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  1. RR2Player

    Heal Aura Ring

    I agree the heal ring is not the same as it was, appears to be massively nerfed... But perhaps its because of the massive damage we are taking from the scream bug which has made raiding impossible at top levels. Really unimpressed with decision to go ahead with conquest and defer fixing this game breaking bug. Still, Flare can you check if the heal ring does not have the same issue related to the scream bug, i.e. scream cancelling out the healing while scream is active?
  2. RR2Player

    solved Game crashes

    Game crashes when trying to upgrade Bomb tower, same with Frost tower. Also crashes when i try via suggestion.
  3. Flare, this scream bug completely changes the battle dynamics we have been used to for years. There is no point in having a conquest while this bug exists, please postpone conquest and fix this ASAP.
  4. RR2Player

    Pro league frustrating and desesperating

    Im on a roll today i posted my second post ever, so lets make it 3 shall we... Pro league is still being hacked, getting a really high score is more about luck than raiding skills. No way the same players can score high every week, thats just a fact. So yes there are the multiple account-ers, but they are still subject to the same luck restriction when they use their principal account, so some found a way to get around the game mechanics after the latest fix. Maybe they all use windows, probably easier to hack than ios, or they mess around with their connection to avoid the reconnect check FG deployed. In any case, this should be apparent to everyone with basic raiding skills and experience, and it should be apparent to FG if they cared to pay attention.
  5. Shame to see Apoc go, will miss the competition. Sucked when we lost, felt good when we won, but at the end of the day its just a game. Agree with some of what Rev said about the much needed game improvement; pro league still being a joke where a handful of people still work around the game mechanics and cheat anyway, constant re-balancing resulting in loss of all previous investment in upgrades and ever lasting prospect of starting over when something new comes out or game is re-balanced. War system could use a revamp, but disagree about the fairness aspect. Its the same for everyone and VL was on the loosing end of those rules for a while. It was frustrating being stripped of all good boosts, but you suck it up and go back to WOK and go down in rankings some if you loose the good defensive boosts, most boost are useless now anyway, except arbs on defence. Ive been playing for a while and obviously dont get as much enjoyment out of the game as when I was on a steeper growth curve. All the new things introduced in the game I perceive as a (blatant) way to milk more $ from the players, so I cant really say it keeps me excited and hooked to the game. SP (and the ensuing race to 33%), pro league boost creates peer pressure for everyone to participate, skulls in CoF, anyway the list is too long to get into. Anyway im off topic, i dont really rant about these things since there is really no point in doing so, when enough will be enough i will leave as well. So back to Apoc, sorry to see you guys leave since Im not holding my breath to see any significant changes to the FG business model anytime soon. This will affect the game for us, going into a war with no perspective that we could loose will get boring fast. But who knows, perhaps a phoenix will rise from the ashes. Cheers virtual enemies, I enjoyed the rivalry. Jisabee
  6. RR2Player

    Another 12min added in PL!

    lets hope they readjust the scores to reflect what they were before the extra 12 mimutes. This not only has an impact on the current league, but in the monthly as well. And two weeks in row now...