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  1. This is a fantastic little feature for every single low/mid lvl alliance and for some high lvl alliances too. Recruiting is hard and this will help tremendously.
  2. He shouldn't. That's why you should kick those players out of the alliance if they dn't help. You have the power to control this already.
  3. If the leadership (leader+generals) of an alliance have no control of Phoebe donations, then it's their fault. They shouldn't be that lazy. Pal donations is a very important aspect of the leadership team. And Phoebe is not the best beast.
  4. Maybe it is changing, but only by decimals, which is not enough to make the rounded number to go up by 1. Example: that 4 bombs might be 4.1 and the wings are turning it into 4.2. It's not enough for 5 bombs. It happened with Ceres too, with the unintentional buff to 16 moral with king lvl124 and up.
  5. Well different kinds of cheating should correspond to different levels of punishment. If someone is using cheating tools, that should result in a more severe punishment than someone having multi accounts to benefit in the pro league. Being a one time offender should not result in thd same punishment as a repeat offender. Going one step further: how much you benefit from the infringment should also be taken into consideration.
  6. Drop 100-200-300 trophies. You'll notice that the Festival bases become much easier. However, to be honest I feel like these 2 monthly Festivals have been pretty easy compared to older Festivals. (I'm usually at 5300-5400 trophies)
  7. Flare said in a Q&A that they have plans for the Arrow Tower, so fingers crossed for a massive buff or a new boost.
  8. Royal Revolt 2 23_03_2019 15_59_20.mp4 Right now Fritz is the only pal with a sliding special attack. Personally, Fritz is by far the most fun pal to play with and the biggest part of it is exactly the sliding attack. There are other great pals that are at least as effective as Fritz (such as Aska and Ceres, or maybe even Irmgard), but none of them slide. They feel a bit boring to play with in comparison. The gameplay style they provide (a big army is needed and the Hero is supposed to protect it) makes them not as fun to play with. They're very strong pals though. With the right setup, Kaiser and Phoebe (and probably others) can be pretty effective as well, and although they provide a similar gameplay style as Fritz (more Hero dependant and without a big army surrounding it) they're definately not as fun. Let me be clear that I'm not talking about pal power/strength/effectiveness here. I'm talking about playstyle and fun while raiding. I don't know if Flare is looking to create new pals right now, but a new sliding pal in the game would be very welcomed.
  9. What it does: it increases the pal's normal attack damage. Which pals benefit from it: Irmgard is probably the only pal that really gets anything from this perk, because it slightly improves the Irmgard's healing hability. I believe all other pals only get a slight normal damage boost. Maybe Bela gets something from it too (I can't verify for now). The problem: Increasing the normal damage by a small margin 1) isn't really worth it; and 2) that's not really what a pal is about. We chose pals based on their special hability, not because of their normal damage. This means that this cape/perk has no usefulness really, other than melting it for pearls or selling it for gold. My suggestion: Instead of increasing a pal's normal damage, this cape/perk should increase the pal's special hability. For every 1000 perk points, a 10% damage increase on the special hability would actually be useful and make this cape appealing.
  10. That would be a cool idea. However, the problem is that a win equals 6-7 trophies and a loss can go up to 65 trophies lost and the defender gets them. The imbalance is too great. If Flare was to adopt a ladder system (which would be nice) this would need to be looked at. edit: I'm at 5300 trophies right now. I went from having pretty much every single defensive boost to barely any defensive boost. Everyone beats my defense now (literaly everyone) so my medals are going down fast (700 medals right now, down from about 1050 medals 3 days ago). As a result, I went from getting 7-10 trophies in the random matchmaking, to only 3-6. It's a pretty big drop, solely due to the lack of defensive boosts. It has nothing to with my past offense record or opponents dificulty, it is caused solely by the recent defensive record. I think this should be looked at by Flare. Guys in the top leaderboard are getting there by having trophies dumped on them. This also makes their medals go up, which allows them much higher trophies when attacking via the random matchmaking, meaning they have an easier time increasing their trophies. It's a vicious cycle originated by a flawed game mechanic (trophy dumping).
  11. All 5300+ ninjas deal about the same damage to the Hero. Normal, Stone, Ice, Fire, etc. They're all similar in that regard. If you're not paying attention, they'll kill you in a second, all of them. It's against troops that you can really notice how some are much stronger than the other defensive ninjas.
  12. There is. The problem is that the game lets you prolong the conquest boosts somewhere after Conquest starts.
  13. The top10 leaderboard is fake for the most part. Most people in there are there only because they used multi accounts (or friends) to dump trophies on them. Yes, something should be done about this.
  14. 1) Medal token 3d for the medal token seems wildly disproportional with the other tokens. A couple of hours, or even 3 hours, fine... but 3d is just too much. Or change it from 100% medal boost to only 10% and keep the 3d duration, that would be in line too. As it stands right now (100% for 3d) it might lead to a point where you can only compete in the Diamond League if you use tokens. Not great. 2) Items + Pals New items and pals were the best thing about the Festivals. It was a great way to get a pal you might need or a very useful item. The lack of both in the 2 monthly festivals is dissappointing. 3) Skins Skins are cool, but they don't improve your account, that's why they should not be the main prize of the festivals. The main prize should be something that can actually make you stronger. 4) Chests It's a great idea to have chests on sale. However, pal and guardian chests should have at least 1 pal/guardian guaranteed in every chest. Even if a pal is not guaranteed, the pal chest at 2% chance of finding a pal is waaaaay too low. 5) Amount of Tokens for sale I get it, festivals are a business. You want the money players to spend thousands of gems to hoard every single token for sale. I get it. But having so many for sale inevitably creates a huge advantage in favour of richer players. These players should be able to get more stuff than regular free players, but how much is too much? It's a fine balance.
  15. The stone ninjas are the best in defense (by far) and probably the best in offense as well. The toxic ninjas are the weakest. The other ninjas are pretty similar with each other.
  16. Yup. And they stop moving if you use stun (or swordrain with stun forged).
  17. Conquest coordination and managing tools are severly lacking. You have a good idea here.
  18. Special temporary event related titles would be an awesome new feature.
  19. I don't. Does any top100 alliance do that? Below rank100 it's matchmaking heaven and those Conquests are very relaxed, so I can't imagine why anyone would give it up.
  20. Flip the boosts: Gargoyle for 1st, Snake Tower 2nd and Viking 3rd. That alone would be a good reason not to settle for 2nd or 3rd place in a lot of maps.
  21. Obviously we're not saying that in the literal sense. Nobody is being held at gunpoint to play. We're all "forced" to play Conquest, figuratively speaking. The rewards are too good to pass up without a fight.
  22. These 2 new skins look really cool in defenses. The spikes have a Prince of Persia look to them and they also go up and down.
  23. The medal token works in festival fights, but medal boost items don't. Is this how it's supposed to work?
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