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  1. Argh I should've checked... Luckily I won platnium league so i got 140 free gem anyway
  2. I've attacked like that before, not for the gold (cuz i got too much) but for the meddalions... I love winning diamond league and getting the free 375 gems... I don't attack for gold, but thats just my opinon... Idk how to lower your medallion. Some tips for defence; Spam fireblot towers so he cant 3 crown you
  3. Only things I have to complain about is the matchmaking system and the rewards, And the maps right now really aren't the greatest
  4. Anything OP/good in the game= you need gems for it
  5. I can't even collect mine, whenever I try to it says i lost connection and reloads... Maybe it has something to do with my windows dumb phone
  6. Ill have a think, the stats seem pretty solid but i dont understand one bit of dutch xD
  7. In Game Name: TheWreckingBall Hi there, I am currently level 42, very close to level 43. I have a level 6 alliance tower ( which can donate 50k per day) , and i'm on almost daily. My preferred language is english. Boosts looking for: Blazing night, others are optional but at least 3 elite boosts I am able to fight in wars. I want at least a level 30 alliance, 27 lowest. I have 1.1k trophies, i expect the leader to have more than me. Other than that, have a good day Sorry guys idk how to reply, so i gotta edit. I'll have a think about both alliances, although i want mostly english speaking, it is handy in war... btw I was in gold league just then with one of Vlaamese Liga members Division O he seems pretty active cuz he came 2nd.
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