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  1. Regarding the first question: am I the only one who noticed that at least some of the last 5 islands have not been the same as the previous event? Flare is doing some rotation already.
  2. The wikia is evolving pretty nicely and there's a lot of new pages in there. One thing I noticed is that the main page has no links to any Conquest related page. This one for example is really hard to find (and it is very useful): https://royal-revolt-2.fandom.com/wiki/Alliance_Stronghold
  3. I don't know how many forges, but the wikia page for the Heal Tower has that info. Sure 👍
  4. Nice has nothing to do with this and there's no need to feel guilty about it. They didn't work for it, so they didn't deserve it. But most of all, you didn't deserve to have players neglect the alliance like that. You did the right thing.
  5. I made this over an year ago but I think all ranges should still be ok. Red - Firebolt or Lightning towers Blue - other towers Yellow - Spikes
  6. It wasn't. There was only 1 nerf and that was for all beasts below lvl100 or something like that.
  7. This is already within your power. All you have to do is kick them before the end of Conquest.
  8. If you're losing 100-200 trophies and getting attacked 22 times overnight, it's one of 2 things: either your defense is too weak for your trophy range, or your trophies are too high regardless of what your defense's strength is. Well, actually there's a 3rd reason... some guy has a beef with you and asked his friends to attack you, but this is less likely to happen. Anyway, you don't really need friends to dump trophies on you, but these are the requirements: - when you lose 100-200 trophies, you need to attack and get back those 100-200 trophies; - you must have a defense that is designed to counter the most popular combos out there in your trophy range. Sometimes, this means that you need certain boosts that you don't currently have, so you should talk to your alliance leaders and, collectively, figure out a way to get them. (Yes, you can pretty much guarantee any Conquest boost and 1 defensive War boost - Gargoyle Tower OR Arblaster, regardless of what alliance you're in, but it might require a few sacrifices and additional work)
  9. 158% Just to be clear: I know what both values represent, but if possible the value on the battle progress bar should be matching the pre-battle value, for consistency.
  10. Yes, the ninja event. You should try to increase your trophies as much as possible so you can participate in the highest ninja tiers.
  11. Pre battle: 1.245.949 gold Battle progress bar: 490.038 gold (100%) As you can see, the number during the actual raid does not match with the pre-raid number.
  12. It would be even better instead if Nemesis beast was resistant to Blunt damage. That's the main type of damage on the most common combos (Hammerstrike, Paladins, Archers, Ogres)
  13. Conquest is over, the alliance resources are depleted and the button doesn't flash anymore, which makes it very easy to forget to donate. Flashing buttons works! We do whatever we can to stop the flashing 😂 Please reconsider this.
  14. Flare adjusted the tiers at the end. That's why your rewards were improved.
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