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  1. Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    Hi~ everyone, I know this post has been existing for a while, but, there're still lots of complaining about the war, not only here, but also in the Olympus Rising related groups on chatting apps. To those who are not satisfied with current war system, I think it's time to change what are you doing, as someone may notice in another post, that the dev. team said now they are figuring out something new to improve the war. So, if you do not like current war system, I think it will be better to wait, the dev. team always says the improvements will be available "soon". And no matter you believe it or not, I think it will always be better to think about how to improve, think as if you are the game designer, what could you do? Instead of just complaining. If you could think about nothing, you have no solution, then, be quiet and wait may be the only thing you could do.
  2. Level 32 but has HYDRA units

    Doesn't need that much of gems I guess, if he played so long, the daily chest may provide enough gems, especially the gem chests in about every 7 days.
  3. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Welcome to join us. Hope you won't be bothered by millions of requests XD
  4. Chest video issue

    If there's difference between territories, hope the dev. team could fix them sooner. good luck
  5. Disconnection when opening titan chest

    Wow.........well............I tried it again when more ambrosia were generated, and then the issue fixed by itself!! So, I'm good now!
  6. Disconnection when opening titan chest

    it seems all the problem are related to tasks like "gain XXXX wisdom/ambrosia", aren't they? If what @CaptainMorgansaid above is correct, then I should be able to fix the problem by myself by try it later, when the number is really accumulated, right?
  7. Disconnection when opening titan chest

    I have exactly the same issue it seems I have to give up this chest, and which is worse, I can't see the task of next cursed Titan chest to work on breaking it, until the timer of current one closed.........T_T Plz help us
  8. Chest video issue

    Don't know what did you do, but want to say thanks to you because now I have very very little chance to have failure or game crash during or after watching the video. The Video chests work pretty well now. Thanks for resolving this problem!!
  9. Decoration can't be finished

    Thx a lot for your advice, will forward to him and try.
  10. Decoration can't be finished

    I think this is kind of different with the problem I saw on this forum earlier, which is due to the tower was in another defense layout or something, but now this problem is on a decoration which should not create a similar problem.
  11. Dear dev. team, This is a problem my friend is facing with his account, when he tried to finish the decoration, he can't, the view jump to the entrance like the 2nd photo below but the decoration is not finished, so one of his worker is kept occupied. His in game name is 杰他他老伯. Could you help to look into this?
  12. Interesting?? No comment to other suggestions yet, but let's look at the first 4 suggestions first, based on my first thought what I read it. When there're still players complaining about how difficult to level up Artemis, and why the dev. team forces players to level up Artemis Tower that the players don't want to, these suggested war rules are doing more, these rules mean forcing players to level up EVERY hero/heroine, if you don't do it, you'll be having disadvantages in the war, as you don't have enough good female heroines to use, or no enough good heroes with shield,...etc. I don't like the idea I'm forced to level up my every hero/heroine ASAP, no matter I like him/her or not.
  13. Yes, "don't attack first" is one of the solution under current circumstance, so you can watch whom is attacked, and then determine who you want to attack. In fact, when the other alliance was attacked, I wouldn't mind attack them and then get them stuck between 2 alliances. This is war, right? Of course no, it's not easy to win when deal with 2 battlefront, but what I mean is, how to prevent yourself get into that situation? Therefore I said, if you're stronger than the other alliance, the allied alliances will attack them, so you won't be dealing 2 battlefront, right? Let's say there're 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th alliances in a war, 1st and 2nd are allied, you're 3rd and the other is 4th. When 1st and 2nd are thinking about which to attack, they look at 3rd (you) and 4th, if they see more members, high levels, more trophies in 3rd (you), compare to 4th, theoretically they will choose to attack 4th, right? So, why nothing to do with strength and participating? That's the standard your enemies use to decide which one to attack, right? In addition, if you by accidentally attack one of the allied alliances first, and then they decide to fight you back, so you're having 2 battlefront to deal with, but in the first round, you use 100% force to win one of the allied alliances (because you're defeated NOT because you're weaker than them, but because they have 2 alliances, so you CAN win one of them if you use 100% force to against one), and then the 2nd round the allied alliances should give up attacking you, and then turn to attack the 4th which is weaker than you, right? This is because in the first round, 1st won 1 torch, 2nd lose 1 torch because of you, and you're break-even, so if 1st and 2nd keep attacking you, it's not good and no fun to them at all, so they turn to attack 4th, which is weaker than you, right? Yes, you are right, we're all limited in furies, don't have enough furies to stay head to head with 2 different allys at same time. So, the key point is, DON'T stay head to head with 2 different allys at same time, if 2 are attacking you, choose one to fight back! Unless you're weaker than BOTH of them, you will NEVER be losing to both of them, you can win 1 of them, and then maintain more torches than the 1 that is defeated by you!!
  14. Honestly, although this is a big problem for you and your team member, which is sad, but unless the war system is changed entirely, I don't see a viable solution so far. You think force each alliance to proceed the war with 1 vs 1 is a closest to best solution, then I wish you good luck. I think someone mentioned earlier but not sure if you read it and understood or not, when you can only do 1 vs 1, it means you probably can't choose the enemy that is weaker so your team member could attack and win easier because when you want to attack that alliance, you may find you can't because the other alliance is already attacking them, so you have to attack the other stronger alliance that you didn't plan to and not want to attack in that war. When it happens, what will you say about the updated war system?? In the other way to think, in a rare situation, you are 1 vs 3, that's bad, for sure. If it's not, then the worst case if 2 allied alliances. In this situation, there're another 2 alliances, you and the other one. When you're stronger than the other one, it should not be you being attacked by the allied alliances, when you're weaker than the other alliance, yes, you'll be the victim. This is imaginable, and it's a reasonable decision by the allied alliances, right?