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  1. UncleTH

    How have you experienced the new matchmaking?

    Honestly, we do not know how matchups are made in war or conquest. I get the impression too much of it does have to do with the rank which is based on Trophy. Trophy levels can be manipulated to some extent by players. But rank is also derived from total trophy an alliance holds. There also needs to be some consideration to each class and item in those classes. Examples as number players on each team regardless of alliance level King Level The strength of the defense The strength of the offense. Not just what is on the map but what is developed and available to the player. Frankly, we do not know how matchmaking is calculated for wars or conquest but I gather it is relatively simple. The Dev's can include more things and apply more or less weight to any and all of them. I do not expect they will expose that to us for obvious reasons but I am sure there is a numerical value assigned to each and every item in every class of the game. The poll is kind of meaningless because some will see improvements, so may not and some may see it as worse. I do think removing tiers as the main weight was a good move.
  2. Would you consider changing the daily alliance donation count down to say 20 or 22 hours instead of a hard 24? The logic being is allowing someone to sleep late on the weekend but then not miss their donation during the week when they have to go to school or work. Or similarly, if they have to work late one day it then creeps up toward their bedtime. Meaning, being late once or twice does not mess up your whole routine for the week. It would also be nice if extra donations did not cost so much or were on a tier. First donation at 25%, next at 50, 100 then 125% within a 24 hour period. You may see an increase in use of Gems because players that use the method to donate more often will likely spend as much as they do now but be able to donate more. Players that do not use the method might do so if the cost was not so high. It can be some variant of that suggested.
  3. UncleTH

    conquest too long.....

    You do not know what is happening over there and that is part of the beauty of the design of the game. You can guess by how many opponents you see from each team vs their membership may be in wars outside of your vision area. You monitor players and their strengths and if they move out in and out of your vision also gives you some clues. We have had to decide if we want to press into an area or give up some ground as well but that is dynamic as the game changes a lot in days 3 and 4.
  4. UncleTH

    conquest too long.....

    I like conquest too but it is exhausting as well as frustrating at times. It may be a little long from that perspective but not from the winning being set in the first two days. I have many times seen the dynamics of a game change during the last 48 hours. I feel that 5 days is enough to deploy our current strategy since much of the first two days is setting up the last 3 days. You have to set your initial towers, start your initial research and scout the area, There goes 1 day, day 2 go claim areas and resources, day 2 and 3 wars are beginning to take shape. You can also start moving around map a lot better in day 3 Typically it is in day 3 that you are now pretty engaged with 1 or 2 other teams over resources and areas but it is day 4 where most of that is settled but day 5 is where some surprises can happen such as popping a level 3 or 4 tower that controls the outcome of the game.
  5. UncleTH

    community manager answered Some Conquest Feedback

    Thank you for that knowledge about the bonus system in Conquest.
  6. UncleTH

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    I agree that the tiered skull bonus makes it harder for 1 player to pin 3 or more players now. I personally do not think Pinning is an issue in the game. I think it is valid.
  7. I agree that Phoebe beast should not be nerfed but it is hard to avoid in the festivals as you can in regular gameplay. That is kind of ruining last two or three Festivals. Is there something that can be done about that so I can enjoy that part of the game again. I expect festivals to be hard but not nearly impossible as most of those paths have Phoebe, like 8/10.
  8. UncleTH

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    It is not too bad as it sits now. I just suggested an edit if any are needed.
  9. UncleTH

    Return Favor button

    I guess the best use there is to return the favor to a friend that is in another alliance and you can not see their chat. I do get some from people not in my alliance. So perhaps a new feature would be that if you get troops from someone outside your alliance through the friends feature you can return the favor. Those troops would go up to a queue to provide troops next time they ask.
  10. UncleTH

    we need slight defense buff

    I will 1+ the idea of adding a few more tiles and towers to offset the huge Guardian improvement to the offense. We have not even seen what a top-level rare Guardian can do yet. Buffing the Guardian is not a horrible idea but they should be similar to some of the beast they will face.
  11. UncleTH

    3 Alliances, AGAIN

  12. UncleTH

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    SV should not even be a factor for the first 12 hours to allow players to complete RL task. That is fair to both sides. It should then become increasingly a factor as time passed as it does now. I suppose there could be some tweaks in defense of towers since the attacker is presumably on-line when he attacks and the tower is defending itself with the troops inside. Again there could be a short period of time to wait for reinforcements but really it could be no different than driving into a brick wall with pretty much instant results. Make It is possible to assign roles to players as a game feature. Suppose the attacker just wants to scout and collect info on the tower and not really attack it? They would have to stay there without being attacked for a period of time to get full information but then also leave to get the report. If attacked and loses, then there is no data collected. More energy he has plus the setting of scout makes it harder to detect him initially unless he stays too long or decides to attack.
  13. So yes, @Madlen it currently a feature without any real or useful function. It could be used pre-conquest to indicate the likelihood of playing so Generals could know who to assign troops. It could be used by the player to indicate he is on-line and wanting to boost his energy regeneration for a short period. Similar to how we boost taverns or farms but limit the use but many players have a window of time when they play so running out of energy is a real drag. If set to resting for a period of time when you wake you get maybe 125% of normal energy, maybe 5% more for each hour set to resting with no movement with a max of 125%. If you move or attack while resting then reset to normal for X hours. When active you get 150% energy regeneration for 2, 3 or 4 hours max and can use 1 time per day or once every 8 hours. There could be a waiting period if you come out of rest early and have +100% energy already and must be below 25% energy to boost. These are just some of my early thoughts on how this could be a feature. Not to branch this too much but it was mentioned that this was intended to be able to know who to assign orders too. Since I have never been on the receiving end of an order, I have a few questions. How does the player receive the order? Let's say I give an order to move to AA26 because there is an opponent there but the opponent moves prior to the teammate logs on? Meaning the orders could be a little more verbose in saying a couple of things IMHO. Go to tile AA26 and wait to build a tower attack player in that area defend area / tower /join war Scout area. How do we get confirmation that a player performed assignment? Can they also signal that they found something of interest, an enemy in the area or resource? If they do signal does it go to all Sergeants, Generals or just the one that gave the order, or post that signal to sticky notes?
  14. UncleTH

    3 Alliances, AGAIN

    We were in the middle too the one time this happened. I am not sure if it is worse being in the middle as much as it is better to have the opening on your side.
  15. UncleTH

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    It is a math problem. I questioned it early, learned how it works and plan accordingly.