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  1. Trophy System

    Well, what is our sample? I did not see that many complaints about AW either but Line conveyed to me that this is in fact a very soar topic. Upon reading all of the suggestion and some of discussion posts, I kinda got a sense of trophy being something people do actually complain about... So well, I would certainly be cautious with the sampling from now on
  2. Trophy System

    Took me 3 month to go from 0 to 90, given I bought gems in the quantities enough to fuel the reasonably fast advancement. So I see how this may be true for non-payers, would give you that. But very dedicated players tend to be the ones spending money and consequently the ones really complaining about the system. At least on forums
  3. Trophy System

    I completely agree and would never argue for such an extreme nerf of the system. The problem vas has is that with the time taken to level up, it feels like you hit a giant roadblock when you are 100+. Before you generally rise from 1k to 6k and lvl 0 to lvl 90+(ish) in mere month, but after that things slow down so drastically you are almost slapped with the change. It feels daunting indeed, almost to the point you dont see a reason for trying (and there is none indeed, the best to do is, like you said, to simply accept it and slowly improve your account/skills). Now, I enjoy Neptunes idea a lot, as it would stabilize the experience, rewarding consistent farming over inactivity. This would remove the ability to close the gap one currently has with the high enough level and decent offensive skills (Minus the dumb units) though. So, there is certainly a dire need of change in my opinion, maybe something as extreme as an adaptive trophy mechanism based on the total number you have, but I wont say there is an easy and perfect way of doing it... My idea is to compute offensive/defensive ratings, actually quantizing the numerical value of the "power" of any said account, while using some exponent from the trophy level to account for "skill".
  4. Trophy System

    He probably knows how bad it gets. You can simulate the "Number 1" effect by dedicating 6-9 hours fo continuous gameplay to trophy farming. I did this once, had over 500 farmed in a day. The battle log the next morning was probably what top 10 guys see, except they dont get steamrolled the way I did (Meaning they only drop 200-400 instead of 600)
  5. Linking account problem Go there and look for the "Submit request" text in the top right corner. Click on that and follow the steps to file a support ticket
  6. Linking account problem

    @AliM, you may have better chances of your issue being solved through submitting a ticket to support. I think they handle account-related issues themselves.
  7. Trophy System

    Thats what I assume to be the reason for this: It is an inverse parabola when you steamroll into the top echelons. Essentially, as you open up for those who have been playing for years and are not that active because this is actually the best way (I gave up and went inactive 3 days ago, feels so good... If you are a buff of Happy Farm, that is), you get attacked. Attacked a lot and by people who know what they are doing not just well, but very well. So, the max trophies for level are actually lower while you are in transition to 12...8 (I want to say?). The best kind of explanation I can pull up with just logic. Not saying it is good or bad, but somewhat consistent with the max trophy per level idea... Which I despise still and would want to see changed. 4.1 concerns itself with it btw.
  8. Thropies loss on gate down

    Maybe the trophy difference was too big... Anyway, @CaptainMorgan, the best advice I would offer.
  9. Challenges - Questions

    Hey again, I am seeing questions popping up here and there and would therefore want to hijack an official thread where I would try my best to answer those. Some things to kickstart the process: Can we use anything but English to write our posts in? All suggestions should be in English, as this is the official forum language (and the one we can all understand too). Can we use the suggestions previously posted on forums and featured in the companion thread? Yes you can. With that said, do not expect any of the major prizes for that, with a sole exception of Chris 2.0, which may be awarded. Up to the team to decide that. Please, bring any concerns or questions here. If you have any feedback/ideas for this/future contests - PM me. I would gladly accept any constructive criticism. With this said though, I am not an FG employee, therefore I can only advise things and annoy the Gods with my requests.
  10. The curse caries over to the second chest if the first one expires. Should you complete the curse, you will randomly get another one for any other chest. As for the Titan chests, you can get them from Odyssey (6th level of harbor), Leveling up (over 100, I believe) and War (scoring enough VPs to get them). Also, you can buy them in the equipment/treasure menus for gems or upon a random chest offer.
  11. Hello victims! As you may know, version 4.0 aims to improve one of the most popular activities in OR - Alliance Wars. As it is usually the case with patches though, there is more to them than a single feature, and this time one of the accompanying "changes" is a forum contest. Do not draw your pens out just yet though, as this time it is not a usual writing/screenshooting contest, but instead something new and experimental. This time you may have a chance to shape the way 4.0 would look like by suggesting something that might be implemented for the upcoming version! Here's the breakdown of it: Rules: 1) Identify an area of Alliance Wars that can and should be improved. 2) Come up with a single entry, and only include one suggestion per entry. If an entry has multiple suggestions, only the first suggestion will be used for the contest. 3) Post your wicked perfect plan of ameliorating Wars in this thread using at least 25 words, whilst trying your absolute hardest to keep it below 200 words. This is not a writing contest after all, and the more time the dev team spends reading, the less time they spend improving wars! 4) You have until 18th of March to submit your idea. Please make sure it is in by the deadline; otherwise CaptainMorgan and his cyclops would not have the time to forge it into the patch. 5) Please, please and please, include your IGN (In-Game Name) somewhere within your post. So far there has not been a single contest with all of the members including it. Lets change this daunting statistic. 6) Edited posts will be disqualified, so make sure you are satisfied with your entry before posting. Prizes: Pericles - goes to the author of the simplest implemented improvement. (2000 Gems) Alexander the Great - goes to the author of the most impactful implemented improvement, based on its simplicity and effect. (2000 Gems) Oracle - goes to the author of the best suggestion that is nevertheless not feasible for implementation in 4.0. (2000 Gems) Chris 2.0 - goes to any author who makes a suggestion which is already planned to be included in the patch. (500 Gems) Notes: This is an experimental contest. It has a potential of being very useful both for the community and staff and relies heavily on the acknowledgment of some vital facts: 1) There are limitations to what can be implemented. It takes time and resources to make even the slightest of changes to such a gentle system as an online-based game, so please, think how feasible your suggestions are 2) At least one suggestion will be included in Version 4.0, as long as there is at least one viable solution which can be implemented by the team. This also does not mean that the suggestion will be implemented word-for-word, the improvement may only be inspired by the suggestion (This will be made clear when announcing winners). 3) The choice of winners is entirely at Gala's, Morgans' and other FG staffs' discretion, and if they feel that no suggestions are viable, then no winners will be announced in those categories. 4) It is in your best interest to make your idea unique, as any duplicated ideas will share the prize Gems (if any are won), meaning the more people post the same idea, the fewer Gems they will each get. Note, deciding whether two ideas are the same is also entirely at our discretion. You can use this thread ( as a source of inspiration and guidance on what things have already been brought to the team. Also, all of the ideas already confirmed (by a direct mention from CaptainMorgan) to be within 4.0 are automatically disqualified, while anything posted on forums but not confirmed to be making it into 4.0 is not eligible for anything but Chris 2.0. 5) Development takes some time and so would the rewards. This time the contest prizes are tied to the update; therefore the results will be released some time before it is deployed, which will be at least one month away. This time you may very well have to exercise your patience for a bit. 6) There is a way to edit things in case of emergency without being disqualified and this involves contacting me or Gala (preferably me, I will be able to answer fast in most cases). Now, this is strictly in case of things such as adding your IGN. If this is ever the case, please use a personal message and specify exactly what kind of edits you want to make and why do you need to make them. Do not edit anything yourself, as this would result in a disqualification! Ever thought you could do a better job of coming up with a good Alliance War system? Here is your chance! Regards, Infamous & The OR team. P.S. Have a question? Check this thread out:
  12. 4.0 Companion Thread

    Hey victims! EDIT: ideas highlighted in red are automatically disqualified, as they involve changes confirmed to be implemented in 4.0 With the 4.0 update and, most importantly, a new contest slowly making its way through the forums, I want to take some time and share a bunch of links you may find useful. Here I have most of the threads and discussions dedicated to one or more aspect of Alliance Wars and while capturing the full scope of things you guys produced in more than a year is close to impossible, I have tried my best to come as close to that as I could. Every link to a respective thread has an objective (maybe) description, as well as some personal comments in a form of a 1-4 sentence paragraph. Also, there is no order in which I post things, so dont try to find any meaning in that sense. The threads do not overlap much and should generally have enough distinct information to be unique. If you believe something should be added or removed from this compilation, please send me a pm. While any of the links here are definitely worth reading if you are a newcomer or needing a refresh of the half-forgotten memories, the primary reason for posting this section is to increase the chances of contest participators to earn some precious gems. As you should know, the suggestions that have already been brought up to the dev team will not be eligible for winner consideration, therefore anything in this section is most likely a no-game for you to submit, should you be willing to receive any rewards with a sole exception of Chris2.0 (Again, entirely up the team to decide!!!). 1) Implement a mechanism ensuring fairness during team MM and to make a better 2nd place frame 2) A compilation of ideas to improve War System.Most is still relevant 3) Random individual alliance bonuses during wars 4)Allow the alliances to attack all islands, make wars unique through alternating features/bonuses and introduce something in between of wars 5) A compilation of ideas to improve War system, featuring a completely new approach 6) A younger and bigger brother of the thread above. Also features more ideas. No new approach though 7) Mostly the rationale for Tournament style gameplay. Does a good job of laying out the issues though. Also features the "Sundays off" suggestion 8) Nice little convo featuring many things like extra rewards for exceeding chest caps, fair MM, opting out functions and more 9) Allow newcomers to fight in current wars with a 1 day delay 10) New alliance war mode (Called preparation...) 11) An alternative suggestion to equalize alliances in place of tweaking an MM. Hell, this may even work. Maybe. 12) Get read of the % player points counted and use full points instead. Makes sense to be honest, unless I interpret something wrong 13) Reduce the wars down to 1-2 days. Interesting 14) Use defensive strength and not the level to determine VP rewards for each individual player in wars 15) A global rating after each war to reward particularly good alliances with gems. May work, except we all know what alliance (group of alliances here) would be the top 3 16) Tweak VPs required for the final Titan chests 18) Variating war bonuses and conditions to differentiate otherwise identical wars 19) An island marker to direct the team's effort. Long requested feature confirmed to be making the cut in 4.0 20) Allow a single war hero to be substituted by another hero after the war has begun 21) Pre-update the war standings of alliances in war to reflect the current situation with respect to individual island conquests 22) Add a special strike feature upon consecutive loss of islands 23) Yet another viable idea of completely revamping War to make it overall better. Features a particularly authentic wall-of-text format 24) Give alliances control over who they attack. Interesting idea at the very least 25) Skirmish duration tweaks 26) A way to improve overall War interest through Clash map tweaks The idea itself is obsolete since there is no Clash, but the methodology is still viable. Worth reading 27) Introduce a system of hero restriction to force the use of different heroes for wars 28) Remove the 8-member requirement for War participation 29) Replace regular (non-titan) war chests with gem chests 30) Replace skirmish with a 2-alliance duel 24 hour contest 31) Fix the war MM. More of a rant at this point, yet still of use. Went off topic lately 32) Yet another new war mode suggestion. Involving even more people and seemingly being an interesting alternative With the actual idea threads dealt with, I would like to proceed to discussions/rants. These threads to contain ideas, yet it is the discussion and many different views which I find important. You can use this as a source of inspiration or as a form of a memory refresher, depending on your individual preference. 1) General discussion regarding War times. Has some suggestions but mainly serves the purpose of inspiring new ideas 2) A VERY long discussion/rant regarding allied alliance and War in general. Many ideas, many perspectives. Great source of inspiration and defenitely a place to check imho 3) The #FreeSundays thread. One of the best dicussions related to war imho 4) Some rather old feedback on Clash - now obsolete. You may find something interesting in there though, so here it is. 5) Some ideas regarding Skirmish. I found it useful to read and certainly doing a great job of being relevant still 6) This is an old thread regarding Wars, having a lot of info and ideas. It is also VERY long, so beware P. S. BONUS: Pre-War poll regarding war heroes. Hercules, Perseus and Jason didnt even make the cut back then P.S.S. Bonus 2: Some of you would be happy to know that Titan chests are going to be made interminable (timer-less) in 4.0. Rejoice people, no more annoying missions ticking away all the time! Have a palatable mutilation of your foes, Infamous
  13. Hey @Telly you have to use the two boxes of the same quality, meaning you have to open two titan chests to get the reward. Have you dont that yet?
  14. Titan Chest Expiration?

    Given that @Sharknado seems to have it too, this is probably a feature. @CaptainMorgan would be able to give us a definitive answer here.
  15. Max ascension lvl

    Just to make it clear, I was incorrect saying there is lvl 132. There is none. 131 is currently the maximum one can achieve throughout upgrading every single thing possible.