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  1. What a pity, nothing interesting again next year for a lvl130 player... so again lots of old members will leave as there will be nothing lwft to achieve (lvl guardians is definitely not a goal in the game, but the obly thing left) it was said conquest will take agea to achieve everything, most allies haf it within 1-2 months :-(((
  2. cutcher

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    I call it „donkey vs. Winter-Yetis“ ign: cutcher
  3. What happen to already bought tickets for high price? which regund will players get as new price for a ticket will be lower??
  4. iphone se updated to version 4.4.1 crashes before and crashes are still going on no more money for flaregames!!!!
  5. cutcher

    Max Hero level

    even blacksmith event got boring and last one i skipped more or less (for the firsttime in my rr2 life) anyway doesn't matter if towers are forged 140 or 150 times....
  6. cutcher

    Max Hero level

    i cn tell you, no more goal after you reached lvl130 it turned me inactive, just collecting free chests. i'm even too lazy to farm pearls now wars and ninjas i still play, conquest as it goes (too mch politics as results are always agreed in top allies so no real fighting/contribution needed in conquests) sooner or less i will totally quit whitout new hero lvls, as many others did as well on top
  7. cutcher

    Festival reward - really???

    Every chest so far, and guess what, 2.8k without any item!! this is really ridiculuous flare - shame on you that has nothing to do with bad luck
  8. Oh come on flare, your festivals get really more and more uninteresting First chest = 570 festival coins really????? after 2 chests: 1.093 festival coins really?????? now with this reward in your „great“ festival chests it is even not possible to obtain a bela for alliance. not speaking about the ***** temd which are totally useless... so why should we even play the festival?!?whom you wanna fool with this „event“? for conversion rate of 42:1 gems at the end *lol*
  9. my biggest achievement in rr2 was to stay in the same alliance for wars for 2 years (with just helping out 2 wars at different alliance)
  10. thx for asking, butci guess itcis impossible that 400 outcofc400 players havecbut luck ( we are w community of 6 alliances and we ALL had the same "bad luck".......)
  11. i wonder if we ever get any answer of cm/dev here.... was already enough time:-(:-(
  12. they are usual as always 10 chests and no pal yet, the same happened to my alliance colleagues as well
  13. cutcher

    do we need new hero lvls?

    thanks for your post, seems like i couldn't point it out before. i guess anyway many players just read new lvls and have in mind that their heavily perked items beome worthless...but thats not my intention of this poll
  14. cutcher

    do we need new hero lvls?

    maybe you can tell me which goal i should have?! everythig max, everything perked > 100x sorry, but the list of things to do of madlen is like a slap in my face...thereis nothing about that keeps me playing (and for the social part i don't need an online game)
  15. cutcher

    do we need new hero lvls?

    cromka better read (and understand) what i was writing items should stay untouched!!! new hero lvls could contain other benefits -NOT better items!!!!