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  1. Tommy1709

    I was banned. in PRO-LEAGUE why.

    I must be opening wrong pro chests rarely I get pro item more of pearls and pet food never tickets... unlucky
  2. Tommy1709

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    Yes 5000 gems each
  3. Tommy1709

    I was banned. in PRO-LEAGUE why.

    My max amount of tickets was 5. My son bought them for gems and donated them to me as he does not like PL.
  4. So with underpowered troops and spells we are fighting necros and monks on anabolic steroids ....... well not suprised stage 11 and 12 are “a bit difficult” LOL
  5. Tommy1709

    What the link between RR2 and Survey of PC Games?

    Been playing age of empires for long time and it is lacking anything that would keep me interested no wars no competitions boring
  6. Tommy1709

    What the link between RR2 and Survey of PC Games?

    Hope they take any idea from those games they are real bore
  7. Tommy1709

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    I like it as well... you can say whatever or slag off FG for what they do but this is first game I played that did not died off due to lack of ideas or interest from devs. Some of games either not being updated for ever or are infested with bugs or are just boring. I know we complaining but hey ho at least they are people you can complain to and sometimes they listen. So at the end on my boring post I would like to say that it is good to know that something is going to change, good or bad we don’t know but it is a light in a tunnel that other games don’t have. And if someone does not like it then delete RR2 from your device simple
  8. Tommy1709

    Permanent attack of the same player

    I have to give it to you ..... using very posh words ..... 🧐
  9. @MagischerKoenig hi just contacted u in game have a look at my stats and let us know if u would let me in thanks
  10. Tommy1709

    Rogue shooter attacking me from the lawn!

    That what you call being stabbed in the back lol
  11. Tommy1709

    For getting very use full rewards

    Uuuu.... good question.... why you don’t get those items ..... because they are very rare and like bomb kick aura I had to buy from pro shop. And good skull perk does not really exist. Get as good as you can and forge it that’s now top boys and girls get 20+ or over 30. Good items are very rare and if you play PL get them from there otherwise you will wait long time.
  12. Fair point if Flare bans 1000 trophies players no excuse for them to ban 7000 one as well. Come on Flare pull your socks up and do some work.
  13. Tommy1709

    Cheater in pro ligue ...

    So u saying he has got that many devices he play on??? Cause t&c say: one player, one device, one account so please educate yourself before making comments cheaters should be banned by Flare straight after it has been made obvious they are up to no good. Simple. If u defend cheater u should be banned too, it’s like being one of them.
  14. Tommy1709

    Bug in Survival Cup?

    Good job I ran out of ticket for this event seems like right waste of time