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  1. Concordo plenamente com tudo citado pelo o play alberto,👌👌o jogo ficaria muito mais atrativo. *****: M4RK QUEIJO 🇧🇷
  2. the captain said it was Bug more did not fix the bug ? very strange it.
  3. How can I get 75% reflection on the statue if the hero can only reflect 75% too?
  4. The same problem happened to me 2 days ago. Everything was normal.
  5. Eu também quero umas geminhas. ???? eu mando uma barra de QUEIJO pra você Capitão Morgan.??????
  6. Hello guys! In addition to recent bugs and fears about the new limits of resistance of the statues. One issue that annoys me is the fragility of the defenses. Today there is no defense that holds the heroes, I mean .. a defense strong enough to make the invader spend gems. I remember that some time ago there were very difficult defenses to pass, something that no longer exists. The only difference in the current defenses has been the statues, something that left the attacks bland and without fun. Please friends of FG, rethink the levels of the defenses and the levels of the units.
  7. Defense of M4RK QUEIJO killed Hades 2 times in just 1 minute
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