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    Does Voucher Cost of Food Increase?

    I don't think so. The food cost seems to be the same as it has always been.
  2. Well it is written and on the internet, so it is a word now. And it would really make the whole process easier.

    Donkey -- the only guardian you need

    Very nice video. I was more impressed with the lack of shield than the donkey, since you only used it twice (right at the start to get the dragon faster and at the end). It was usefull, for sure.
  4. @Darkerion I think Goruc insta kills enemy troops (those 43 morale in the screenshot). Sultan's special move shoots like 30 bombs around him (similar to Nemesis bombs). Looks pretty good to get 100% in wars. Gaspar creates a "card shield" around the king (that attacks everything in close proximity) and has an intimidate aura. The special move deals damage. It's enough to kill a lvl4 Phoebe beast one on one, standing still (no footwork needed).
  5. Come on... this is from a player who bought over 100 chests haha But lots os people have gotten Goruc and the Sleigh in the Xmas chests.
  6. The ones I've seen so far: There might be a legendary guardian too. Gaspar looks strong btw.
  7. No need to get sensitive about it. It's impossible to get balance at every single level. As long as you get a good endgame balance and a decent (even offense OP) at low-mid levels, it's ok.
  8. Because that's what really matters when talking about end game stuff. That's when ballance really really matters the most. So if you're claiming that you can beat defenses in 20 seconds or less, I want to see a video of you doing that against top VL or RL defenses. I want to learn too. Well I can beat 500 trophy players in under 10 seconds, with or without guardians. Is that relevant when discussing offense/defense balance? Of course not, so it never crossed my mind you were talking about extremes like this.
  9. These are great little improvements. Two things to consider: 1) Matching the Pal Spells to the Cast Bar effectively means that every pal got their Spell cooldown reduced a bit. 2) The instant Pal to Beast transformation also massively improves Pal Flute on (some) pals. For example Ceres now casts 3 times. So a good spell (very popular against top defenses) just became more powerful. These are 2 relevant offensive buffs in update 4.4.0... in addition to the guardians. I'm just saying this before anyone starts saying Guardians made offense OP, not realising that the offense got 2 other good buffs. ps: we really really need an easier and faster way to collect free pal/guardian chests. Both of them should be be collectable with 1 single click on the throne room (just like pearls are collected with a single click on the Blacksmith) and included in the Collect all button.
  10. That actually seems correct to me. There are lots of guardians and each of them has one specific special ability. You might want to only activate the special ability by the middle/end of the guardian's transformation (for whatever reason). This way you have control over it. Some players have bought hundreds of these chests. Hundreds, if not thousands. It's been a great day for Flare. Well defense was too strong for the vast majority of players anyway. I think we all can agree on that. And btw, show me a video of you beating a top VL/RL defense in 20 seconds or less. I'm very interesting in seeing that.

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    Seems like a good incentive to keep improving your alliance tier in the Conquest.