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  1. At lest those are gods and not some cheeky Ajaxes
  2. Infamous

    Giant Hideout 3/5 Walkthrough!

    Hmmm, if you have a good channel, ppl should post you around often. We are all lazy enouh to link the vid instead of explaining in most cases
  3. Infamous

    Event: Saturnalia

    Thats precisely what happens if you misspell Cronus and then click on AC without thinking. Nice catch
  4. Infamous

    Event: Saturnalia

    Yeah. And take double the time to get (a year?)
  5. Infamous

    Event: Saturnalia

    @AwesomestKnightest I am pretty sure Zeus = Jupiter in Rome. Chronos, though, seems to be the Saturn. So, um, this celebrates Chronos instead?
  6. Infamous

    Olympus Rising Wiki

    Part of it is done already, I just need to get the other one in somehow.
  7. Infamous

    Video chests not appearing.

    @StuartMc1 @Sheldyra So, a headsup on this issue: It seems like the patch is not the root of this particular evil and they are currently looking into what might be causing it. For now, they asked to formally account for any such iterations using the template associated eith this forum. The official feedback will be available as soon as the issue is localized (think next week, but there are no dates as of yet).
  8. Infamous

    Olympus Rising Wiki

    Sure, just seemed strange to answer a question asked almost a year ago (plus he got his answer in discord as far as I am aware ). Maybe we should try slapping up a semi-faq with all them mechanics people wonder about (cause those are numerous)?
  9. Infamous

    Defender statue stats

    @NOVAKK So the devs confirmed my version, which means the following official insight: The DR is meant to reflect any damage as non-elemental and it takes place AFTER all other resistances. So, what seems to be the reason for that difference in damage is precisely that - first statue has too many and too much resistances. Now, I am inclined to suspect at least some interaction with what dumpster said above, at least it seems decent enough to not be completely ruled out. Hence, if you wanna give those two insights some tests (a.k.a. somehow reduce the resistance of the first statue and see what happens OR switch the second statue into Odyssey AOE instead of gear), that would be a way to go.
  10. Infamous

    Cursed Titan Chest Moving Target?

    @KingBenk this does mean the first option (so you will no longer get this curse at all). Something prevents them fixing the math bug, hence the “cutting the entire arm off instead” solution.
  11. Infamous

    Olympus Rising Wiki

    @Tomaxo you do realize it was asked some time in Nobember of 2017?
  12. Infamous

    Defender statue stats

    That is consistent with any and all observations I had thus far too. Including the thread I linked above where I claimed DR is physical because physical resist seemed to help with statues. This is a pretty good explanation for why that is. Shame you havent linked it in full before (or I missed that somehow), would help with further questions for sure
  13. Infamous

    Defender statue stats

    Fair enough. Lets see what the officials say, they should know how their game is not working as intended (I hope tahts the case now, although doubts are there still) for sure
  14. Infamous

    Defender statue stats

    Odyssey gave area damage there. Or does it only work with the damage coming from equipment? Then we at least have some kind of lead where the bug comes from
  15. Infamous

    Defender statue stats

    Yeah, heard this before as well, think you had the convo with them back then. Yet how then the two almost identical statues have what is claimed to be a very drastic difference in the time taken to kill the army? 63 vs 61 and area damage of 2200 vs 2637. It isnt a question of what causes the damage, that is, like you said, a common fact nowadays. The question is what causes the drastic difference in damage. From my personal experience, I too confirm that I made an almost immortal statue that healed with some insane LoH. That was a bug too and I am somewhat sure they tried acting on it, yet from the comments I see it is rsther futile (else others use broken gear, which I did not have the access too). Yet it did not kill stuff as fast as some of the killer statues did. And to go with that, the killer statues that I saw actually took much more damage that the immortal ones did. So there is a clear relationship (negative) between being immortal and killing the enemy fast. Again, at least thats what I reliably saw myself. Which works nicely with the DR - Resistance theory. Why DR damage is so abnormally high is a separate question on its own