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  1. i see it in store but there is also info that requirements are not met.... Android Nougat isn't enough?
  2. Why not everyone can download this game, i understand its not for old and useless win mobile but android? are there any limitations to who can download as an event promo?
  3. bigfastfox

    Max Hero level

    farming exp is boring as hell and pointless as a fun factor in game. Its pointless to forge items before 130lvl and because hero lvl affects strenght of all items new levels would destroy old items forged by some people waaaay more than 100 times. Some people gave up on leveling and are playing 4 years still not even having 120lvl, some like me were farming it to get rid of farming exp once and for all and actually start playing game instead of attacking every day same favourited players for exp. New levels would not bring any joy or goal to anyone in the game.
  4. Cheating to win 50 000 gems should be bannable. Flare lost war with cheater so they removed montlhy rewards.
  5. yeah, make 4 seconds for a pearl instead of 4,6 Community would appreciate it- seriously
  6. It's around 4,6s but why we see 4s then when boosted? game isnt showing floating point numbers?
  7. @Madlen Im melting 582 pearls worth item with all slots unlocked and boosted blacksmith and instead of 38.8 minutes to melt it timer is showing 44 minutes? Why Blacksmith is melting 15% slower than it should? According to the information that can be seen in blacksmith window he should be melting 4 pearls per second when boosted.....
  8. My feedback. This is what happens to chat when you open it.
  9. Sure, now explain how fair it is to put in same league people with low trophies unable to farm medals and players with 4.5k+ trophies? You are wrong, it is not pvp, it is a competition that uses pvp system - thats all. Your point of view could be good if there was something like "crown" in this game that players could win each month, it is normal that only strongest can compete, but leagues are not pvp, leagues are rewarding effort and in current system low trophy fights are treated like effortless and high trophy fights even if easy gives high medal values. Yes when someone has every unit and spell forged 100+ times its not that she/he is fighting the toughest battle of his/her life against heavily forged defense. Pvp for the strongest. Leagues tiered for everyone. Unless its organized this way for a very long time its pointless to try to compete in leagues for many people.
  10. ok, but you have to admit @Madlen that exploiting dungeons topic is straight forward related to medals. No one would ever complain if everyone could be able to obtain medals only once in dungeons if pvp was more fair. Look at diamond and/or platinum league- people avoid to play, they stay at 0 medals just to be sure that they are gonna fall to lower league at the end.
  11. Maybe it is the right time to fix matchmaking then, so people who are "sentenced" to low medal values aren't in the same leagues with players sitting at very high trophy count obtaining huge medal rewards just because they are where they are. Many people can provide you ss showing how wide is the range of trophy count in leagues and i think you know it too. Now it's often David vs Goliath situation sadly. Why not put together winners of leagues in next league? Winners of bronze in silver and so on?
  12. It is ***** AF 😄 You attack 4k guy while you are 3,5k so you dont get medals but when you are 4k and attack 4k player you suddenly start getting 600 medals? haha Trophy count = trophy count you can sustain as a result of raiding and being raided by others. some people are at their max. Yes you can increase trophies but then you will get few attacks and your trophy count will melt down- that is how it works, it's called balance. It is a proof that medals depends from trophy count. you are playing 2 months instead of 2 years so you can't get medals 😁. Say what you want but people are now helpless, they are not hiding, intentionally or unintentionally lowering their trophy count - theyjustplay this game and they see that they are not making medals and some are.
  13. Then they should investigate the problem and fix it instead of just closing dungeons. Seems it doesn't work this way in royal revolt 2. Low lvl players fight hard and get small number of medals, mid lvl players fighting difficult battles against difficult enemies aren't getting enough medals to compete in leagues. Medals should be calculated after comparing how strong someones atk power(boosts, forgings etc..) is compared to attacked player defense: lvl of waves and units,boosts, amount of towers/obstacles + forging aspect. <--- this would be only fair system of medals distribution because it is not biased towards trophy count which is imho unreliable to some degree. Current system do not measure effort. To some point players are unable to compete in leagues. Do you believe that most of the people playing royal revolt "are not in their trophy range". Not everyone is hiding in rankings...... Im playing daily for a little bit over 1,5 year in RR2 and I remember how it was at the beginning and how my situation started changing and I wasn't able to understand why suddenly I can't win even easiest leagues and why players on lvl 30-40 were doubling or tripling my scores. For many months I wasn't paying any attention at all to leagues, because trying to win or score TOP 3 was impossible.
  14. So where is the problem with doing dungeons multiple times? If you are doing this it means you are strong enough which means you earned the right to do it. This is the way of showing how a great pleayer one person is when all he/she is doing all day is attacking only 2-3 players all the time instead of defeating many different players? If you can beat someone 20-30 times a day it only means that his/her base is to easy for you and amount of medals one is gaining should lower after every fight. This is an exploit, you are not winning medals, you are just farming it. And high trophy players are always getting huge amount of medals and lower trophies are not even if someone is fighting as hard as someone from 5000+ trophy compared to his own range?
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