new options for Festival Events, essentially the tokens and what we'll be able to spend them on, particularly things like reducing build times, makes me look ever so more positive from the perspective of all free 2 play players. This truly sounds amazing and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Also, one request with the coming change to raiding Dungeons @Madlen - could you guys also RESET the LEAGUE RECORD top scores in Leagues? They all have been obtained by spamming Dungeons, and they often reach in the values of 200-500k Medals, which is unobtainable otherwise, so having pretty much zero ability to try and obtain a League Record, it's become an obsolete part of the game that nobody really tries to strive for. With a complete wipe of those records, we would be able to see new values, actually reachable ones, and it'd be a nice incentive to see your name pop up there. Not to mention, this would also create a new opportunity to tie some kind of reward for obtaining a League Record from now on, if you would be so nice to do that (e.g. a special chest with various rewards, or one focused solely on improving your Alliance, e.g. containing Alliance Gold, Pals to donate to Alliance etc., or really whatever you could come up with), so that a new type of competition would be born, where people would strive to obtain the League Record each day. I also think it's important that, if we're moving away from the exploitable way of boosting a League score, the remnants of those dark times, being inflated League Records, should also be gone alongside this fix, to let people start a chapter of League Record competition anew. Madlen the Queen!
  10. AzureKnight

    Please post your January questions here.

    Also, when can we expect a proper Attack History Replay system that would include every possible information for us to actually learn from? By this I mean: Tell us how long did the Attacker take to finish the run (if it was finished) or until they've died. Show us the Attacker's exact position of death on the mini-map of our Castle Defense (e.g. via a heatmap). Tell us which Pal and Guardian the Attacker was using and how many times their respective abilities were used and where exactly. Show us the Attacker's exact gear (with forging levels as well as specific forged stats) or, at the very least, their 'Stats Overview' window, which includes Leadership, Health, Attack, Adventure, Battle Mastery and Pro Bonus statistics. Provide detailed information about our towers, e.g. if we have several towers of the same type, show us which one died first among them and how fast compared to the other towers of the same path. Let us know which of our Units (and Waves) died the fastest and how they generally performed (e.g. how many Necromancers managed to spawn how many Skeletons from the moment they spawned at our Castle Gate to the time they encountered the Attacker, or did any single Necromander managed to proc their Lightning Spell off; these are just some examples). One of the biggest barriers of entry for new players for this game is that it provides nearly zero feedback on your Defense at all. The only way one learns about the game (what is good and what isn't) is either by their own countless mistakes or if an older player from the Alliance straight up tells them which towers/spells are better etc. Ideally, you want all your players to learn and experience this on their own, and having a detailed Attack History would go a long way in helping people improve their overall gameplay, not only being limited to Castle Defense alone. I've asked for a Replay, but honestly watching each attack would get boring after a quick while. Plus, given how many more players attack you compared to how many you attack along your playtime overall, a detailed heat-based minimap would likely be ideal, in order to unify all the information and make it readily accessible on the fly (as mentioned elsewhere, this game has waaay too many 'screens' one has to switch between to get where they need to go). As per usual I'm asking this with the aim to encourage you, as the developers, to not hide vital information from the player, but rather make it accessible instead. Now that the EU laws have essentially forced everyone to disclose their 'gachapon' drop rates, there literally shouldn't be a more prioritized-hidden information within the game that you, as the devs, ought to be afraid to reveal. And frankly, you really shouldn't hesitate anymore. The longer a game lives, the more accessible it needs to become, as well as more satisfying for its long-time players, in order to keep on living in a healthy state. Providing us with detailed Attacker History information would be just one of the ways to go about that and improve the game. Another way to please your long-term players would be giving us 2 more 'Castle Defense Schemes' to save our defense builds, in order to be able to quickly switch our entire layouts between War periods, non-war periods and Conquests. You know very well that the longer people play, the more of each Tower type they possess, and changing entire layouts (including the Path) gets very frustrating very quickly. So, add 2 more buttons next to the 'Path' button, where we could build a layout and 'save it' there, in order to be able to summon it at any moment with a single click. Just 2 more layouts, making a total of 3, should be more than enough for starters.
  11. AzureKnight

    Please post your January questions here.

    When can we expect a unified Legend of all the various stats in the game, as well as their revision, so that their displayed values are actually correct (e.g. a Bomb Tower's Blunt Weakness is 100%, however all Blunt-based Spells do more than 100% of their damage to those towers - for example, Hammerstrike does around ~15k Blunt Damage, which is roughly 1/6th of a Bomb Tower's health, which is around 90k, but when you actually use said Hammerstrike on said Bomb Tower, visually its Health Bar is depleted by around half, rather than 1/6th of its total health, so the Bomb Tower's Blunt weakness is displayed incorrectly, as it should be between 200-300%, from what I can tell.)?
  12. AzureKnight

    Guardian cooldowns and balance

    To be completely honest, I did not mention this as I was not even looking into said possibility. The main issue being that the Guardians' 'description' page, the one which lists all of their stats, does not mention that this Guardian has an actual AoE Auto (normal) attack, and during regular raiding, well, I just didn't think if paying attention to that, as no unit that I'm aware of is able to reach and hit 2-3 towers with their basic Autoattack, except perhaps the Gargoyles' explosion AoE (which isn't a normal attack) or the Mortar unit. I think this example (our conversation) is as clear as it gets that the game still requires more basic information being put up front and visible to the players. Now that I do know it has an AoE autoattack, then yes, obviously my perception on this Guardian changes into a more positive one. Thanks Madlen.
  13. Nod noted and accepted! Thanks.
  14. Hey Madlen, Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the matter. No matter if I agree with the decision or not, it is always the best thing for Devs to just share their opinions on topics, and believe me, it does not go unnoticed. In fact, I like you guys a lot more now that you've shared this and have given me your perspective. Perhaps later in the future, after Guardians have been nerfed some (just assuming it will likely happen at some point), we could arrive at a mid-point road, having the Hero's Scream influence them by a set percentage % of whatever it normally influences the hero by. One can hope :).