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  1. Thank you, that exactly what i was trying to eplain I don't buy gems, so i'm building a good set for farming and exp, that's why i feel the need of an aura ring: often i don't have enough damage during my raids, aura help A LOT. Yes, for now luck it's a must but, once i'll be 130 or when i will not need anymore, if that time come, i will melt it. This is part of my plan: my perl input is not so high (300% perl conversion) so i prefer to wait, to get as many "free" forge as possible. Anyway i'm not in hurry. Thanks for other info too I was thinking what which could be a good endgame perk and yes, skull look pretty good (i mean, i think that when everything is maxed you don't do much more than wars, don't really see the points on doing normal attacks). I will take skull in consideration Thank you
  2. ok, but between 946 blunt and1274 normal which one would be better? Blunt, right?
  3. xD to have a better chance to get things at the end of the battle For now it's something like a "farming ring", which i will use with all my other luck items. I'm not worried about "endgame set" for now, i will think about it from lvl 125, if i reach that point. Now i just want to know, as aura, if it is an aura, which one could be better between blunt or normal, thinking that blunt start from a little less, as said before: 946 blunt vs 1274 normal. That's all
  4. i'm sorry, i don't know what you are talking about thanks, i'll think about it
  5. Ok sorry, than i don't get it. Both has aura, probably same range. Both deal damage to all targets in range. The only difference is the damage and kind of damage. So, thinking that i will remove the second perk to put the luck, why ester ring, with normal damage, should be better than omega, which is blunt and all structures are vulnerable to blunt? thanks
  6. Shouldn't be the same for omega ring? I mean, the damage is supposed to be aura damage thank you
  7. Hello, i need an advice about which ring to get. I'm lvl 106 omega ring damage is 40,6% = 946 Blunt damage ester ring damage is 49% = 1274 Normal damage The second perk doesn't matter because i'm planning to remove it to get the luck perk Attack wise probably the omega, but i would like to read your advices. Thanks
  8. i'm lvl 7 and waiting, but i no one will give me code i'll just give up and lvl
  9. Hi, i don't know it's the proper section to write this thread, sorry if it isn't :) I started a new account and now i needed a friend code. Can someone help me? Can't find it anywhere, not even in my clan (which is strange, i mean, this should be like mutual help, we both get something) Anyway, please write it here or as pm thanks you very much everyone
  10. Thanks about the second one, yes. Just to save time and make it easyer
  11. Hi, my suggestions are pretty simple: why don't add exp as reward of the battle? I mean, other than the normal exp you get from winning/losing, but the possibility to find "exp points" (like gems and perls) in the chests at the end of the battle. second suggestion: a page, like the one that show you what you are improving (units, spells or buildings) but that tell you what you can forge. This will make everything faster, sometimes i lose lot of time checking tower by tower, block by block, etc... Thanks
  12. So you advise level 110. Thanks, this was very usefull
  13. Yes, exactly what i was trying to explain (but my english don't allow me ). The question is: ok, the level cap for items/king is 130, but the stats keep changing, so when i can say "ok, this will change very little from now on, i can keep this item (forever maybe?) and forging more and more"? Like king's level 104? (when i should be able to get lvl 130 items from uber chests)
  14. Hi, what level is advised to start considering an item "endgame"? I'm lvl 98 now, the items in pro shops are 130 and the one i find in uber chests are 124. Everytime i get a level they become stronger, but when i'll be able to say "ok, from now on i will start to hard forge, investing all my perls, because i will keep this, even when i'll be level 130"? edit: i'm talking about king's level
  15. Hi, i have 4 luck items: armor +9,30% weapon +10,98% gloves +9,62% boots +10,72% It should be 40,62%, but in the stats it say only 34,85% In game name: Sep2wuninstallo Thnaks
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