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  1. This is my case: In the beginning, I had RR2 installed on phone first. Then I transfer the old account to a laptop. I exchanged new phone in the same year, I had to abandon the old account and started new one. I also transfered new account from phone to laptop. However the laptop had problem and thus I upgraded to Windows 10. The phone did not generate new code since it reached the limit. As RR2 app on Windows Store was useless, I uninstalled it. I know producer will not offer additional transfers, but they can adjust the waiting time. Our devices can be sold/exchanged/stolen/broken more than once a year. The restriction of flaregame force us to start a new account for unclear reason. I think it's reasonable to restrict one active device playing in the meanwhile. Example: I have RR2 installed on phone, tablet, laptop and PC; at one certain time I can only play on one device. If I play simultaneously, only the just-open account stay connected, other apps shall disconnect. If that is not unfeasible, then how about limiting one time per 120 days?
  2. Flaregame has made ads for double gold. But they also filter amount that can be doubled. Right now, I can watch ad to double 100-299k gold; I don't receive offer to watch 400k+ raid. This needs to be changed for the sake of both players & producers & advertisers. Ninja tier is decided by the number of crowns as far as I learn. Player can NOT change tier on own wills. I can see why flaregames assigns level.The waiting time is boring, indeed. The raids are repeatitive.
  3. This week the festival and ninja occur at the same time. What a relief! But I insist on money rewarding from ALL events. I put a summary on upgrade cost on Throne 10: Throne Room 10: 8M Troop Academy 11: 6M; Knight 11: 6M; Archer 10: 4M; Paladin 9: 4.5M; Froster 7: 4M; Canon 6: 6M; Pyromancer 6: 5M; Arcblaster 4: 5M; Mortar 4: 5.5M; Subtotal: 52M Wizard Tower 11: 6M; Hammerstrike 19: 9.5M; Toxic Cloud 12: 4M; Stun 12: 4.5M; Firestorm 9: 4M; Swordrain 9: 4.5M; Heal 8: 3.5M; Blizzard 8: 5M; Shield 5: 3M; Bladestorm 5: 3M; Sonic Blast 9: 10M; Subtotal: 63M Castle Guard 11: 5M; 9 Wave 10: 40M; Subtotal: 45M Inventer Workshop 11: 6M; 1 Lightning Tower 3: 4+6+8= 18M; Subtotal: 24M Total: 192M Of course one player will not upgrade all the features. Though it still requires dozens of millions of gold. It's funny that the treasure chamber protects less and less money per upgrade. I assume we only keep the legendary items from the ninja event; making it one item per box to keep and therefore 5 X 6 = 30 items to forge throughout the event. Each item varies but at least 5 times higher than winning a ninja raid. This making Ninja event money consuming! How can we forge item when we're out of gold? Thus, festival and ninja must happen at the same time so that player will spend food on Festival on spare time, instead of stealing more money from others! Festival is a must supplement event for the ninja. Ninja is also a must supplement event for the festival thanks of more legendary items. Another reason that I ask the frigate raid to cost higher food, in replacement of waiting, is due to the play condition. Sometimes I can't play 6 consecutive raids to reach the frigate, but stop at the last or between. When I have time to play again, I then battle to the frigate and have to wait hours to raid the frigate. The festival, in opposite, allows player to get the reward before waiting. I prefer waiting after frigate raid to before frigate raid. After discusstion, I amend some of the original sugestion: Festival & Ninja occurs simultaneously. The period of Ninja can extend to match the Festival. Double (or triple) the gold per Ninja raid. Wait after the frigate raid, instead of before the frigate raid. Make ninja at least 1,5 times stronger.
  4. Money is not a big issue? Really? These days, I have to search at least 10 opponents to find somebody whose treasure is above 100k. Thus I've lost average 20k per fight, 10%! I fight 10 fights in a row since I collect full food without fighting. Then after sleep, I saw 3 guys had taken 900k away from me. At this rate, I don't know how I earn enough to upgrade without festival. I once forged all weaponery for jewels. Ever since I recognized the ninja event actually took money off me if I kept forging everything, I only forge purple items and above, sell the low tiers. Ninja event is not the only event that make the community poor, the clan war is too. I have to repeat myself, since I notice someone misread my post. Only the legendary raids requires 50-100% bread of production! Not all the raids. It's normal because right now you have to wait 1 hour to 6 hours, then the same period your food should refill fully. The obstacle of this idea should be technical coding I think. By the way, how to fight in higher tier of ninja? I just click the event icon then join the raid.
  5. There are many elements that make the ninja event an disaster: 1 Short of money The festival and the ninja had happened at the same time before Autumn 2017. They did a good combination because you can earn money whist waiting for the lengedary box fight of Ninja. Now the festival and ninja occurs at separate time. During the Ninja event, most of players are poor! This delays the upgrade a lot. 2 Waste of time Why do we have to wait minutes or hours between normal fight? Are time something we have for eternity? Hell, no. There is no reason to spend jewel to skip time cause you have to spend jewel on food either. So it's a no-no. 3 Legendary box is not truly useful I recall the legendary box had had almost legendary items bad before Autumn 2017. Now it contains only 1 legendary items and sometimes purple jewels! Really funny. You don't get much money for selling them though. And if you're going to forge, they're money-consuming... You don't expect to get 2 legendary items of the same time, but it does open and it's unfavorable. 4 Clan event Now this is the worst element that the ninja event has become! The fortune chamber no longer adds extra coins to the sum. The milestone is also higher. Thus it's difficult to fulfil the bar. As a result, it disappoints the whole clan instead of courage them to play. The highest rewarding of the event - the ninja - is a joke, seriously. I don't think their contribution worth the effort. So what do I expect? 1 Much more money per round Don't make the community poor during the event. We already lose money when someone fights and yet we get little money when we fight. 2 No delay between all rounds The legendary rounds should cost 50% to 100% total food one can produce (to postpone playing). I think this is a better measure to delay than forcing players to passively wait. 3 Stronger ninja They should pose a firm threat. 4 Lucky coins It is the clan war that should not publish lucky skulls on fortune chamber. We need lucky coins of ninja event since we have a very long milestone to reach. That's all.