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  1. I propose to add functionality for generals: Ability to specify a point on the map and open a list of all players of the alliance containing the following information: 1. Player Nickname 2. Player status online / offline 3. Player active / not available 4. Coordinates 5. Energy 6. The number of troops 7. Distance to the specified point 8. The required amount of energy to the specified point 9. The presence of the order with the flag coordinates 10. Highlighting players who have enough energy to the specified point 11. Ability to select multiple players and give them the order to follow at a specified point with one button 12. Ability to remove any orders by selecting the required players and pressing one button. * If this statistic will cause a heavy load on the server, limit the update once per n-second
  2. I confirm! All of the above errors occur with me. It is impossible to play.
  3. I began to play more and work less! It's fun! ?
  4. The session has been terminated several times. I'm not alone. Complaint from the entire alliance. I saw that many had a delay in receiving awards, but even after correction, we received nothing. No chests, no boosts! In technical support wrote.
  5. No one in my alliance won any awards. I updated the game, finished the session. 63 participants - no awards. Alliance - «Ночной Дозор»
  6. No prizes! My alliance has not yet received awards. Are we the only ones ??
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