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    New pro set?

    Does it have to be 100% pro? There are tons of possible and efficient combinations. There's a lot of great pro items, but there are really great uber items which have no pro equivalent. I don't know which pal you play with, but I'm going to assume it's any pal other than Fritz. The must have items for almost any set are: - Cape with speed; - Weapon with Hero Scream Unit Speed (either Sanzu or Omega); - Ring with heal aura (Chloris)... or kickback aura (Zelos) is a good 2nd option; - Boots with speed. Helmet, Armor, Pauldrons and Belt you can pick whatever pro items you prefer. The point is to get to your preferred combination of scream, leadership and morale. Gloves are tricky since there's no clear favourite. However, there's room to improve and to really adjust it to your playstyle and combo. For example, if you use Hammerstrike, it could be useful to have a few Hammerstrike perks (on Helmet, Cape, Armor, Gloves, Belt and Boots; some of them are uber items); get the Ares Gloves if you want a stronger Bladestorm; if you want your pyros to be stronger, get a Pyro helmet (uber)... etc etc.

    War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

    After about 24h with this feature, I have to say this: - this feature is a step in the right direction; - it's too easy to start a snowball effect after you lose a war. It's too easy to steamroll the opposing team or get steamrolled by them. Right now this feature is a "winner takes it all" thing. There's no drawback, like you get something but you should have to give up something in return. It can't be 100% one sided as it is right now. This feature needs more work.

    Bring back the dungeon petition

    And pals! Guardians. Pro League and pro shop (with only a few items at a time for a year; full stock now). Festivals. Special gem packages, some including skull items that made it super easy to get to 30%. Even Conquest, the rewards made it sooo much easier to get defensive beasts. Remember how rare max lvl beasts were? it was such a pain to lvl beasts before Conquest. All of this had a huge impact. The game has never been easier to for younger players to progress than right now.

    Bring back the dungeon petition

    That's actually what I like more about this. I have some friends that almost exclusively leveled up in the dungeons, some even got to lv130 like that. The result of this is that they never learned how to beat 4500+ trophy defenses so it's impossible for them to reach the top 2 ninja tiers (5050 and 5300). Dungeons are now blocked. That will force players to start attacking other players, which will increase the average raiding skills of RR2 players.
  5. Yup. Dungeons were distorting the leagues. Give it a week or two and everyone will end up in the appropriate league for them.

    What to Buff next ?

    Forget the matchmaking. You need to look for 600k gold players manually. The matchmaker won't get you gold (consistently) until you're at +4500 trophies.

    New pro set?

    If you don't have a good pro skull belt yet, get the belt and change life to scream (or leadership if you prefer). The weapon is very very good (better than the Omega Sword imo). Helmet, Armor, Cape and Pauldron can provide interesting combinations of scream/morale/leadership with other pro items. So take them if you really need to. Skip the ring, gloves and boots.
  8. Plus medal boost items, like the Apolo Cape or Zelos boots in the Pro Shop.
  9. That's with 48% medal boost. If I was in the top10 (50% bonus) and attacked via the matchmaker, that would have been 2517 medals. In the top100 (25%), 2098 medals. Best case scenario (attacking a player worth 1336 medals, being in the top10, full medal and pro items) you can get 3000-3100 medals in a single raid.
  10. I try to save Shield so I can use it a split second right after Phoebe's Armageddon. I think what @ElFuego is experiencing might be the result of forging regeneration on Shield. It kind of cancels the damage done by Armageddon (the same way it cancels the Kaiser beast special attack). I noticed he has boosted Arblasters so it might have something to do with that.
  11. I don't think this had anything to do with Fritz. I think it was more of a thematic thing. Why would Vikings be weak to ice? That didn't make sense, thematically, as others pointed out. But if it was because of Fritz, I'm sorry to report it had the opposite effect. 🤷‍♂️ Will people who raid with Frosters notice this change? Maybe. I don't know. You know when this new resistance will really be useful? In the Pro League! Vikings will now be able to handle Frost Towers!
  12. This is a big balance swing, on one of the best defensive units already. Reducing/removing the ice weakness is one thing, but to go one step further and adding ice resistance on top of it could have adverse results. Can you update the upgrade costs in the Royal Guardians topic? Is this about ninjas, yetis and zombies?

    War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

    Disagree. That's plenty of time to sleep and work in peace without worrying about RR2. This is a step in the right direction. Anything that is the opposite of forcing people to be 24h online is good.
  14. If you think about it, there are some reasons why: - Is it really surprising to only see 1 out of 5 pro beasts? There are 13 regular beasts, but only Howl (and Fritz too, since the december festival) are popular. So it's not surprising to see the same thing happening to pro beasts. - pro beasts are very expensive and hard to evolve, so you have to focus on only one; - Phoebe was made to be a defensive beast (no weaknessess) and maybe that's why it sucks on offense. Ceres and Janus are the opposite (they're meant to be used on offense). Nemesis is a mess (too weak, too expensive) and Eris might actually be a pretty good beast too but nobody gave it a shot. Should other beasts be more popular? Sure, but that's up to Flare really. If they don't buff other beasts, players won't use them. Exactly. Toxic Cloud is very strong against beasts too. It's often a neglected spell by low-mid lvl players because it doesn't destroy any towers, but it's one of the very best spells.