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  1. Defensive ninja

    So defensive ninja is only for alliance that won ..... if I leave any time after will loose it .... ok got that thanks
  2. Defensive ninja

    Quick question if alliance gets defensive ninja and player leave alliance straight after event is finished does he get to keep def ninja or that stays with alliance only? Thanks
  3. Offensive Chokepoints

    Yes since cannons can take out beasts it is quite a way to get rid of them even before u reach them been using this tactics with cannons and frosters works well
  4. Healing aura

    My favourite is sonic blast aura with Easter eg comes next
  5. What beasts do u have unlocked and what lvl? And have y got permanent boosts if so what are they?
  6. 24 Hour Black Smith Event is BS

    Same here not bothered
  7. 100% Speed Attack!!

    What’s ur speed stats? Mine is 70% but urs seems to be faster
  8. Black Magic

    Thanks for info I am using Phoebe at the moment but can see advantages of Ceres
  9. Black Magic

    Lol What Ceres does? Never gave him a single thought.
  10. Can Cannons Shoot at Beasts now?

    Agree, beasts were too strong sometimes. Now canons can sort it out quickly. Good. Especially with kaiser.
  11. No news on update 4.0

    Get other village where everyone’s can have same amount of money and spend it like he/she want to built towers and any obsticals and then do one to one live fights. Obviously u can upgrade stuff using only gold robbed during live raids. So similar to pro league where all have same chances but against other player. U can win extras for those fights and bet ur gold as well. Boom 💥 what a great idea lol lol
  12. Game disconnected 1st time ever

    I should say it freezes and shuts game down
  13. Game disconnected 1st time ever

    Nope.... still happening
  14. Game disconnected 1st time ever

    Thanks did not see his one but then it was few mins ago lol
  15. Suddenly starts getting connection issues

    Yesterday got disconnected twice during raid ... not bothered thou as it was casual raid. Wud be pissed off if that was was or event.