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  1. Help with current deck

    Ya I grinder most of these cards in one day which I was quite surprised at. When I did it I only had one chimera+ devourer amd normal chimera I then had 2 basilisk ++. I think there is a bit of room for improvement in that the cards there need to get fused more. That deck used about 80 mana
  2. Help with current deck

    Thanks. I was planning on doing that. I just got a second Gaurdian of time xD. U was thinking Mammoth citadel Siribia Imp dragon Gaurdian of time+ and chimera ++?
  3. Help with current deck

    Hi all currently I have 2√óchimera+ perfect fused 1 max level other 14/24 devourer max Dwarf king low level Siribia low level Imp dragon low level Gaurdian of time low level Mammoth citadel low level Giant spider low level Brother artujan low level Other cards I have quite a few purple cards Wolf shaman+ Swamp troll++ Water elemental++ And many more What do you guys think is the best way to set theses cards in a deck. I finished campaign and am level 46 Thanks