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  1. I guess we are in the 5th tier too, counting from Bottom 😃. Given @KingThunderbolt4 saying he is in Veteran Scouts, I assume I can not see the lowest tier, only so many above and below current position. His is second below us so relatively we are in 7th tier. Can not look at any other tier. Also cannot see score averages for tiers like you can in Ninja. I guess we lost just enough at the end of the game to not move up so we are close to the cusp.
  2. We are currently in Seasoned Explorers. Missed the Cut to move up. We were in the Green an hour or so before the end. Kind of Happy about that part. Looks to be 196 teams in seasoned explorers. Green Level is top 40 teams. Scores of 474 to 331 Gray score is 331 to 195 Red is 156 and down with scores from 194 to Zero. I am thinking it is still an average but not 100% sure.
  3. I found it, and I also found the tiers. Looks like we are moving up to Vet Explorers and are in way over our heads. The last Conquest we had 1 really strong team that likely got knocked down a tier, now we are moving up 1. We are only ranked around 1000 give or take. The match up was actually pretty close but one team had far more 100+ rank than we did and about the same amount of active players. I am afraid next tier will be too much. We hate to lose.
  4. I am trying to figure out where this information is located. I do not know our tier and many other things about our place in the world, so to speak.
  5. I tend to agree with this entire concept. We typically focus on building towers in a defensive mode and not be too hostile in the beginning. We go after the resources and points on the map but do not push battles. We do engage but typically we wait to see which team is the aggressor first. Most of this comes naturally over trying to claim resources as designed. If you engage in battles, you are often tied up for hours so that is not something you want to do haphazardly. I do think that perhaps they can borrow from regular war and give chest based on skulls as individual rewards in addition. There should also be some mechanism in conquest to get rewards to increase their resource buildings. It should not be 100% gem driven. We have a pretty active group, most play in all aspects of the game. Some hate it but do it out of loyalty the game in general as well as the Alliance, and some love conquest. I like conquest because it is a team aspect rather than a collection of individual scores. However, there should be some aspect of individual achievement and rewards to help motivate activity in conquest. I do not want to see so much of that incorporated that players no longer focus on doing what is best for the team. Let's face it some players should not join some wars, are better off scouting and blocking.
  6. Match Making in Regular War as Well as in Conquest could be improved. Must be improved actually. I know a lot of people do not like conquest but some do. It is more of a team game than other aspects. I do not think the rewards are the driving force. They are not even close to that earning in Ninja.
  7. Any plans to add a second map so we can work on our path while it is not active?
  8. Conquest - Resource donation tracker. I was thinking this would reset so we could gauge current activity from players and not the complete history. I was thinking it said from start of conquest meaning each conquest.
  9. hmmm - hope to get a better response from the Dev's
  10. If Conquest is once per month, will the boost last longer?
  11. Let me rephrase. Assume a group is trying to attack a tower, they are blocked. Because it makes more sense to not join and commit more resources. We let the SV time run out then jump the aggressors. Now we can not. This block is a problem. Makes more sense we can initiate a retaliatory offense to tie up aggressors rather than fight. Maybe tower guard and modifiers should extend out to the claimed area of the tower. Why join, just because if we don't we can not attack and defend our tower? We should let the SV time run out then jump them!
  12. I was going to say, I think the whiners won on this one. At the very least, the tile should be able to be attacked during the block time and if they do not move then war starts again. Thank you the explanation
  13. It is about Match Making > The database knows everything about players far more than what the trophy count gives. This thread should be closed by the way because it is about a tweak done 3 or 4 months ago and not sure it is still relevant.
  14. Err, I am not sure what Tile Block is, conquest has not started either and the premature responses have me confused. Is there a description of it somewhere I missed, or are we expected to figure it out in-game?
  15. I agree, Glad it is on backlog but should be addressed asap and hopefully before Conquest in March.
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