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  1. Infamous

    Eleusis of Nemesis

    Salutations immolations! To begin with, allow me to offer you an important announcement: BUMP! Now, with this out of the way, allow me to proceed with my usual style of delivering rather inept and dismal information. Long story short, like we have promised a few months ago, we have absolutely trounced any opposition on our way to the top. Obviously no honor in fighting kitten with Vulcan machineguns, yet I would mention it regardless. Because low self-esteem. In all due seriousness though, we are looking for something along the lines of 3-4 decent thugs warriors that would fit our crew of erudite massacrers. While we have been rather quiet for the past few months, bored by the easiness of progression, there is a genuine hope to revivify our previous level of activity as soon as the 4.0 hits. Obviously, having 40 vocable individuals would be rather interesting. Hope you all lose 15 trophies every other hour, Infamous.
  2. Infamous

    Game Reset During Battle

    How many units were around when you used it? There is a leak they cant fix for some reason, making tartarus a very expensive haphazard bomb. Can nuke the enemy but also may obliterate the user.
  3. Infamous

    Who has a beast prometheus?

    @Warriornator I am currently reorganizing this forum and just came across an earlier thread about Prom created by Hellslord. There is a bunch of decent stuff in there which you may find helpful. So read this now-merged thread from the beginning
  4. Infamous


    Not to be a moron in any way, but could you please change “opsession” to “obsession”
  5. Infamous

    Suffering huge quantity of attacks

    @JuaniusGuerrero you will stop eventually. There is a level when you are mostly pared with people who cant pass your defense, while getting occasional patches of -15 trophies and some gems from those who can. Basically, the closer you get to the mean level of trophies for your level range, the more placid it gets. For instance, although I rarely do more than 10 battles a day, I stay within 9800 trophy range, as it is the equivalence point for lvl 116
  6. Infamous

    Who has a beast prometheus?

    Oh, what others do is a healthy combo of 2 speed masteries and something else instead of the chicken suit btw. To each his own after all. All in all, I wouldnt use him for anyone but the +3 trophy people on your map. Unless you have some spare nerves, that is
  7. Infamous

    Private Messages

    Was asked 10+ times already, so far no change is seen on ther horizon. Ill merge this with the other threads
  8. Infamous

    Over powered forge items.

    That seems like a suggestion to me. Any rationale for posting it in Help and Questions? Ill move it soon Now, rumbling aside, I actually second that and would love to see something adressing the issues of uniques, including their diminished stats. Guess you know my take and suggestion for that, posted it a number of times already
  9. Infamous

    Who has a beast prometheus?

    I run him with the chicken suit, demo ring and frostbite sword. Essentially, he is Herucles ugly little step-brother. And yes, he is meant to die this way, so I usually have a hefty amount of ambrosia piled up for that.
  10. Infamous

    Suffering huge quantity of attacks

    Correction, you have to be 130 or Mani Jokes aside though, being that high is definitely a question of having all of the blessings, a good defense and the time to do between 200 and 500 battles a day to counter the attrition P.S. THANKS! For not doubleposting. I wish other people would do the same
  11. Infamous

    Regarding upgrading the defense layout

    What is the level of that tower? Appropriately leveled and enhanced towers are roughly 110-120k hp. A blessed tower goes as far as 150k+
  12. Infamous

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Would it stack with the griffins jump? Something along the lines of (Griffin Speed + Trebuchet Launch speed) * Griffin Mass * Buff coefficient = nuke dmg?
  13. Infamous

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Yeah, penguins to be specific
  14. Infamous

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Yeah, my bad, sorry. Need more coffee this morning. In which case, lets change the question: Any notes on defense buff? Trebuchet blessing looks like gamechanger here, may as well join the buffist camp
  15. Infamous

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Werent you all in for the defense nerf lately?