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  1. Infamous

    Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    @TheEpicous1 while I kinda agree Artemus does speak riddles from time to time, shutting him up is certainly not a good thing to do (So please don't). Cause hey, if we are going to do that, how can we demand answers from the devs? We are no better then.
  2. Infamous

    Account sharing?

    Rumors are those 9 players are very efficient and effective. In any case, I am pretty sure this alliance is way too high up for its member-size, so fighting them is a disaster in itself (because less vps and stuff)
  3. Infamous

    Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    Hell, just make the bloody leagues reset every week. What is so intrinsically bad in this idea? Why every single other game does it but not OR? Sure, crаp happens and you may be pounded out of your league because you met someone good or had a bad day. So what? If you truly belong to that league of yours, there is no way you are not getting back there the next week by nuking whoever you get this time. P.S. The reason for not doing this Sam gave me when I suggested it was something along the lines that one-week “seasons” are not resistant to, well, what can only be described as random shиt hapenning from time to time. Tl.dr. So what? Addition: In fact, this would kinda add spice to the entire process. Because you never know what league you would end up in at the end of season and can thusly get any kind of blessings (ranging from the pleb pile of, well, you know what to the titans OP list). And yeah, blessings do need to be distributed better too
  4. Infamous

    Account sharing?

    Schizophrenia is NOT the same as a Dissociative Identity Disorder. First is when you see hallucinations, second is when you have multiple personalities. Now, technicalities aside, it would be an interesting case indeed.
  5. Infamous

    Olympus Rising Wiki

    In terms of getting access to the wiki, there are two ways. An easy way would be messaging Pele here or via other channels (you can ask me or most of the mods, we have our ways) and asking him to trasnfer the rights. I am sure this would be done swiftly and gladly. A somewhat harder way is what we used to get Pelle on board. Wikia rules allow members in good standing to assume rights over inactive wiki pages, so if Pelle went inactive for a month or so, anyone who is a registered member of wikia can, with certain stipulations, pm admins and request the ownership.
  6. Infamous

    Account sharing?

    Someoen applied to that clan in spirng I believe. Was rejected, but oh well
  7. Infamous

    Account sharing?

    Same, they are quite famous by now
  8. Infamous

    When will it be a result of the Gods?

    I would actually agree, the event wasnt easy for good accounts either. It was certainly easier than noobs had it, but under no rate as easy as just the hades one. And the Hades one wasnt necessarily a field day either.
  9. Infamous

    Tartarus Invocation Not Working?

    Ipad Air 2 here too. Usually the cause of the bug is having too many troops around or constantly spamming spells or troops while using the invo. Seems like a standard failure of ARC or OM management, ehere the game runs out and thusly is forced to close.
  10. Infamous

    higher lvls always present

    Blessings... Back in the days we had the idea contest and discussions of war system, not a single person, as far as I am aware, said “Hey, we proles have waaaaay to many blessings. Lets take them all away and shove them into the uttermost high league. Lets also make it so it takes months to get there, just for the lolz of it.” It was one of those things brought to us by the devs without a need for it, really. There was an idea of making it desired to go up in leagues, but this could very well be achieved by giving such people a colorful nickname, a slate saying “grandmaster” or any other graphical and non-game affecting thing. Honestly, this always worked in countless other games, why reinvent the bike? You can have some resources to go with it, maybe a production boost for the tops to grind less or something like that. Nice boost, but not anything that directly affects their power (idirectly is fine). And this too was voiced multiple times by a number of players (and as a small deviation, back then I mentioned that any overly optimistic rewards are going to result in the shit like this, didnt I?) So I do believe it is a good idea to eliminate the war blessings alltogether by making them work only in war. This way the alliances would still have to use them - because otherwise they will get totally screwed in wars. And then, to compensate for taking this thing out, introduce and individual resource rewards, clan rewards, some swag-based decorative vanities and, to add some spice, change the way vp rewards work. Make a lot of them, go from those 1-3 titan chests to 8-10 every war in the top league. Also make them ridiculously hard to get, so that it is somehow tied with being high up, where you are forced to attack tough guys to get them. This shouldnt change the top gameplay much, but would force the lower guys to be willling to either go up or have casual, wars without being pounded by people wielding 9 blessings. The old system had flaws that allowed cartel to slap anticartel, resulting in tears all over the place. New system turned everyone into a single giant cartel slaping anyone not in the firdt league and those who should be there, yet didnt quite make it because caught in every damned war season lasting so bloody long. Long story short. As a side note, no, I dont get gems anymore and none of us do (for the 2 months, that is).
  11. Infamous

    higher lvls always present

    Hall of Whoever is Roughly My Size is what I wouldve cared about. Its OK to have a global rating for the swag of it, but given there is no bloody way you are getting there unless you are playing for 10 months+ (and even then it is a big bloody maybe requiring you to actually enter one of those good teams somehow, farm odyssey like a korean gamer on steroids and forge the items via a now rip old forge)... Screw it, totally uninterested. Its like Forbes wealth ratings, most people give precisely zero crap about who is there. Because its unlikely they would ever be able to compete. At the same time, it is much more interesting how much them regular folks around you earn and possess, because you can actually relate and, well, try to match them. Usual “dont bother replying” warning applies btw. Everything above is purely an opinion of someone who enjoys rumbling about things that were once very important because, well, interesting and does not actually aim to answer follow ups. You can try, but dont expect anything ;).
  12. Infamous

    War level mismatch

    Why dont I let this hang here... They made a choice of doing the very first league sorting based on torches. Most of the currently reforming (rerolling, restarting, choose whatever you prefer) teams, as well as the dead and inactive teams were caught up with this, excuse my french, utter sh1t. Idk whether they changed this or not, but it looked like my team that ended up all the way in the pleb league back then would need months to reach even remotely the place where we belonged. What did this mean back then? That every single war some unlucky team would be steamrolled and we would be bored for, well, a lot of time. What this also means is that what was, potentially, the one solution many asked for in terms of making wars great was turned into what it is now. The thing where the leagues are jeopardized still by those caught on the way to their proper league. Ofcourse you are getting hammered if someone so-happened to be much better yet stuck in the net called war season. To be honest, the brutal bug-based glitches that followed the update were actualky good - they finished every season exactly after a single week of war - something I initially wanted to be the thing officially. And this helped even the things up a bit. Cant even imagine how it would go if there was not 3-5 rapid one-week seasons. Anyway, this micro rant is an opinion of someone who has rather long lost interest in any of that. Feel free to ignore and disregard and definitely dont bother replying unless you do not expect to elicit anything from me in return.
  13. My input goes like this: 1) A separate titan code section is not needed to be honest. Titan thread is the kind of junkyard where people come to spam something that is rather outdated now. I can see certain benefits of keeping it in the alliance thread or even moving it somewhere like General chat, yet it is rather annoying already and would only get worse if made a separate topic. Instead, I would go as far as adding a new field roughly where our locations and OR names are displayed, specifically dedicated to titan codes. Then users would be forced to participate in some kind of way to have their codes visible. The project would obviously require some testing as this can have adverse consequences, yet I hope to see the better side of it. 2) I wouldnt use something as generic as Gameplay Q&A while listing both general and Ask and Answer categories. I can guarantee, given how much we like going offtopic, that such kind of hybridization would result in an abundance of incorrectly placed posts. During my renovation of Help subforum I had to move something along the lines of 200 threads. In fact, I would combine things differently altogether, having Suggestions (plain and utilitarian ideas and related constructive discussion) and General chat (opinionated kind of discussions) under Gameplay broad category and Bugs + QA under, well, Help category. Additionally, I think it is possible to have a predefined post scheme in some subforums here ( @Tomaxo, correct me if I am wrong), so instead of having multiple bug subforums we can simply have a structure asking for platform alongside OS version, device and bug description. I know we are not tech support, but the current way some users describe bugs is plain counterproductive. 3) Speaking of schemes, we can also try having something like that for suggestions subforum (Something asking for the game aspect alongside the actual suggestion) if such thing is possible. May make it easier for the devs to go through bug reports and suggestions. 4) I believe that having a separate subforum for things passed to the developers is too much at this point. In my opinion, a better way is to indeed have a single pinned audit of all suggestions, reflecting the current status of each idea (New, seen by the devs or implemented/denied). That would obviously require either a dedicated mod to monitor things or cm/dev time, yet it may prove to be a little bit more feasible. 5) Any kind of archiving should be done on a regular basis. No one likes scrolling through 12 pages of threads, reading every single response in every single thread. Instead, people get rather demotivate and proceed to simply posting what they want thinking it is too much work to see whether that had been discussed before. A much better idea (I believe, obviously may be wrong) is to have a team of mods and devs going over things every few months, making an audit of key ideas discussed, leaving references to the archived materials. Then the info would be available in a concise and easy to access manner for thos seeking utilitarian approaches and the more inquisitive ones can easily dig the archives reading every single post made. The rules and procedures would obviously have to be refined, but you should get the baseline idea. Thats the way I see things, happy to discuss should there be people having a different opinion(s).
  14. Invision is used by many and it isnt bad overall. It kinds comes down to simple procedures that no one does here. The outcome is a 5 year old junkyard that had been blasted and rebuilt a couple of times... In all due technicalities, my opinion is that the best way is to archive, compress and hide 85% of the forum on some faraway server located in Nigeria, come up with a comprehensive structure to be filled with the remaining 25% and roll from there, making sure the thing is maintained properly. The main issue here, I guess, is that not many people actually care... No one loves cleaning up after all.
  15. I had something like this in mind while processing suggestions myself. The only issue with this is that, paraphrasing numerous answers made by several players, the game is made by something along the lines of 2-3 people (2 and a dog and 1 and an intern are also viable options), meaning the devs are usually busy fixing bugs, nerfing features or, when they get some kind of time, answering the plethora of complaints, questions or (indeed) suggestions. All of that not to mention more than a lot of pms sent to them, as we all figured out its more reliable than fg support. I wish they had a dedicated CM to do all that stuff, but alas. Important info btw, devs != fg, they just work under them for some reason. With this in mind, while I very much concur with the idea, it is much more likely to be implemented by one of the users, who would swiftly get a promotion to mod crew. Speaking of islands, certain player on that list deserves to have something along the lines of Australia-sized island in their name (and most here know who exactly) Oh, btw, wellcome to the wall-of-text club. Our president @Heroesflorian should offer some form of induction at some point in time.