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  1. Item pearl meltdown bugged

    My guess as to what happened here: Lets say you got the item on the right when you were lvl 110. The item is displayed as a lvl130 item, but it's actually a lvl140 item (king lvl 110 + 30). It's worth 163 pearls. Now the item on the left (obtained today) shows that you probably improved 2 levels on your king, from lvl 110 to 112. The item is also displayed as a lvl 130 item, but may actually be a lvl 137 item (lvl 112 king + 25). For that reason, it's worth only 155 pearls, 7 pearls less than the other higher lvl item. I think the issue here is that item's levels are VISUALLY capped at lvl 130, but they're in fact AT LEAST lvl130 (up to lvl160, for a lvl130 king). What this means is that the "bug" is not their pearl value... the "bug" it's their displayed level. To clear this up we would need 2 similar items bellow lvl130.
  2. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    I guess it wasn't forever after all ...
  3. 3pro chests won, 3 pro chest bought, still 0 pro items, WTF?

    This last month of pro league rewards was pretty disappointing. I definately got less pro items from the rewarded pro chests than I was used to. Maybe something was changed in the rewards formula, maybe nothing was changed. I'll wait for next month's pro league. No. Buying pro chests is for sure the worst and dumbest use of pro crystals you can do. Enjoy your rewarded pro chests. Keep your crystals for pro pets ONLY (to use them yourself and to donate them to your alliance so you can unlock/level up those beasts).
  4. Fritz Pal Collector Event?

    It doesn't end, that's what will be great about this event! You'll get a higher chance of getting pals FOREVER!
  5. Community Week 😍

    If there's only 4 things, I think all of those 4 are better than the alliance party. I need to update my AT but I can do it in a future AT party event.
  6. Community Week 😍

    If it's a community week, these would be my 4 picks: - Blacksmith - Pal collector - Dungeon cooldown (like we had in the advisor's choice event) - XP event
  7. Ninja Tiers

    I get what you're saying, but even if an experienced and uber forged player like you needs to scroll multiple times to beat the 5600+ ninja tier... it seems hard enough already.
  8. Ninja Tiers

    I film the last 6 stages everytime and trust me, the bases are not the same every event. They've been changing (almost) every event recently. They're not drastic changes, each island has their "thing" (arrow towers at 26, bomb towers at 28, etc), but the path and tower placement changes a bit.
  9. Ninja Tiers

    Well there's a first for everything, so here I am: I really enjoy the ninja event. The last ninja event I was in the 4500+ tier for the first time and I really liked it. It was a good challenge scroll free. The last 6 stages are great. The previous ones are fine too, since I use a weaker set (luck gear). @cr1 try to beat the 5600+ tier without scrolls. That'd be a challenge. But as soon as you scroll, the dificulty goes down really fast.
  10. Told to take a Break?

    How long were you online? The most I've been online was about 1h30m during the last BS event and I didn't get such message.
  11. End-game items

    As a general rule for a regular player, I'd say any lvl130 item could be considered an end game item. However, it really depends on the individual player's regular pearl supply. If you can get enough pearls each week/month to continually forge the 5 skull items, than you could start your "end game item forging" sooner than that. Keep in mind that you also need pearls to forge your spells, troops and defenses. My personal preference is to only really invest in items obtained after king lvl110. There's a considerable difference between lvl100 king's items to a lvl110, but not so much after that (specially pro items). The items I got when I was lvl110 are very close to the items I get now at lvl117, so that's why I say king lvl110+ is good enough. Considering my limited pearl weekly supply, I don't have enough pearls for everything. So I prioritize my pearl spending like this: 1) spells - I forge everything until they have at least 20 forges on the usefull perks and at that point I stop focusing on that specific spell 2) troops - same as above 3) end game skull items (I only have a ring right now, so it's not too expensive) 4) defensive structures - focus first on the most important perks (like range on LT and Heal towers), and just try to forge as much as possible, without overspending here, not to compromise the pearls needed for 1), 2) and 3).
  12. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    The loser bonus is a way to allow weaker alliances to beat stronger alliances. This is Flares intention and it seems like a good idea. But there's one problem in the system that's screwing everything up: there is still a BIG incentive for alliances to drop fiefdoms! Dropping fiefdoms should be as rewarding as, say, purposedly not getting the defensive ninjas during the ninja event. All we need is for Flare to change things up.
  13. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    I'm trying my hardest not to... you're a crazy person. Stop making fun of important issues like bullying and sexual harassment. Stop trolling. Grow up! What's your in game name?
  14. Again, sadly, bullying in the game :(

    Fortunately I didn't catch that gem.
  15. That's great news! Thanks. I'm glad Flare kept this "hidden feature" in the game.