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  1. Hello.... I wonder why I did not get my prize birthiday challenge? My alliance friends and others from the game received and I did not! I posted my video on May 15 and players who posted some time later have already received it, I get annoyed with this in the game and consider it unfair to me. I hope they will at least compensate me for this neglect. @Madlen @Capit√£oMorgan
  2. Hello my dear, yesterday my points of war were normal, today upon waking they were zeroed, but what the hell is going on ?! Now I will not be able to win the titan chests and I will be harmed again! I'm going to drink some tequilas and vodka to see if I see my points doubled even when I'm drunk.
  3. @wadodd Hello friend, mine is android 5.1.1 and after the update 4.0.1 my game came back to work .. Can not upgrade your android to version 5.1.1? I think it will solve your problem.
  4. brother but mine is android and it does not work, it does not leave the start screen
  5. Hello my dear, I downloaded the 4.0 update and then the game did not work anymore, it stays on the splash screen and it does not work. Anyone else with this problem ?! @CaptainMorgan could help me?
  6. Hi my dear, follow the link from my Olympus Rising birthday challenge video. Strong hug. ? Mgh15 @CaptainMorgan
  7. Thank you brothers! I have not been able to keep track of everything here for the last few days, but thanks for the answers, it helped a lot. Good week
  8. @CaptainMorgan I have a persistent problem! but it does not update the level and it does not show the strength nor the time updated, and it blinks in all the heroes with the writing '' NEW AVAILABLE POWERS '' even if having nothing. This started after I continued to improve the powers of AJAX .. Please help me solve my problem. Thank you for your attention!
  9. I'm not better than anyone, I'm only trying to be better than myself, one day after another.
  10. @dumpster If this was somehow sarcasm on your part for my explanation, I am an adult, so refrain only from arguing in an adult way.
  11. @Infamous I understand your explanation, I'll be watching my percentage. I appreciate the support and if you misunderstand me, I apologize, because it was not the intention.
  12. I'm happy, I'm quiet, but I'm a detailist and I charge for it! I do not say anything based on comments from others with the same problem as mine, I only question this imbalance with the opening, in addition to this update also say correct the problem of restarting the game when I opened the titan chest, another friend of mine from the alliance lost a single item because the game restarted when I opened the chest. Conspiracy Theories is a bleff for those who want to have visibility, I do not see my case that way, even because I follow the forum but I am one of the least annoying here ...
  13. @Infamous But from what I understand, the percentage increases now with the opening of all kinds of titan chest, right ?! I have 2 unique items, so my bad luck is repeated and I won them long before the percentage increase. The total of the 22 chests is related (maritime, ascension, titan journals and titan points), so as long as the highest percentage of finding these items in the maritime chests, let's say my percentage is in the first average you spoke. A friend of mine and fellow of the alliance, encased 2 unique items in a row, then looking at the percentage point, what does it differ or privileges? In addition to another friend of mine, who also easily finds the unique items. In this way, it does not appear that the update has this balance based on the percentage of chests openings.
  14. Hello my friend @CaptainMorgan , I need some help. There was an update with increasing percentage of finding rare items, after this update I have opened about 20 to 22 titans chests and none of them I have not won any single item, my friends have already found more than two items already. From the amount of Titan trunks I've opened, my percentage of finding any item from this was to be very high .. Please ask for help as I'm getting discouraged. Best regards Mgh15
  15. @CaptainMorgan Thanks for the clarification, I'll talk to him. Ask if wife or children used the cell phone at some point. Thank you one more time. Regards Mgh15
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