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  1. Same here, war started after +3 technology. Can't make more than 5 battles.
  2. BadName

    Pro Phoenix cup

    We have war to win, good luck all
  3. BadName

    Pro Phoenix cup

    @Morfoz78 it's freemium business model, you can't demand Mercedes bcs sometimes you have worse sound quality. Don't get me wrong, I understand your point. Many times Flare cross the red line in relationship consumer - supplier but in my opinion, not in this case. That's all
  4. BadName

    Pro Phoenix cup

    Flare have bigger sins and for sure this mistake with pro league is not one of them. Making big deal from such small thing is childish.
  5. BadName

    Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

    This is joke, 3 days ago I bought gems to finish blacksmith slots. And what I can do now? I don't know, normal blacksmith event will back or not? Flare forgot that we are not only players, we are also customers! And they change the rules how they want, without any informations. I like surprises, but all last surprises from Flare means only "we want more money" . Great business ethics!