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  1. Karacik

    solved Server problems

    I confirm! All of the above errors occur with me. It is impossible to play.
  2. Karacik

    [closed] RR2 Spooky Halloween Event

    IGN: Карасик
  3. I began to play more and work less! It's fun! ?
  4. The session has been terminated several times. I'm not alone. Complaint from the entire alliance. I saw that many had a delay in receiving awards, but even after correction, we received nothing. No chests, no boosts! In technical support wrote.
  5. No one in my alliance won any awards. I updated the game, finished the session. 63 participants - no awards. Alliance - «Ночной Дозор»
  6. No prizes! My alliance has not yet received awards. Are we the only ones ??