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  1. Tommy1709

    Defence beast should/must be tone down

    Ok got it right this time 👌paladins with shield taking down phoeebe in few seconds and for defence .... I have two combos that deal with defences pretty good need to work on them a bit more (pearls)
  2. Tommy1709

    About the new manager!!

    Hi @Madlen havent seen so many responses from CM in a long time 👍👍👍great to have some one who wants to help and communicate with us. Best of luck (with some here you may need it) 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍😜
  3. Tommy1709

    Defence beast should/must be tone down

    Phoeebe is my nemesis..... but somehow managed to deal with her after my alliance members advised what to do. But agree she is OP single Armageddon wipes out half of the army and If I have not got enough monks and wolfs I am on a looser side although sometimes I run for gate and spawn instas but that’s not a real skills show. Compared to other beasts phoeebe is way stronger and harder to kill
  4. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    It is hard which makes it more interesting. You would probably expect to won all those fight before update now it is different. I think is better
  5. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    So my point is don’t need maxed out troops to do well with right combo. And this what this update made me do go out of comfort zone. So thanks Flare
  6. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    Agree but lvl above 110 it always make me thing they have maxed out wolf 🐺 and ogre
  7. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    Just saying that my troops are not maxed out like wolf / ogre they like 3 levels below max but still with changed combo can fight big boys (not too big though). This change / update helped me a lot to improve
  8. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    I think it is going to get more interesting with buffed defence and u really need to upgrade your skills to start enjoying game again. As days passing I am more and more on flare side a with all those changes. Spent 200000 food on aska and it came out that it will not work with combo that I use now but latter when all settles down will add second one that will work with aska so more things to look to. And btw I am far far away of being 130 lvl player.
  9. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    After seeing all offence being “reduced in power” I thought crap that’s me struggling. Been comfortable with WOM and Ceres. Then lost around 200 trophies and then another 100 got pissed off and I could loose more if I did not started to look outside comfort zone. Found and tested different combos and pals and never had that many trophies so yeah we can complain but that will change nothing and too be honest old combo started to be boring and very predictable. New is more exciting and would never though that king’s equipment that I put together will work but it is. I thing that my army is stronger now jus need some suitable gloves for my combo as one I have does nothing really. Advice? Try and probably gonna loose loads of trophies but eventually you hit the sweet combo. Plus defence is stronger which Ian a good thing to this game for a change.
  10. @PaSte @FTB with all offence change maybe it would be Ann idea of giving us extra 5 or 10 seconds for raid?? As Ceres and wolf were making attack go forward quicker and now with them being average it is something to think of 🤔🤔
  11. Tommy1709

    New game icon/splash screen

    Yes agree 🧐 my mates would be offended 😜
  12. Tommy1709

    snake tower level 17 and does noyhinh

    @Stay0Puft sorry got my answer should read whole thread before asking 👌
  13. Tommy1709

    snake tower level 17 and does noyhinh

    So are all other towers dmge do not stack up ? Like three bolt towers shooting king at the same time?
  14. Tommy1709

    Is the update "stable"?

    From what @FTB and @PaSte said there will be some more when all platforms run on 4.0, but when they did not say.
  15. Tommy1709

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    It is fine .... I like update waiting for more stuff and ads working .... so happy days.... but even if they did not work I wouldn’t be writing letters to president or complaining to flare ... it is just a game ..... or on the other hand that guy in red cap and blond hair ... I would write to him