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  1. I've almost forgot two other question: When will you guys implement the ability to go to the PAL screen directly from the Ninja Event? There is no way to change your equipped Pal in Ninjas; you have to exit the Ninja Event screen and go to Pal screen, which means a lot of unnecessary screen switching. You've added the Guardian button to the Ninja Event, so now the only missing thing is the Pal button - please add it :). Lastly, when will you guys finally fix the way Completing a Raid is calculated, so that it is calculated properly? I am sorry but why in the world does destroying 20/22 Towers, 16/16 Obstacles and barely damaging the Castle Gate count only as ~67% completion? No matter how you look at it, that should account for at least 85-90% completion of raiding a base. Meaning that yes, the Castle Gate's HP itself, along with however many towers are near said Gate, count for waaay too many percentages in the total 100% and it makes absolutely zero sense. While you're at it, fix the rate at which the "raid completion gauge" (green bar up top) loads up as you progress through raiding an enemy base, because it too is not representative of one's actual level of progression/destruction of enemy obstacles in the slightest. The gate itself counts for the last remaining 25% or so, which is silly as heck. @Madlen
  2. It was nerfed - its healing less often now; before it was healing stupidly fast.
  3. That explains it perfectly, thanks AwesomestKnight.
  4. Here's some honest feedback: The event is "nice", as per usual, but there are a couple of very irritating things about it. Too many rewards for how long the Festival lasts (5 days); it's obvious you want to encourage people to buy Gems in order to buy Festival Chests, but honestly the # of rewards assigned for a mere 5 days of the Festival's duration feels like an insult. When I look at all those rewards and the 5 days to get them, it screams to me: "Look at all those things you won't be able to get!" No idea what the Vanity Token does exactly and its description isn't clear at all. You should never introduce this many Skins in such a short Festival ever again, because really there is no way to get even half of them without spending Gems. There should've been half of the Skins there, with the other half saved for the next Event, because otherwise the people who want to gather them all will be feeling like they've missed out and are left with no idea of when they will become available again (you will probably have to add Skins to the Store for direct purchase soon enough if this keeps up). The "base-picking" algorithm is rather unfriendly, but that's how its been forever now. As someone who's only recently managed to consistently get into the 4.700 Trophy zone for the Ninja Event, having to deal with 4.700-5000 Trophy bases in the Festival is not great at all. Reduce the percentage chance for heavily-bosted bases to be picked for the festival or at least guarantee that, as soon as we close the game and log back in again, the current Festival Base will be forcibly changed at random again. Right now, in order to change the Festival Base, you need to log out and stay logged out for like an hour or so before the game decides to roll a new Base for you, which is just a waste of time. Festival Events used to last at least 7 days, I remember them lasting perhaps even something like 9 days, if memory serves, but for like half a year now, you've consciously reduced that time to 5 days. I hope your data does indeed show that you get more revenue that way, but jesus you really ought to go back to 7 days again and just adjust the prices instead to keep the revenue the same, because 5 days really is too little. Either this or you should increase the average # of Festival Currency obtained from the Festival Chest per 'pop', because opening a Festival Chests with 5 'pops' of Eggs the value of like '40' feels really crappy (e.g. 40, 40, 60, 40, 200 Eggs from one Chest). Basically what @AwesomestKnightest has said, you shouldn't allow for a Festival Chest to give out a total of less than 500 Festival Currency. Keep the RNG element there, fine, but increase the 'lowest amount of festival currency' obtained from a single Festival Chest. The 'normal' priority of what people generally want to get out of a Festival, especially if completely new items are introduced, like the Pal Hans is this time around, goes something like this: Completely new item first (e.g. Hans). Either Tokens or Skins, depending on who prefers what. However, due to Hans being a completely new Pal and him being 'somewhat' of a mandatory pick up as this Festivals' reward, you need to automatically deduct its Festival Currency cost from people's overall currency pool, meaning that the majority of players will already have -2,200 Eggs less to spend on rewards other than Hans. Lastly, and this is strictly personal taste, I don't think the Necromancer's skin is worth the asking price. As much as 'thicc thighs save lives', I don't find it nearly attractive/good looking enough to warrant spending the whole 4.200 Eggs on the skin. Both Werewolf and the Necromancer are the least attractive skins here (not distinct/awesome enough) in my mind, so I'm just skipping them.
  5. Still not sure what its Royal Flush is supposed to be doing, aside from "killing the beast", which is the most useless ability out there. Ever since Phoebe was (rightfully so) nerfed, no Beasts poses any challenge. You just go behind them and push them into your group of Archers - every beast dies within 3s tops. Why does Royal Flush have a % chance of working to begin with? Not only can we summon it a measly one time per raid, it has a 66% chance to fail its active ability on top of that? No thanks, not gonna be using it and definitely not gonna be wasting Pearls to upgrade it beyond lvl 1.
  6. Oh thank you guys, that's the kind of confirmation I was looking for. I was just losing hope that I might be forging the Slowdown forever and it actually increased by 0.00s each time, haha, so it's nice to have this reassurance that yes indeed, it is possible to get the 4.0. Thanks a bunch boys!
  7. @Madlen Do you guys still have plans to actually eventually remove the War event from the game and make Conquest the only War-like event or is that no longer the aim? One thing Conquest is still missing in my mind, at least compared to the regular War, is the lack of progression with regards to obtaining rewards that feel more personalized. In regular War, winning a fight for a single fiefdom feels rewarding and gives you that feeling of progression, because as you gain more and more Skulls, you go further and further on the "Chest" rewards, gaining progressively better and better Chests. Conquest rewards are great, without a doubt, however they were designed with the intention to benefit the Alliance, and even though every single Alliance member does get said Chests in the end, we only get them after the entire Conquest ends, which is 5 days. This means that from day 1 to day 5, that feeling of progression sort of goes on hold (because you kind of get no immediate rewards for 4 days) and doesn't exactly feel personalized, so to speak. You feel your Alliance progressing via the Points Bar, but the personalized progression is lacking, if you get what I mean. If you could somehow transfer those individual Chest rewards from regular War into Conquest and tie them to winning a single Fiefdom (to make each Fiefdom fight feel like it matters more than it does now), that would be the tipping point in my eyes, and we could finally ditch the regular War event and just stick to one of them, the Conquest instead. Of course, feel free to balance them out as you see fit, because translating them in the 1:1 manner could be too many rewards, when combined with Conquest ones, altogether. The server issues have been ongoing for what feels nearly like a full Month straight, and while I do appreciate that you keep on giving us the "Maintenance Chests" as compensation, it doesn't exactly make us feel better. Especially when the game loads up various data, such as displaying player bases or switching from one player to another during War, to browse their bases, is always tied to a 1-3s delay, at least has been for me for the past month. This ties to the question I've asked before - do you have any plans of streamlining all of the data loading experience, in particular reducing the number of various "screens" the game has to bring up each single time we want to check a new information "screen"? There's entirely way too many screens to go through in the game in order to reach the information we're seeking, and lately it feels like all the data requests being sent to the server from the mass of players is overflowing it, causing the ongoing instability. And so here are some ideas of what you can do in order to improve the experience and streamline it further: • Combine the Inventory and Blacksmith's "Melt Down" screens into one. For example, when you open the Inventory screen, each item should have the "circle" in its top-left corner already available, allowing us to select them, then click the "Melt down all" button below, which would then appear. This would remove the necessity to open up the Blacksmith's "Melt Down" screen entirely. • Add a "Sell all" item alongside the "Melt down all" button in the Inventory screen, because right now, if we wish to sell any items, we have to do it 1 by 1, which creates a multitude of server requests by switching between each item's individual "screen", and causes unnecessary data load. • Improve the "Forge" screen for everything: Items, Units, Spells, Pals and Guardians. For example, remove this screen from the game entirely and instead make it "slide up" and appear on the existing screen, the same way we currently bring up additional information on Units, Spells, Pals and Guardians. This will require a hefty redesign of the old "Forging" screen but will severely reduce the number of additional screens the game has to bring up each time and subsequently lower the load stress on the server. • Similarly, redesign the "Unit Donation" screen as well, as just like any other additional screen, it takes time to load and often experiences a 1-3s delay for bringing it up. Just remove that screen completely have the only way to Donate Units be via the in-game chat. We do not need to see the Unit our friends have requested, as we cannot donate any other Unit besides the one that has been requested, and the singular Unit donation option - at least in my experience - is not that often used. In other words, automate the process a bit more. The game already knows we can only donate 5 Units at a time, and so if we reach that limit, the "Donate" buttons would just disappear from the chat, until our Donation cooldown resolves, at which point the Donate button will become visible again. • Similarly, reduce the number of screens in the regular War Event, because it has entirely too many of them and, whenver the server chokes when loading up that information, it adds to the negative experience when trying to quickly complete all the Battles in War. Unify the information on less screens, similarly like you've QoL'd the Conquest screens with this most recent update now. Unless of course you intend to eventually remove the War Event entirely, in which case you needn't bother with it. Do you ever intend to re-balance certain Spell Perks? I'm mostly talking about pure damage perks on Spells that don't quite feel like they belong there, such as Stun's Blunt damage perk or Bladestorm's Blunt damage perk? In case of Stun, the additional Blunt damage (at 16 forges) amounts up to around 1000, which is beyond negligible, and the same goes for Bladestorm, which is even more weird, since Bladestorm at least deals decent damage by itself to begin with. In otherh words, could those Perks be either replaced with something more interesting or upgraded in Damage values instead, since it currently does not appear that you will be adding another +1 Level upgrade to all Spells (because Spells are currently 1 Level behind the Towers, which were updated like half a year ago or so). How do you, as developers, feel about certain Spells right now? • Stun has seen a decent increase in popularity, and particularly I wanted to ask if you feel the base 10s Stun duration on that spell is a little too much? • Additionally, you've updated Sonic Blast last time around, claiming it needed more damage to sort of reclaim its spot as the most Blunt damaging spell, as Hammerstrike was being used way more often by the players. The thing is, Hammerstike is still far better than Sonic Blast, and in the era where Healing Towers exists, making U-turns deadlier than ever before, the fact that Sonic Blast deals its damage across a duration of 3s is only a detriment to this spell. Sonic Blast requires to do more damage if it is ever meant to compete with Hammerstrike again, especially keeping the vast Cooldown difference between both Spells. • Last time you've nerfed Bladestorm's damage against Fire-type Towers, and it made sense, as it was being far too effective against Firebolt and Lightning Towers in particular. However, ever since the nerf, I feel like you might've overdone it just a tiny bit, because right now it feels that Bladestorm isn't even that effective against Barricades anymore, so the question here is could you bring some of that nerfed power back? I feel like Bladestorm went from being super effective against Barricades to being overly effective against Fire-based Towers, back to being less effective against Barricades that it was before it was buffed last time. What are your thoughts on the Horkos gloves set, in particular their various perks (Petrify, Translocation, Infection and Intimidate)? Do you feel they are balanced? Personally, I feel like Translocation is by far the strongest, as when it does proc, it can immediatelly elimite a high-value enemy from the field (such as the Werewolf), as while the other perks can essentially spread their effects, you still have to deal with the units regardless. How do you feel about chance-based perks in general, and do you feel that, what I'm assuming to be the near-maximum proc chance at lvl 130, the ~25% chance is high enough to warrange its usage? Ever thought about increasing the chances' maximum to around 33% instead? Do you feel the latest addition to the game, the Tokens, are balanced in their prices, Event coupons-wise? In my mind, the Gold Token is far overpriced, as obtaining additional Gold Gain % is the easiest one to get in the game (e.g. even just via the Kaiser Pal), as opposed to the Medal Token. The further you are in the game, level-wise, the easier it is to obtain Gold as well, so the pricing in the Gold Token feels way off-base to me. Do you have any plans, or have you ever intended, to bring players on an even playing field in terms of additional Inventory slots? I'm talking about the "exploit" that allowed players to gain Inventory Slots for free via Dungeons. This is that part of the game where, either you were extremely interested in it and managed to read up on the topic ahead of time, or were fortunate enough to have your Alliance buddies inform you of it, or you've just missed it completely. Will we ever live up to the time where you will just assign everyone Inventory Slots they might've missed during their Dungeon journey and/or fix that exploit? Any plans to balance out the Pearl income a little bit, in particular in the Chamber of Fortune? As we all know, the general minimum number of Pearls required to forge anything in the game, excluding the first 2 or 3 Forges, is an equal 100, and I thought this should be the minimum number of Pearls one should get from the Chamber of Fortune. It should be a minumum of 100 Pearls and that number could continue to increase up to like 125 or 150 the further you go in levels, up to the level 130. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any plans to balance or buff certain Units? Currently, it appears that most of theh Units in the game have their use, whether offensively or defensively, but there are a few that stick out, particular when they are not Boosted. I'm mainly talking about the Froster, which is almost never used Defensively and only ever used Offensively when Boosted to summon the Dragon, and the Mortar, which is almost never used Offensively and only ever used Defensively, when Boosted, due to its huge range that outranges even Spells, making the Unit essentially immortal until you get in its vicinity. I understand that both Froster's and Pyromancer's damage needs to be kept relatively in check, since it is AoE-based, but comparing Froster to Pyromancer, one of them is clearly better by a mile. That said, could we expect Froster's Damage and Health to be buffed in near future, as nowadays anything that has below 10k HP is pretty much mincemeat. Why do you dislike the Blizzard Spell so much and when can it get a Damage buff? It used to be possible to kill Werewolves with it, but that isn't really the case anymore, and then you've released Trusty, which easily deals ~50-60% more damage than said Blizzard Spell. But even when you combine both, the Blizzard Spell and Trusty's Blizzard Spell, even those 2 combined can actually fail to destroy a single Skull Tower, which honestly feels like it shouldn't be the case. Will you ever make the House generating daily Gems scale up with our Hero's level? It really feels like it could easily give 5 Gems a day instead of 1, lol. Consider making it cap out at 10/day at lvl 130 or something. Have you ever thought of treating the Castle Gate like an actual Tower and allowing us to Forge it? The only possible Boost this structure gets isn't even that interesting or strong anymore (the Doom Gate obtainable via the War Event) and it feels like a missed opportunity. Please give it some interesting Forging options for us to fiddle with, and perhaps make it a Special structure, allowing for more than just 3 types of Perks, say give it 5 different ones instead! Have you ever thought about creating a new type of obstacle that would be tied to the Landscapes? What I mean is, we currently have Towers, Obstacles and Units to defend our base, and I thought it'd be interesting to add a new type of structure to the mix that would emphasize Landscapes in particular (and boost their sales as well, wink wink). What I mean by this? Take the most recently released Landscape for example, the Sakura Valley. Upon selecting the Sakura Valley, there would be a big Sakura Tree placed somewhere outside of the building Grid on the field. This could be the "Nature" defensive obstacle that would periodically drop Sakura Petals on the battlefield, applying miniscule Poison damage to all enemy Units. Take the Golden Desert Landscape; it could generate Heat, similarly doing periodical damage to enemy Units. The Burning Rocks Landscape would spew Ash, falling down and Burning enemies periodically, while Northland's Blizzard would apply the Chill effect via the falling snow etc. You get where I'm going with this. Introduce this new type of "Nature" obstacle, which would trigger this periodic damage in waves (say 5 waves during the 2:40m time of raiding a Castle) and you open yourself up for new types of Resistances as well, possibly allowing for adding a 4th Perk to all Units, Items and possibly Spells in return, increasing the demand for Pearls as well (wink wink). For example, having the Blizzard Spell or the Werewolf Unit equipped when attacking a Northland-based Base would provide additional Chill or Blizzard resistance to you and your Units and so on. Introducing this new type of Periodic damage would also increase the need and usefulness of all Healing-related spells. Just one idea to expand the game and/or introduce a new layer of complexity and fun to it.
  8. Here's my situation. I've been sitting at the 3.9s Slowdown perk for like 2 months now and have perked Slowdown at least like 16 times ever since it was stuck on 3.9s. The problem is, perking it past the 3.9s mark always shows that it will add an exact "0.00s" more, which is, well, exactly zero. At first I thought there might've been some rounding down issue with the number displayed after the decimal (cause the first time you reach the 3.9s mark, the next upgrade actually adds like 0.02s or 0.01s for a while), but as mentioned, I've perked it like 16 times since and it still hasn't reached the 4.0s mark. Another reason why I'm asking about this is, I recall seeing the "4.0s" duration displayed in one of Flothaboss' videos AFTER the last change to Toxic Cloud, which is the last time it was nerfed. Because of that, I think that now only those players who have perked Toxic Cloud's slowdown to the exact 4.0s before said nerf are able to achieve the magical 4.0s breakpoint, while everyone who has not perked it prior to this can no longer achieve this. That said, at this point I'm just looking for some confirmation on whether or not it is even possible anymore...
  9. Yes, as always and as with any new Pal or Guardian, you first have to actually find (get) it in a respective Chest; Guardian Chest in this case, or obtain them as a reward from an Event, if it happens to be offered.
  10. Well, I'll be damned. I did not expect this update to deliver so much, and frankly I'm feeling like I've been given a free ticket to the wildest rollercoaster ride. No longer than like a month ago I've mentioned Defense Layout setups and now here they are, along with corresponding Wave setups. This is just amazing. The amount of QoL delivered, especially to Conquest, is also astonishing. There's of course more work to be done, but boy did you lay yourselves out a solid foundation for future improvements, if I've ever seen one as good as this before. And the Chat improvements as well. Thank you Madlen and Flare team, you've done extremely well with this one and you should be proud.
  11. @LacunaC I mean, sure Phoebe has its niche in the examples you speak of, but I know that for me, the niche is far too small - especially outside of the Stargazer Firebolt Towers Boost (which always did a little too much damage in my opinion, similarly to how Phoeboe obliterated everything with its Armageddon before it was nerfed) you've mentioned - to ever be utilized, and perhaps when running with Pro Boosted Gargoyles. By no means have I had enough experience with Phoebe to arrive at the conclusions or examples you've mentioned, so thank you for that. Given my limited experience with it, I just didn't find Phoebe a good Pal to run in Pro League at all, as like you've mentioned, you have to either go back and let it heal only you or to be constantly ahead for Phoebe to do the same, where you do end up tanking all the Tower and Unit damage with your King/Queen. Now that I know these things, I feel even more silly for having performed poorly in this Pro League, but I digress; Phoebe's utility niche is just not my playstyle at all and, as such, I never use it either. Not a fan of how Phoebe's healing is spread out and that it is so different from Tammy. I am perfeclty fine with running ahead with Janus and spawning 2 Monks whenever its off cooldown for essentially the same effect; keeping my King alive. The total HP restored is nowhere near what Phoebe provides, but at least I can rely on Monks spawning exactly where I want them and not having to remember to always make a hard STOP in place, just because Phoebe stops to cast its ability, which is another thing I've touched on with Pals in another topic. TLDR: Phoebe is just not for me and that's fine. Not everyone has to enjoy every single playstyle the game offers. If there's enough people who like this playstyle, I suppose I should take back my calls and request for Phoebe changes to @Madlen, too.
  12. Hey Madlen, This explains everything, I suppose. All the healing simply went to the units rather than the Hero, as the total amount of Health missing from the Units around me was so huge that there was no Healing left from Phoebe to affect my King. I dare say, this makes Phoebe far more useless than Tammy, and I've never gotten to experience it before, as I've only recently acquired Phoebe. But even comparing just Tammy and Phoebe and how their healing works, I don't understand why Phoebe's healing is limited like that, while Tammy's healing is not. In other words, Tammy will heal ~8k to a limitless number of units within its radius, no matter how many units there are, while Phoebe's healing, being ~50% stronger than Tammy's, is actually limited to its own number. In other words, we have the comparison between: Tammy healing anywhere from 1 to 50 units, each for 8k HP, meaning up to 400k HP. While Phoebe heals 12k HP, but will heal only a handful of units whose MISSING HP amounts to that number. This also means that the more Units you have around your King/Queen, the less Healing you will get from Phoebe, which is extremely counter-intuitive, because in order to progress and push forward, you need more (not less) units to soak up all the Tower/Obstacle damage, but there is no way of avoiding taking the damage with your character without losing precious time in the League; you can't just stand back behind your troops all the time, you will fail the run that way, not to mention you're not utilizing your King's/Queen's Weapon damage and Scream Ability that way either. I did not know that Phoebe was this inferior. And like you've said, the fact that it doesn't prioritize the King/Queen is a big downside and at least now I know I will never be using Phoebe until that is changed, as it defeats the purpose of using that Pal, unless you run the Pal Flute, which wasn't the case in this Pro League. I for one have no idea why the VFX was made smaller than its actual range, which is an issue I frankly have with many other Spells and/or Pal abilities. If Phoebe's Healing Ability range is 4, the visual effect for it should also be stretched out in radius to encompass the actual 4 range, so as there is no doubt and confusion, let alone misrepresentation that just ends up confusing players, as clearly seen in my case. So yeah, please stretch out all Ability effects that do not correspond to their actual range, that'd be helpful indeed. @AwesomestKnightest also made a great point about the Healing Ability's duration and how a bunch of its healing potential is wasted, just because it procs instantly and its duration isn't spread out across time, like the Blessing Scroll does. If you're using the same Ability on a Pal that already exists in the game, like in Phoebe's and Blessing Scroll's case, it's sort of a given that players will expect it to work the same, unless there's some justifiable reason for it to work differently.
  13. I'm coming extremely frustrated here just after having written this topic. I have never seen a Pal act as stupidly uncooperative as Phoebe did in this current "Pro Pro League" (what a joke). Beyond any doubt, I am more than convinced the Pal's A.I. - movement in particular - requires a drastic change. 1. Pal Movement. As it stands, we all know how Pals currently move about: Whenever we run ahead, the Pal immediatelly falls behind us and remains behind us, often at a range grater than 5, which can make them miss their ability, as at least some of the Pals' abilities have a range lower than 5 (looking at you in particular, Phoebe...). This disincentivizes pushing forward (as you cannot rely on your Pal's ability to reach you, since you're running ahead), which is in direct opposition of what the game initially teaches you as a player, meaning that you are actually supposed to run ahead as often as possible in order for all your damaging Spells to reach and affect as many obstacles within a single Spell use as possible. Hope you can see how this is confusing to eachother, not just the Player. As I've mentioned on multiple occasions, the game doesn't do a good enough job of teaching the Player or providing information, so this is just another needle in the haystack of said issue, and could be improved upon. Given my experience of enjoying the game for 3 or 4 years now, I believe the Pals' movement ought to be changed as follows: The Pal's A.I. needs to have a "movement leash range" implemented, meaning that the moment it strays away from the King/Queen further than X range, it is automatically forced to immediatelly run back to the King/Queen. In other words, the Pal should not be ever allowed to move away from the King/Queen further than a range of say, for example, 4 or 5 and should in other words remain "glued" to the Player at all times. To help achieve this and ensure Pal's behavior remains consistent, it'd also help if the Pal did not STOP and stand in place when unleashing their cooldown Ability, which is what they very often (or almost always?) do. Stop forcing the Pal to stop in its tracks just to cash an Ability, it's silly and will make the Pal stay away from the Player at a distance greater than said 4-5 Range whenver this happens, which is the opposite of what we'd be trying to achieve here. 2. Pal Attack Priority. Pals have another issue that the King/Queen has, which is the inability to focus on a target when there is more than 1 target within their attack range. This doesn't happen extremely often, but often enough, and the easiest example to notice this is a simple combination of a Spike Trap followed by a Barricade, placed on 2 tiles next to eachother. If you're standing on the Spike Trap, your King/Queen and Pal will attack the Spike Trap. However, if you're standing at the very far end of it and cannot move further, meaning you're in range of a Barricade, that should then force both the Player and the Pal to focus their attacks on the Barricade instead. In that situation, you will always see your King/Queen and Pal delivering one normal attack to the Spike Trap, then the next to the Barricade, switching between both, distributing damage INEFFECTIVELY as a result. Maybe your spell coldowns are coming off in just 3s and you'd like to move forward to reach as many Towers further up as possible, but you cannot, because both your King/Queen and Pal failed to destroy the Barricade, instead splitting their attacks between said Barricade and the Spike Trap, destroying NONE in the process. This means you've wasted time and were ineffective. The same issue also happens with a stack of 3 Towers at a U-turn; they're just placed too close to eachother to effectively focus on a single tower at all times, albeit this is a far more managable situation than the Spike Trap/Barricade example. And so this improvement would affect both the Pals and the Player equally. As far as attacking units goes, your Pal should also immediatelly focus the same exact unit your King/Queen are attacking. This isn't really feasible among a huge stack of enemy Units, but if we're talking a single Wolf or an Ogre surrounded by no more than 3-5 other units, the Pal should have no trouble focusing the "big" Unit, just as the Player shouldn't have an issue with it either. 3. Pal Ability. As mentioned before, please remove the "forced stop" mechanic from Pals that prevents them from moving the moment they cast an Ability. This game is very much about effective and efficient movement around the battlefield, in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness of your Spells, so this behavior is an unnecessary detriment to your ability to be as effective as you possibly can in d estroying enemy structures and units. Should I remember anything else, I'll add it later. Oh, and it'd be nice if you would refund a Pro League Ticket to all participants of the current Pro League, because Pheobe's A.I. really single-handedly ruined it. If I am within 1-2 Range, it doesn't heal me, but when I happen to be at range 3-4, it magically doesn't fail to heal me. I'll hold off my tongue as to what I think of this; have already said enough in the other topic. @Madlen
  14. Despite being already inherently more difficult than most other Pro Leagues, due to only allowing 2 units and 2 spells, the main frustration and issue comes from Phoebe's bugged Healing ability. Around 50% of the time you stand literally where Phoebe is, its healing will MISS you completely. I can see its healing circle's radius, meaning I am 101% certain to be standing within its range, yet it doesn't affect me at all. This is extremely frustrating and makes you lose time, as you cannot exactly push forward while being at 25-50% health safely without risking dying as a result. This also brings me to another topic, which is that Pals are INVISIBLE when among your unit army, which means that you ought to change the color of the Pal's cooldown ability from GREY to something that's literally an eyesore, like a bright pink or magenta, or otherwise give the Pal an outline around its model that would make it stand out from the mass of units. Please adjust this. And of course, Pro League is still in dire need of laughingly simple improvements, such as: You've made it possible for us to switch Units and Spells around (from one slot to another), but after you exit the Pro League or the game, our preferred slots are not remembered by the game and we have to do it all over again, which should not happen. We still cannot see the stats of our Items. Whenever there is a Pro League that is limited to only 2 Unit and 2 Spell slots, we are unable to set them to their respective 3rd slots, because the 3rd slot is then entirely removed in those Pro Leagues, which is also silly. Take this current Pro Pro League for example; I usually run Hammerstrike under the key "7" while playing on PC, but this League limits my Spell usability only to keys "5" and "6", so it messes with my muscle memory and makes the experience more difficult than it needs to be. @Madlen
  15. But you ought to admit, @Madlen, that this system you speak of is, beyond any doubt, broken - at least as far as the daily League is concerned. Here's a simple solution for you: Keep the Medal gains as they are across all levels in 'regular' battles (as in, raiding other players' castles/bases). However, just for the Daily League, make them convert to Daily League Medals at a percentage rate, based on player level. So for example, someone at lvl 1 will get as many Medals as they did before, but only up to 50% of those Medals earned will be calculated and added towards their Daily League score. As you go higher up, the % adjust accordingly, where the highest level players reach near the 100% 'regular battle' to 'Daily League' Medal conversion rate as possible. In other words, something like this: lvls 1-50 gain convert 50% of the Medals gained in regular battles towards their Daily League score. Lvl 51-100 players convert up to 75% of Medals. Lvl 101 to 115 convert up to 85% of Medals. Lvls 116 to 130 convert up to 100% of Medals gained. And yes, there NEEDS to be a distinction made between lvl 101-115 and 115-130 Players, because at the latter levels, the difference between a lvl 130 players' base/castle defense compared to a lvl 115 or 120 player is ENORMOUS based on total number of Pearls and Forgings made in the past few years, compared to someone who's been playing for far fewer years. I would even go as far as to make 3 separate lvl brackets between lvls 100 and 130, so 101-115, 116-125 and 126-130, also because leveling up takes far, far longer the higher level you are. To make it absolutely as easy to understand as I possibly can, here's as specific of an example as I can make it. Say I want to raid a 4.700 Trophy player and I get 700 Medals for it (without any Medal-boosting gear); fine, I raid him and get my 700 Medals. However, because I'm lvl 116, my Medal score for the Daily League would only be around 86 or 87% of that, so I'd get only 602 Medals for that raid in Daily League A lvl 130 player would get all 700 Medals converted for their Daily League score instead, and so on and so forth. Hope this is understandable beyond any doubt now. This way you don't have to make any adjustments towards the actual Medals players gain by attacking bases and you only adjust the final Medal score post-factum, and that adjustment would only apply (affect, be calculated and visible) in the Daily League. And as I've said before in another topic, you absolutely have to do a HARD RESET of the top scores of those Daily Leagues, all of them, from Bronze to Platinum (or Diamond, whatever is the highest rank, I forgot). Because it is ridiculous that a lvl 115 player has to run a full Medal gear just to compete with a lvl 60 player, who simply gains more base Medals for just being at that particular level.
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