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  1. I got the game a week or so after its release I think, purely by accident. Its the only game I've ever stuck with!
  2. I appreciate it's not your department, but of course they can restore an account, they just need to send him a means to login to it. (Or something...) Sorry, I see it reads that they answered at the bottom, that wasn't your CS, but the 3rd party I was talking too. It can be done, I was asking you to grease the wheels a bit and get them to do their jobs! Cheers, Stuart
  3. Hi, Simple one this, obviously in the wrong thread but there isn't a correct one that I can see. One of our long term players (well, the games long term players) had his iPhone reset and he can't access the have as I believe he can't remember his login (maybe not that...) Support haven't done a thing, it's been well over a week now.(he's inactive) @Madlen ,Could you please give someone a kick as it's not good enough. "[10:23, 11/22/2018] (Lutique): Hello there! Thank you for contacting Flaregames Customer Support. Your request (131378) has been received and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow us at least 24 hours to respond to your issue." Just been told this; And he cannot access it because the account was not saved on iCloud, therefore he cannot restore it
  4. StuartMc1

    OR forum event - Winter 2018

    Theb of Sir Stuart (In Weed the People) Prometheus, the old man doesn't get out much, no one likes him as he's too slow ,falls over if anything so much as sneezes at him.... So let him help build the snowman (slowly....) Then, for the Lolz, get him angry and his Pyro power kicks in, melting the snowman..... ☃️ "Let's start again old man..."
  5. Dorsetshire Nice little team, English speaking, happy to help new players as we have many experienced players either relaxing or using second accounts, we enjoy being the underdogs and winning islands through better tactics! We have all towers and some units blessed all the time as well as Medusa and Siren war blessings, we activate every blessing we have for war. No pressure at all for donations, just come and have fun. We use line app to communicate, but again, no pressure, you can follow the in game instructions for war. Ideally at least level 60, but we aren't that bothered, if you're happy we're happy!
  6. You're probably too low for my team ( Dorsetshire) , but we are very relaxed and happy to help, we have experienced players looking after things and lots of blessings running, have a look.
  7. StuartMc1

    community manager answered nerfing items ? rly ?

    Nice thread, great example of how to keep long term players in the game...🙄
  8. StuartMc1

    War season blessings.

    Adding to this, nice to see we've got Seal in the second league for another season with their Chaos gate (maybe gladiatori as well?) So that's fair isn't it? The gate is easily worth 10% of points and you won't do a thing about it, giving them an unfair advantage in wars and their players have stronger defences. Not their fault of course, any team would do the same. Just annoying Flare do nothing to even it up. @Madlen
  9. I won't be bothering... I log in twice a day maybe, I really can't be arsed to do that nonsense.
  10. StuartMc1

    War season blessings.

    Hi, can we please have a shake up if the war blessings, leaving them exactly the same season after season isn't exactly encouraging for us. Most, well, all but 150 players, have never seen some blessings as they are unique to the top three teams.. We'd love the chaos gate, but that's exclusively for Titan teams now it would seem.... Can you not rotate the blessings awarded?
  11. What? So to bring 5 Star Titan up to date (frankly for high level players that's pretty well every bit of kit for every hero) we need to go through the entire refining process (10m gold+5 Star titan, green, blue, purple, gold, Titan) just to refresh it? That's simply not practical and hardly fair.
  12. Sorry, but that's just *****, everyone's uniques are now second rate compared to any newly acquired ones? The point of uniques Is they scale with your level, now you've just rendered every single existing one bin material compared to new. This is exactly the type of change that just causes annoyance. (What's with the **** ? I only put s t u p i d .....)
  13. 12/14 days to upgrade the temple is just daft. It serves no purpose at all other than to annoy the players.
  14. When you say "new items"do you mean newly acquired or newly forged? Because I'm reading that as old kit has effectively been nerfed by the values you list on various items.
  15. Does this mean when we go up a level and forge a unique they will scale up to the new levels or are they all effectively nerfed by 25% now?