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    Pro League changing spells bug!

    It's not just a visual bug. When it happened to me I ended up with 2 Shields (only 1 of them would actually work). Costumer Support did nothing to help, gave no compensation and didn't give any acceptable answer (just the usual "its a bug thank you for reporting").
  2. It's even lower than that. I got a few tiles with only 6min cooldown and with more technologies it would be even less than that.
  3. We need that. We have a war that is probably not going to end in a supreme victory (40 vs 40 players, something like that) and it's going to run out the clock. I agree with you, there's no need for huge wars. Unfortunately, League of Shadows doesn't agree with us, right @LacunaC?

    CONQUEST MODE(Unlimited flaws)

  5. True, they can supply more troops (4x125 > 250). However, the cooldown is so big (I've seen up to 11h30min so far) that makes this a very ineffective process. It's faster to just run back to your Fortress, get the troops there and go back out. Another thing Flare is going to tweak in the future.

    pro league reward

    They can and they did. It really seemed too good to be true. No way Flare would give us such a good deal.
  7. It is much more effective (cost-territory wise) to build 4 lvl1 towers instead of upgrading a lvl1 to lvl2. The lvl2 watchtower is so expensive that I think Flare is going to tweak it's cost for the next Conquest event. It's only really worth it in the center of the map, maybe. Other than that it's just too expensive.
  8. As the tittle says, this Technology is not working. Even though in the war screen it clearly says 5/8 fights, when we try to actually fight for the 6th, 7th and 8th times we get a message saying we can no longer fight in this war. We spent time and resources (not many) to specificaly get this technology and now we can't take advantage of it. The worst part about it is we chose this path because of this technology. Is this fixable with a maintenance? Edit: this technology was already completed (and another one had been started for 2 or 3 hours already) before this specific war was declared.
  9. That is VERY interesting.
  10. edit: this is for a lvl80 alliance, in the top Conquest tier (250+) and lvl 7 Alliance Headquarters. I don't know what the max level is. I hope lvl 3 is the max, because 33k stone is already too expensive and if there is a lvl4, then that means that there are also a lot more than 8 lvls of stone deposits, which would be insane. The cost does change depending on what technologies you research. There's a -10% cost technology so that might be why you saw a lower cost.

    Defence beast should/must be tone down

    How does Phoebe not die in 3-5 seconds if you have a large army with archers/paladins? I don't see how that's possible and I'm talking about what I think are lvl 3-4 Phoebes from lvl130 players in VL, Todes, RL, etc. And yes, a max lvl Howl is still stronger than that. Even my alliance's Howl (which is nowhere near max lvl) is stronger than our lvl 2 Phoebe. ps: I always use an heal aura ring, if that's relevant.
  12. It sure can't. Royal Revolt 2, for the most part, only required you to really go hard 1 or 2 hours per day (even during wars/ninjas). And the BEST thing about it? WE had the power to choose what time of the day was best suited to play those 1-2 hours. Can you only play at night? No problem. Oh you can only play during your 2 hour comute? Sure thing! The conquest mode requires 24h playing though and multiple logins during the day to move/attack. This goes against one of the major selling points of RR2. The conquest mode is a nice idea, is fun, but the implementation (requiring long online times and multiple logins during the day) is a step in the wrong direction and, in my opinion, makes it look like the devs have lost their touch with the player base and with their own game. It's a shame, really. I bet RR2 will lose a significant portion of their older player base (those playing for over 1 year) because of this in August/September.

    Reward of conquest war.

    100% agree with you. All in all, for an 8 day heavy effort, the rewards should be sooooooo much better. At least 4x or 5x of what they are currently.