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  1. It would be great if we could replay the dungeons for no reward instead (like test friends' base) and not making them completely unavailable. It would be good for practicing or advising our teammates, etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, I am using Windows and I can confirm I have the 6h cooldown after every single video boost. What to say, if this is the fix of the previous video error, when the video boost was not working at all, then I should say I highly disappointed to this developer company. Needless to say I have never ever been compensated for the previous issue and I am pretty sure you will not compensated for this one. The game is more and more unbalanced also. Just consider if you are on ios or android you have opportunity to get 10 gems in every hours by watching videos. Windows users never get the same offers and very much behind the rest of the gamers (except if you spend a fortune for gems - but I guess I already made my last purchase forever) and difference is 100+ gems daily. Consider those guys who do not have this video boost issue can collect more than 1000 gems until Flare fixes the issue - or even more if they do not fix it in few days. I hate being always on the unlucky side at Flare, time to play with something else...
  3. Hi Gala, The promo seems got reactivated, but the prices are not cheaper and upgrades are not shorter only the banner shows. Also, it is not extended, will be end in 5 mins. Please kindly double check. Thanks! UPDATE: It is correct now, thanks for taking care!
  4. Hi, I have realized that the event has disappeared pr got finished 16h earlier? I was just fighting to collect the required money for my next upgrade and I have realized that event logo/flag has disappeared from the top of screen. Restart did not solved it. You also have the same issue or it is only me? Thanks, Mazsi_
  5. Hi Gala, When we can expect the fix, please? Thanks, mazsi_
  6. Same here, it was working fine until yesterday on Win10. It even plays the video, just you don't get the bonus. Also, the game forgets my facebook login, even I reconnect. (Deleted cache also, but still having both issues) It is very frustrating while you have war and festival parallel, I should give up festival already due to no farm boost. Shall we open a ticket for these issues?
  7. Sense of achievement probably? but what is the fun in extreme hard game where you hardly can get success?
  8. I am wondering if there is any item for non-standard or Pro pals also. (I mean for Aska, Nidhogg or Ceres, Janus) Has anyone found such item?
  9. I hope Flare will answer but seriously why they do not like to share such info?? oPelle's wiki is much useful than Flare's own site for the game (not the forum), but until when you should complete the first run to get the second one on the first day is not there...
  10. Ninjas only you know how much pearls we need to have all spells, units and towers maxed. War is coming in few hours, so the timing is not the best, unfortunately. Anyway, you are right bigfastfox. Regarding chests, It just turned 15 minutes ago to 2nd day, so I got 2 on the first day.
  11. Seriously, I should drop trophies what I earned in PvP to get nearly nothing in a PvE game? And it is just an assumption, Flare never mentioned it, so... Anyway, I got 2 chests, the first around midnight (CET) the second about 10 minutes ago. (you know collecting the 15 points by 32 fights (more than 6000 breads) is not what I am going to do again. and needless to say I can earn much more money by attacking heroes than in this bloody festival
  12. Thanks Flare! This festival has proven me that this is not my game. I am a big looser, it is extremely challenging, I hardly can leave the tent. (I am lvl 100 and 3880 trophies.) Let me find some other game which has no this loot box mechanism (I will not pay any more for chances)
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