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  1. Short term counter: join a stronger alliance, that has more/better defensive boosts. Long term counter: just ignore them, play smarter than them and be more active than them. Eventually they'll lose interest or your defense will surpass them (since they get no gold from you, they can't upgrade their stuff). Meanwhile just focus on getting gold for your upgrades and XP to level up your king at the highest pace you can. Do your best to get into the ninja tier of your preference. Really give it a try... but if you can't get there, don't stress too much about it for now, you'll get it next time. If he's worth 600k gold and you need the gold, keep attacking him.

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    You're wrong. It doesn't work as you think/say it works. Pinning is still as much of a problem as it was before the 50-100-150% skull bonus.

    Answers Dev Q&A December

    And what are those?
  4. Donkey is a great guardian. It is very powerfull and I like it a lot.
  5. The loser bonus is not the same for everyone. Even if a stronger alliance gets the loser bonus, it will be very small. Is it a coincidence that more top20 alliances are rising their fiefdoms (some of them even close to 100 fiefdoms) since the introduction of the loser bonus?

    we need slight defense buff

    Defense is powerfull enough. Your units have no chance against a barrage skull towers + boosted gargoyles. If you buff the defense, your units will be even more vulnerable. Not good. Guardians made the offense OP because the guardians themselves are OP. If anything, nerf guardians.

    Answers Dev Q&A December

    Looking forward to the new quests. Daily Quests would be a great addition to the game. People like to complete little achievements in games. I would love another blacksmith slot. I never have enough pearls. This one is a winner. People have been asking for this for a long time. It's one of those little things (and probably easy to implement) that would have a huge positive impact in game.
  8. The current tech tree forces you to chose a path (it's mostly peace on top, war on the bottom). You can get to the end of 1 path, but you need to focus on it and invest a lot of gems to speed up wisdom. Not many alliances are going to be able to get there. What you can't do anymore is research ALL techs, because you will run out of time.
  9. You can clearly see the ability with the Donkey. The regular Donkey is a bit faster than the king and it becomes crazy fast (+battlecry aura) when you activate the special. It ends after about 3seconds and you're back to the regular Donkey speed. You can time when you want to activate the Donkey's specials. Sometimes you activate the Donkey to avoid death, but don't want to activate the super speed or the battecry. With the Sultan you can transform and chose exactly when you want him to drop the bombs. I didn't play much with the other guardians, but I think they work similarly.
  10. Hi Pro League: Icicle cup End date: 8th Jan 2019 I scored 1827, rank45. Originaly, that would give me 3.000 crystals and 3 pro chests. Since nobody got the top rewards, all tier rewards were adjusted, so my score bumped me up to 8.000 crystals and 5 pro chests. However, I still only got the original 3000 crystals and 3 pro chests. I confirmed in game that indeed I only got 3 pro chests and my crystals only went up by 3.000. This happened to several alliance members as well.

    No Guardian rewards

    Several alliance members noticed some of their guardian copies vanished, just like you said.

    Wikia - New Maintenance team

    Congrats on being promoted in the Wikia. I had no idea you were in (from?) Portugal.

    FAIL BossFrosta

    Yea I just learned this the hard way. Lesson learned.
  14. Remember what I said about the Shield and Phoebe? Do the same against Kaiser. Kaiser is the most useless and worst beast of all because a simple Shield or Heal spell 100% nulifies the Kaiser beast special attack. It deals 0 damage like that and then it dies pretty fast.

    community manager answered Some Conquest Feedback

    You are right, it is not retroactive. If you do 1 raid with 50% bonus (score 2000) and a couple alliance members join in after that, your skulls will not be adjusted (your previous score will remain at 2000).
  16. Maybe. There's a noticeable difference with the Donkey. The Donkey transformations lasts 10sec and the special is only like 3sec.
  17. The special ability does not have the same duration as the guardian, it is much shorter (at least the Donkey one). I find it very useful to be able to activate the ability anytime during the guardian transformation.
  18. This still hasn't been adressed. The CS didn't give any feedback either.
  19. We're not discussing pal chests collected DURING this event. We're discussing the pal drop rate from daily pal chests collected BEFORE the event started.
  20. It does not help me even one bit. Zero. I'm a general and I don't even look at the status color.
  21. The activity status was an interesting idea on paper, but it does not work in actual gameplay. It's not useful at all.
  22. Right now, you can actually get enough gold from the taverns (with boosts non stop) for a full 1500k daily donation.
  23. I saved 50 daily pals chests to open during this event. Only got 1 Growl from it, which confirms that the increased drop rate only affects chests collected during the pal event.
  24. You're focusing on the number, but the game doesn't work like that. By timing it perfectly, your units will not be damaged by Phoebe's special attack. The same thing happens if you time your shield (or heal) against the Kaiser beast. However, this is much easier to get right against Kaiser, tho. It requires much more practice against Phoebe. If you manage to nulify Phoebe's special, you have to kill it quickly (push it into the middle of your big army), before Phoebe has time to cast the special attack again. I think you are right. Phoebe beast is too strong against low level players. Most of them didn't even have the chance/time to unlock all units in the game yet.