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  1. 1. Urbanisation 🤣🤣(hilarious) and being serious it was The First Crusade 2. Geoffrey of Manmouth author of “Britain is the best island.... “ quote 🤣😫😫😫 3. Rhea 4. Cetus - at least it went for the pretty one 😩 5. My RR2 king Tommy70979 - no it was not - answer is Theseus 6. Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Phlegethon, Cocytus 7. My ally leader 🤣🤣🤣🤣 no of course not he is a great guy.....😫😫😫💪 Serpent Hydra 8. When they needed them in 12th century 9. Hindu Arabic numeral system with high speed Abacuses 🧮 and counting boards 10. Brexit referendum 😳😳😳 The Princes of Germany 🇩🇪 obviously some bribery took place as well during process 🤣😫 Game Royal Revolt 2 my Ign Tommy1709 Ally: unbeaten Last Bread Fightets Thank you and good night
  2. Thanks guys medal boost from kings equipment does not work in ninja or festival took pics before and after and did not make any change to amount of medals
  3. Hi, is medal token you can buy from festival work during ninja or festival ???? As we know medal boosting gear does not give any extra medals in above events, question is if token will boost those fights or is it only for regular battles ?? Thanks
  4. Disagree..... but just on this post ..... rest yes it is true it is lethal combination but fritz, blizzard and trusty will sort it out .... but obviously not on low lvl (I meant spell or guardian or pal)
  5. Got it now thanks @Dena4 post closed and another lesson learned
  6. Sorry mate 😫😫😫 on it now
  7. That’s it was before I got rid of perk (showing gold as example) so pressed yes and 50 gems gone and rest is a history
  8. @Dena4 thanks for reply but perkni removed was on right hand side of pic and when highlighting it comes up as top pics shows
  9. @Madlen just spent 50 gems to remove knights boost from zelos gloves hoping for something else but it gave me nothing. Did not see there percentage of chance getting nothing. Hoped for anything but not nothing. Unless there’s a little catch about removing perks from items that I don’t know yet. Appreciate if somebody answered me. Thanks
  10. I like comments like that 👍 make this forum funny
  11. Or maybe players that reached 5 stars in league will not be enrolled into another one ...... that’s an idea ..... lol I know what is coming now
  12. Hi all still crashing but noticed when does it screen is very busy with animations both with and without guardians
  13. Hi @Madlen still happening just had screen frozen and game crashed in a middle of conquest raid 😳😳 and It counts as a loss. Tommy1709 platform windows 10
  14. Definitely with chickens and workers who been digging their way out from kingdom ( not surprised as they were smacking same rock for ages like headless chickens) so now a bit of fun for them build a snowman ☃️ and maybe just maybe they will stay as regular workers (which I doubt as they are on low wages in my kingdom and seems like workers union is on my back ) so that would be a little gesture from me to them for hard work they did and at the end we could have a roast chicken 🍗 (one that helped with snowman ) my people loves me as a king 🤴 ign: Tommy1709
  15. I don’t want you to be sorry Madlen I want you to tell devs what community asks for ??
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