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  1. ups ... now i lost a cursed item ... disconnected (poor connection or *****ty server i dunno) when i tried to uncursed it with gems yikes ... disgusting!
  2. Hi , i always open Titan Sea / War chest with cursed chest this time i got 2 titan sea chest + 1 cursed titan ... in the middle of opening the first sea chest i had connection issue (the usual) ... reconnecting, restart and finish my first chest problem is the second sea chest was nowhere to be found , so i opened the cursed chest then i check my hero item (from herc to artemis) and there are only 2 flashing (brand new) titan gears ...which mean i didn't get that last sea chest @Madlen & team please check this issue , i might be wrong but if i'm right , missing a titan chest is not cool Thanks IGN: Lithgow
  3. IGN : Lihtgow thanks for making Hades & Zeus useful again https://drive.google.com/file/d/17xfzqxkBfyTUhFxeb3VEVvmW_vPFjpph/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yvJ6pW3QhiLT7AfEBcT1PCRz9eulNFn2/view?usp=sharing
  4. 2 mortal gods are not enough , add Poseidon to the band ... new invocation, of course we'd like Kill Poseidon contest
  5. IGN : Lithgow https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TQ6TCWQxqjhjdQTtclvCM1zTAGBqd4-D
  6. Lithgow

    Hero buff

    Agree, maybe he's only a demigod now , without perks, cooldown bonus and all ... stopping time for few sec isn't much ...and he dies a lot
  7. i've done a funny calculation before , 4,000,000 divided by (average xp from your last 5 or 10 battles) ... its accurate forecast to me i did it because i need around 16 mil to get artemis from 19 to 20
  8. hi guys , thanks for the comments.. really appreciate it @Dheth what you said makes sense , somebody say "this is a problem need to be fixed" shitstorm that @HOLYDIVINE been going through some others just "that is the art of the game" , but compromise is good as long as we really making something out it is it a highlight / effects or extra notification to make a direction much more clearer than just words without "counter-competitive" element like @Infamous said. i hope the devs will come up with something significant in this particular area on ver4.0
  9. yeah @Neptune my teammates also suggested it long ago .... more of us see from the same angle now i believe it's not easy for the Devs, i understand adding this feature need a lot of work on the inside @dumpster you're probably right ... but we can try to make it simple & effective ...don't you want to eradicate Han Solos for doing their own thing? .. i would smoke them with sarin gas if i could @CaptainMorgan please forget about the sarin gas , is it doable?
  10. Lithgow is also my IGN you can easily search me... again... you are welcome there hahaha
  11. almost a year now, ... usually only read , as i said ... only post something when i have a problem but it's great to have a guy or two on the same page ... too bad we're not on the same team ... i would love to have more experienced players on my side , anyway if you have decent alt. account you are welcome (UPSS.. this is not the place right?) well... i don't care LOL
  12. haha, i guess don't push our luck on sharing stuff ... the devs are busting theirasses working on glitches & real gaming improvement
  13. Hi FG/Olympus Rising team, I'd like to suggest something very useful : "LOCK FEATURE" so we could make an island unattackable for our members by locking it, that way Generals/Officers/Captains can enforce Law & Order, something more powerful than just our words. Demoting / kicking people is not a solution for wrong island attacker, but this is. i believe olympus rising has become a very complex game, with people around the globe in it i think it deserves more complex responsibility & attitude from all of us, especially the players. Thank You, IGN : Lithgow
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