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    Nemesis in Pro League!

    Now that I've played this week's pro league it seems that this is what they tried to do. Nemesis still looks really bad.

    skull feature

    Why? Is the translocate perk that good? The faster attack rate in the uber gloves is not awesome, but provides a bit of help against gate towers.

    Nemesis in Pro League!

    They can rig the Pro League to make Nemesis look like a killer. 1) Offense (troops and spells): low level + unforged + unboosted 2) Defense (troops and towers): mid level + unforged + boosted 3) Combo: mostly defensive spells without effective damaging power. Example: shield + heal + toxic cloud, or stun, or a weak Hammerstrike 4) Nemesis pal: high level (9-10) That would make Nemesis look like a very powerful pal. If I wanted to promote spending 150k on Nemesis, that's what I would do and it might even turn out to be a fun Pro League.

    Energy Slow To Restore

    As long as you're not playing like a lone wolf, each battle will cost you less than 50 energy (I mostly spend between 20 and 40 per battle). It only costs 100-120 if you're trying to fight 1vs3, 1vs6 or something like that. It should cost you tons of energy in those situations. I like that energy regenerates at the current speed and that it can not be bought. Less energy = less demanding on everyone's lives. This is the way to go (or at least, one of the ways).
  5. That would be OP. (it's actually about ~12s to 6s). I'm guessing it's refering to Archimede's own stun, not the king's stun spell.
  6. That was pretty clear from the start. People just hate the idea of having a higher frequency of Conquest events. I know the devs love all the gem purchases they get during Conquest (specially in the last bugged plaged Conquest event, that sure made a killing for Flare), but people don't like the high maintenance that Conquest imposes on their life. So we want LESS of Conquest, or at least not more of it. Take a look back at the responses you got when it was announced that the Conquest was going from 8 to 5 days. It was an overwhelmingly positive response. Everyone loved it. Now saying that we'll have to suffer through Conquest more frequently than before feels like a punch in the gut. Like a betrayal.
  7. Exactly. This is not rocket science and is super easy to implement. 😉
  8. Yes, but having 1 Conquest per "month" with 5 day duration (which was what everyone was happy about when it was announced a month ago) we would have 41 days of Conquest over the course of 6 months. Only 41 days of Conquest every 6 months would be fantastic compared to the actual 4 week cycle and also fantastic compared to the cycle plan announced yesterday. Alliances and players are hurting with Conquest. It's amazing how the devs either don't see this or ignore it. Either way, it clearly shows they're looking at this in the short term only, wanting to cash in as much as possible, as fast as possible, sacrificing player satisfaction.
  9. Do you really need clarification for this? 3 week cycle means a new Conquest will take place every 3 weeks (as opposed to every 4 weeks that is in place right now). You are absolutly right. Changing the duration from 8 to 5 days won't mean anything if it means we'll have more Conquest events to endure. Having a monthly Conquest event has been devastating enough to the community. How can the devs not see this? Changing to a Conquest event every 3 weeks is another nail in the coffin.
  10. What part of "3 week cycle" seems like a month to you? In case you didn't understand, that means a new Conquest event will start every 3 weeks, as opposed to every 4 weeks like we have now.
  11. Oh god... we want LESS of Conquest, not more. Please keep Conquest at no more than once every month (~30 days). We need more ninja events per month (going back to 2 per month would be ideal) and less Conquest events. Who is making this kind of decisions at Flare's HQ? Are the crazy? Can't they see the damage Conquest is doing to alliances? There's a lot to improve in Conquest. A lot. Please tell them to focus on that instead of trying to shove even more Conquest down our throats.
  12. Increasing your Blacksmith slots is the best gem investment you can do for your account. You should try to max it as soon as possible, all 8 slots. Worry about skull% and Alliance Tower later.

    Heal Aura Ring

    So... 1) The heal ring's behaviour is the same 2) People are saying it's "fixed" 3) It still doesn't heal as much as it says it does in the stats screen (for sure not even close to 3500-4000 per second on highly forged rings) Can any dev give an input on this? I would like to know what the actual healing rate is.
  14. Give it some more time. You'll get the offers.