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  1. Or maybe players that reached 5 stars in league will not be enrolled into another one ...... that’s an idea ..... lol I know what is coming now
  2. Hi all still crashing but noticed when does it screen is very busy with animations both with and without guardians
  3. Tommy1709

    in review Unusual freeze of screen

    Hi @Madlen still happening just had screen frozen and game crashed in a middle of conquest raid 😳😳 and It counts as a loss. Tommy1709 platform windows 10
  4. Tommy1709

    RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

    Definitely with chickens and workers who been digging their way out from kingdom ( not surprised as they were smacking same rock for ages like headless chickens) so now a bit of fun for them build a snowman ☃️ and maybe just maybe they will stay as regular workers (which I doubt as they are on low wages in my kingdom and seems like workers union is on my back ) so that would be a little gesture from me to them for hard work they did and at the end we could have a roast chicken 🍗 (one that helped with snowman ) my people loves me as a king 🤴 ign: Tommy1709
  5. Tommy1709

    community manager answered Conquest eliminations

    I don’t want you to be sorry Madlen I want you to tell devs what community asks for ??
  6. Tommy1709

    community manager answered Conquest eliminations

    Hi Madlen it surly answers my question but leaves me disappointed ☹️
  7. Guys, not sure if anyone mentioned this before so do not bark offensive responses please. Could it be better if conquest took place once in two or three months, it is a bit boring especially if you are facing really strong ally (which we know happens with current matchmaking system) and second thing that makes it boring fact that you can’t eliminate other ally from play. We should be able to attack strongholds and eliminate others. Otherwise you battle for 6 days without any sense except rewards (which not always arrive on time if at all) make it as a all in war so if player reaches opposition’s base it would take top 20 or whatever numbers of players to battle for 24 hours without possibility of quick win. Maybe this would make it bit more interesting. Some alliances (if not majority) conquest is lacking battles so they arrange big wars at the set locations just to keep them doing something not just wonderyaround map like headless chickens ?.
  8. Hi @Madlen how and when can we expect gold compensation? Is it going to be auto addition to or some kind of screen pop out? I did 6x tavern and 1x farm. Thanks
  9. Ok got it right this time ?paladins with shield taking down phoeebe in few seconds and for defence .... I have two combos that deal with defences pretty good need to work on them a bit more (pearls)
  10. Tommy1709

    About the new manager!!

    Hi @Madlen havent seen so many responses from CM in a long time ???great to have some one who wants to help and communicate with us. Best of luck (with some here you may need it) ???????
  11. Phoeebe is my nemesis..... but somehow managed to deal with her after my alliance members advised what to do. But agree she is OP single Armageddon wipes out half of the army and If I have not got enough monks and wolfs I am on a looser side although sometimes I run for gate and spawn instas but that’s not a real skills show. Compared to other beasts phoeebe is way stronger and harder to kill
  12. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    It is hard which makes it more interesting. You would probably expect to won all those fight before update now it is different. I think is better
  13. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    So my point is don’t need maxed out troops to do well with right combo. And this what this update made me do go out of comfort zone. So thanks Flare
  14. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    Agree but lvl above 110 it always make me thing they have maxed out wolf ? and ogre
  15. Tommy1709

    Rebalancing reasons

    Just saying that my troops are not maxed out like wolf / ogre they like 3 levels below max but still with changed combo can fight big boys (not too big though). This change / update helped me a lot to improve