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  1. Lithgow

    Chaos Squad - recruiting

    of course , we appreciate your will , just sent you invitation (since our min.req is 90+) Regards
  2. 2 mortal gods are not enough , add Poseidon to the band ... new invocation, of course we'd like Kill Poseidon contest
  3. Lithgow

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    IGN : Lithgow
  4. Lithgow

    Hero buff

    Agree, maybe he's only a demigod now , without perks, cooldown bonus and all ... stopping time for few sec isn't much ...and he dies a lot
  5. Lithgow

    How XP really works

    i've done a funny calculation before , 4,000,000 divided by (average xp from your last 5 or 10 battles) ... its accurate forecast to me i did it because i need around 16 mil to get artemis from 19 to 20
  6. hi guys , thanks for the comments.. really appreciate it @Dheth what you said makes sense , somebody say "this is a problem need to be fixed" shitstorm that @HOLYDIVINE been going through some others just "that is the art of the game" , but compromise is good as long as we really making something out it is it a highlight / effects or extra notification to make a direction much more clearer than just words without "counter-competitive" element like @Infamous said. i hope the devs will come up with something significant in this particular area on ver4.0
  7. yeah @Neptune my teammates also suggested it long ago .... more of us see from the same angle now i believe it's not easy for the Devs, i understand adding this feature need a lot of work on the inside @dumpster you're probably right ... but we can try to make it simple & effective ...don't you want to eradicate Han Solos for doing their own thing? .. i would smoke them with sarin gas if i could @CaptainMorgan please forget about the sarin gas , is it doable?
  8. Lithgow is also my IGN you can easily search me... again... you are welcome there hahaha
  9. almost a year now, ... usually only read , as i said ... only post something when i have a problem but it's great to have a guy or two on the same page ... too bad we're not on the same team ... i would love to have more experienced players on my side , anyway if you have decent alt. account you are welcome (UPSS.. this is not the place right?) well... i don't care LOL
  10. haha, i guess don't push our luck on sharing stuff ... the devs are busting theirasses working on glitches & real gaming improvement
  11. Lithgow

    Shape your future! - 4.0 special contest.

    Hi FG/Olympus Rising team, I'd like to suggest something very useful : "LOCK FEATURE" so we could make an island unattackable for our members by locking it, that way Generals/Officers/Captains can enforce Law & Order, something more powerful than just our words. Demoting / kicking people is not a solution for wrong island attacker, but this is. i believe olympus rising has become a very complex game, with people around the globe in it i think it deserves more complex responsibility & attitude from all of us, especially the players. Thank You, IGN : Lithgow
  12. oh that's how you do it ... is there any chance for me to share that gems with you? (if i get one) it's your idea to post it there
  13. so what should i do? reply the post? (and ofc edit the content as requested) ...i only write something when i have a problem a bit confusing for me lol
  14. Hi FG/Olympus Rising team, you've been doing a great job so far, my favourites are ; first we can see people's daily donation, just recently you add different colors for all ranks on ingame chat. i'd like to suggest something very useful : >>>>>>LOCK FEATURE<<<<<<<< WHAT : 1. Lock every active island on war map, so it is protected / can not be attacked by our own members 2. we can lock as much as we need and as long as possible (so it is very important to have active general/officers/captains to open the lock) HOW : 1. Captain can unlock other captain 2. Officer can unlock other officer + captain 3. General can unlock everything and General's lock can only be unlocked by General .... or all officers + 1 captain (for safety reason) WHY : 1. to enforce the Law & Order (when general/officers/captains fail to make member stand down from a high skull island [Passive Order] , we make the island unattackable) 2. to have better understanding / respect / teamwork between players 3. kicking people in the middle of a war (or after) for attacking the wrong island is not a solution, and that player can still do the same in another place (we need to make them stop what they are doing for once and for all) 4. to have better, fresher war experience 5. General/officers/captains need a "real control" of the war (if we can not make people use their fury, at least we can avoid them use it in the wrong place) I don't know if someone already has this idea, to me it's just practical & came up just few minutes ago when people mistakenly attacked the wrong island , we have lots of problems such as mute players (personally i don't care as long as they make daily donation & follow orders) and the wrong island attacker. with this feature we can find a SOLUTION to one of our problems. hope it will be one of 4.0 tweak so ..Olympus rising addict .. what do you think??