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  1. Yeps. Moderation does not rest upon playing the game, but much rather being apt in forum rules and keeping an eye on enforcing those rules (although I prefer to avoid this role and explain them instead). It is certainly less so a case of me being able to help people all the time, but on that note we kinda disagree pretty much for the entirity of me being around forums, so nothing new regardless of me playing or not. Speaking of complaints: thats precisely the way it sounds. And I am pretty sure they disagree with you on that, so maybe just maybe it is the usual case of you being a side of the argument?
  2. Course not. Like I said back then, I wholeheartedly dislike the very idea of more levels especially since I wouldve just had lvl 131 a week-ish ago unless I used gems. So it is even more so a notion of mine not to come back with this new update. I guess I simply enjoy contrasting OR with my current projects in a vague hope some of these contrast get to the right people and hint them the right ideas
  3. In fact they do. All the same players say that not only they are blasted for -14 but also get 1 to 5 from noobs or nothing from you guys cause they cant beat you. Check the factual evidence and youll find it is actually the same people voicing concerns just about anything here
  4. @Neptune I am pretty sure they expect a hefty investment of gems. Or well, not expect, but anticipate it for those upset with the timers. Gems are relatively cheap if you earn enough, so as long as 200-500 $ isnt a considerable summ for one, he is going to blast through the timers just fine. You say thats the case only for about 10-15% of the playerbase? Well, tought luck lads!
  5. They said everything got extra levels. Heroes and items are a subset of everything, so logically they had been modified accordingly. Although, I hasten to add that weve seen examples of FG using inductive rather than deductive logic becore, conseqently failing rather infamously... So you do have some weight with those concerns of yours. Enjoy the race if you can.
  6. Artemis for sure. Guess we all agree it is scary as hell to be chazed by a fluffy hoofed stag monstrosity all that while a bunch of random elemental apocalypse-class spells are flying just over your head. Heres the trick thouh, Artemis is blind enough to miss any and all such spells and the stag is merely a scary nuisance, so no harm is anticipated. Huzzah.
  7. Hmmm, if you have a good channel, ppl should post you around often. We are all lazy enouh to link the vid instead of explaining in most cases
  8. Thats precisely what happens if you misspell Cronus and then click on AC without thinking. Nice catch
  9. Yeah. And take double the time to get (a year?)
  10. @AwesomestKnightest I am pretty sure Zeus = Jupiter in Rome. Chronos, though, seems to be the Saturn. So, um, this celebrates Chronos instead?
  11. Part of it is done already, I just need to get the other one in somehow.
  12. @StuartMc1 @Sheldyra So, a headsup on this issue: It seems like the patch is not the root of this particular evil and they are currently looking into what might be causing it. For now, they asked to formally account for any such iterations using the template associated eith this forum. The official feedback will be available as soon as the issue is localized (think next week, but there are no dates as of yet).
  13. Sure, just seemed strange to answer a question asked almost a year ago (plus he got his answer in discord as far as I am aware ). Maybe we should try slapping up a semi-faq with all them mechanics people wonder about (cause those are numerous)?
  14. @NOVAKK So the devs confirmed my version, which means the following official insight: The DR is meant to reflect any damage as non-elemental and it takes place AFTER all other resistances. So, what seems to be the reason for that difference in damage is precisely that - first statue has too many and too much resistances. Now, I am inclined to suspect at least some interaction with what dumpster said above, at least it seems decent enough to not be completely ruled out. Hence, if you wanna give those two insights some tests (a.k.a. somehow reduce the resistance of the first statue and see what happens OR switch the second statue into Odyssey AOE instead of gear), that would be a way to go.
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