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  1. Looking For An Active Alliance! :)

    Thanks for the offer, I'd love to join! What's your in-game user so I can find the alliance easily?
  2. Hello, my name is ItsPeyton! I'm an active Royal Revolt 2 player that will donate, participate in war, and every event. I'm also super friendly and enjoy meeting new people. I've started a new account and have been playing on it for a few weeks. I'm level 44 and can donate 50k. My stats are bad but I play around 5 hours a day and am getting better by the minute. If interested comment below, thanks!
  3. Looking for an active alliance

    Your status is perfect for our alliance! Our new alliance named AUGS is perfect for people like yourself. Most of our members our members are level 30-60 so you're a perfect level for our alliance! The name of our alliance is AUGS we could really use an active person like you. Whenever you get a chance check us out or stop by. Have a great day! -Leader of AUGS Alliance, ItsPeyton
  4. AUGS is a new Royal Revolt 2 Alliance that was created a few days ago. We are a level 6 alliance and have a few active, loyal members. Please check us out! A big donation could really help us.